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    Saturday, October 29, 2011

    99% paradigm vs Wall St Banks

    MSM has hijacked the Anonymous Wall St
    Its now called "The 99%".

    So whats happening, and where is this going?

    The 99% phenomena was triggered by the
    failure of Government to do its job.
    Both Republicans and Democrats.
    Wall St Bank lobbyists have turned
    both sides of congress into whore houses.

    Money is running Congressmen, from my
    perch there are more  Republican whores
    than Democratic Whores.

    By my research a congressman costs little
    over $2 million a year to buy. That means
    he will vote the way the Wall St Bank lobbyists
    want him to, and use excuses and logic provided
    by the lobbyist for cover.

    Human fertilized eggs may have individual civil rights.
    Corporations have civil rights, but not the middle class.

    Wall St Banks have bent and broken laws legally, by
    getting congress to re write them.

    Usury is now legal, FBI used to put the Mafia in prison
    for usury. They would charge as much as 100% vig/juice.

    Now Wall St Banks charge 470% vig/juice on pay day
    loans. WTF.

    Wall St Banks got Standard & Poors to rate low grade
    mortgages as AAA rated bonds, top of the line safety.
    And the same Standard & Poors now rates US Bonds
    below AAA. WTF.

    Who gives Standard & Poors a lise?. Why in hell
    is ANYONE listening to S&P?

    Wall St Banks bought these low grade mortgages
    at "D" rated prices and had S&P mark them up
    to "AAA" grade and sold as Gold plated investments.

    The GOP, Republicans gave 400 families, all billionaires
    already, $700 Billion in tax write offs, or the GOP wouldn't
    pass the unemployment extensions for the Middle class.
    GOP gave each BILLIONAIRE family about $2 billion .
    $700 billion is three times the shortage in medicare. WTF.

    And some key Democrats were in on the fraud also.

    The Wall St Banks got stuck with all this sub-prime junk
    paper, its effectively a bond paying zero interest.
    A STRIPPED BOND, called a zeros on Wall St.
    As a zero coupon bond its worth about 1/3 of its face
    value. But the Wall St Banks carry them on the books
    at 100% value.
    And this caused the credit crunch, banks knew each
    others books were way off, but no  one knew how many
    sub-prime tranches the Wall St Banks got caught with
    and the Banks wouldn't lend to each other.
    So the Federal Reserve Bank, NOT A GOVERNMENT
    INSTITUTION, bailed out the Wall St Banks to the
    tune of  $2.7 Trillion. WTF

    They told the Fed Reserve they were too BIG to fail.

    Then the Wall St Banks started fake paper work to foreclose
    on Trillions of dollars worth of homes. And rammed them
    through court room assembly lines, stealing homes, even
    from service men serving in Iraq, Afghan. STEALING

    Flash Crash market down thousands of points in min.
    Piss poor investigations, Black pools SEC can't see into.

    Credit card FRAUD.
    If your Wall St Bank credit card co. do something illegal.
    YOU have to notify them by certified mail to stop.
    If you don't complain or catch the Wall St Banks then
    Congress says it OK. WTF

    Next time your Congressman tells you what the people want
    tell him to shut up, he has no idea, Congress's approval rating
    is 8%. WTF

    The Wall St Bank criminal combine has bought congress,
    and the White house is playing impotent.

    If the Wall St Banks gona screw me then I wanta be kissed.
    And Wall St Banks don't kiss just suck.
    And the public is fed up with the Government allowing
    the Criminal Wall St Banks screwing them, and are taking
    to the Streets.

    Until the Government 'fixes' the Wall St Banks, the
    demonstrators will continue to grow.
    We expect some city to over respond, causing a debacle
    and then the demonstrators will surge above all expected
    levels. And if the economy continues to worsen the ranks
    of the 99% will grow historically.

    GOP tried to bankrupt the US Government by refusing
    to pass a bill paying for what was already spent. And I
    expect they will try again.

    The people are using a new technology to re-take control
    of the Government, social media, we are back in the 60's.

    Anonymous is providing the framework and principles.
    The 99% are looking at joining, we all have a common
    enemy, Wall St Banks.
    Strip investment banks from real banks.
    Listen to Paul Volcker.

    We the 99% are going to demonstrate till the Wall
    St Banks are brought to justice.
    And an end to the ERA of " The best politicians money
    can buy".

    The Bank Billionaires will not run this country, the 99%
    are taking it back.
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. 
    We do not forgive. 
    We do not forget. Expect us.

    The 99%

    War Anthropologist

    PBS Wall St Banks caused economic crash:

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    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    How Wall St Bank execs launder $$$

    I'm a former stock broker series 3 & 7 (Dean Witter)

    Paradigm Intel: Source fully protected.
    How Wall St Bank executives are laundering Billions 

    We know who some of you are
    and we are coming for you.

    One can launder $ by going Long Xyz in USA
    And go short Xyz in Afghanistan or other country.
    Don't need an exchange just a internet connection.

    As long as the same entity owns both sides
    of the trade they NEVER loose.
    (except commissions)
    What they loose on one trade they gain
    on the other trade.

    Going both long and short, means what you loose
    on one side of the Trade you make up on the other
    side. You are just transferring money from loosing 
    trade to winning trade.

    In order to launder the money, you simultaneously
    close both trades, WHEN  THE MONEY/PROFIT
    IS on the trade in the country your moving the money to.

    Long Xyz $1 m USA
    Short Xzy $1 m Afghan.

    Price drops 10%.
    Your long position is down 10% in USA
    Your short position is UP 10% in Afghan.
    Close both sides and U show a loss of 10% in USA
    But in Afghan you made a profit of 10%

    While there is time risk, as you can't 
    transfer money on demand, you never 
    risk a loss.

    10% of $1 m is $100,000.

    You show a tax loss in USA on long position,
    and moved $100,000 to Afghan on short position,

    As long as the same entity,Wall St Bank execs, terrorist, drug lords,etc
    own both sides, there never is a net loss on the
    combined accounts.
    If you call the trade correctly, you can undetected
    move large sums with out risk of loss.

    If you call the trade wrong, you break even.
    What you loose in one country is a profit in the 
    other country.
    If the trade moves against you on the long side,
    goes UP, you have a profit on the long side, but
    a loss on the short side.

    What is the potential for calling the trades correctly?
    I refer you to  some of the better hedge funds 
    for % profits/$money moved.

    Counter measures: 
    Because it is crucial both side be closed out 
    at exact same price the trades would match 
    for time of execution and volume, some place
    in the world, USA and Afghan for example.
    And looking for a account with established losses
    over a long time.

    Large trades matching exact time,price and volume 
    could be a laundry session.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Ex-Goldman Sachs director freed on $10 million bail, they accepted his Check,

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    Syrian Textile factory, fortified shell hole potmarks?

    Syaria's first nuclear textile factory.

    36°30’33.99″N, 40°46’34.75″E near the town of Al Hasaka in Syria.

    They spin textiles here, and have 20 foot high dirt berms protecting site.
    Many shell hole potmarks dotted area, zeroing in? 

    Very large trenches some with trucks, many without, why make a trench 
    to park a truck? Any one have any Ideas what these might be?

    High security, check point, still in use see truck.

    WMD production or testing facility?
    IAEA very interested, lots of chatter, background noise.

    War Anthropologist