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    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    Flight 93, first 911 civilian militia

    Flight 93 was the first 911 civilian militia.
    The US Gov Intelligence agency's failed.
    Terrorist attacked the WTC and Pentagon,
    and were headed for the White House or

    And a group of civilians on flight 93 formed
    a group to retake the hijacked plane or
    DIE trying.

    The terrorist planed for everything very carefully.
    And defeated and evaded all intelligence
    services efforts to protect America. Except
    they didn't count on unarmed civilian Americans
    discovering the plot, and taking them on bare
    handed. These American heroes were common
    American civilians, and were up to the Threat,
    and defeated them. With holding or hiding info
    from the American Public places the Nation at a
    Who is back up for the FBI, CIA and NSA ?
    American Civilians. The terrorist need to keep in
    mind the American Public is an Armed force,
    the right to bare arms is protected in the
    American Constitution.

     America is no longer a soft target, but a combat
    hardened civilian population with 500,000
    embedded ex- and current military members
    in the general population.

    An attack on American civilians resulted in 10 yrs
    war against terrorism and Trillions invested in
    the war against them, even running the risk of a
    depression in America.

    That is how seriously America values its Freedoms.
    USA invaded 2 countries and conquered their
    militarys, and changed the Governments,
    giving the nations back to the people of these nations.

    Attacking America is a loosing proposition.
    Follow the lead of American Wall St Banks,
    to change the American Government, lobbyist.
    Bribes to American Congressmen have allowed
    American Wall St Banks to run a criminal enterprise
    robbing Americans and the world with Sub-prime,
    housing fraud, Usury, and flash crashes on Wall St.

    Terrorist is an EPIC FAIL in changing America.
    They brought a knife to a gun fight.

    After OBL was killed by Americans al qaeda wanta
    bees world wide recognized the futility of terrorism
    as a method of change.

    Islam has shown the way to change with demonstrations
    by the Civilian population.

    We are entering an era of civilian power confronting
    governments and corporations abuses.

    Anonymous mug shots stunned me,
    these are every day people, and there are millions of
    them world wide.

    The powers that Be, need to recognize civilians have
    some power to address  abuse short of terrorism and
    a high success rate.

    Terrorism is dying.
    American Civilians are ready to fight terrorism
    even bare handed.

    American Civilians are NOT making Tea.


    Co "C"

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, September 05, 2011

    Iranian lobbyists/jahiddies infiltrating Wash.DC

    Iran's Green movement failed.
    Iranian resistance thinks Washington DC has
    been infiltrated by Iranian Jahiddies.

    From May 1,11

    The Green movement used to in the very beginning be flowering into change. but as its leaders backed away and as Moussavi officially announced under pressure from Khamenei , that he too does not agree with total change but only reform in the laws! ,young enthusiastic followers (mainly students and University academics, such as my own friends) received an unexpeced blow.
    As i explained before, the "green" movement was only a banner under which they could come out on to the streets! since they thought at least the regime will not chop its own hands! .
    It was encouraged practically by our opposition movement too till they got pushed out of action by the Mullahs on the top (Khamnei)
    The so called house arrest of Moussavi and his other partner is again another gateway for the green saying that they are tight handed now and cannot participate in other protests as much as before.
    But the resistance keep going on. Students and other sectors are protesting any way, but since it does not have the "banner" it is less projected outside . and also the Iranians out of Iran too, they , some of them are real activists , others only feel active when they are not at risk or even when they have "free" time to spare to be active ! They are not professionals and of course do not bear the burden and cannot bear the burden of risks and difficulties a true activist faces.(such as homelessness, having no money , no future and having relatives in prison ..)
    So I just put the scene so simply out for you .
    Those trying to be active under the banner of Green, are so so divided and with different true tendencies. Some are real and will stand till the end. Some are not and only stand till there is little change in the struction of the present gov. (unlikely) .
    Those who have stood with bitter consequences have been in Ashraf, and thier fams. in Iran.
    it is not that I do not welcome any green movement. just the opposite ! if there is .. I welcome it and as usually will try to support, and protect them.
    My contacts some green some non green were a mixture .
    I worked with all of them. But only the green ones are those who got out of prison and are now living their lives as before .. the other ones are still in prison, some hanged .
    So as you can see the gov knows very well who the "Mohahrebe" is.

    Iranian regime lobbies there are working hard to smear or prevent (ie: Trita Parsi s gang who have mesmerised Washington and capital Hill with dollars and false credentials and stuff prepared by Iran)

    This is not bad perss it is a plot against Camp Ashraf.
    It is a long time that there are behind the scene negotiations to discretely wipe all of those human beings off the place. The most open ones were the trips to and from Baghdad of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry followed by the Iranian so called Ambassador who is a known Quods Commander ( and the US knows that by the way, but it sees they are too scared to announce it) .
    The plot has been negotiated a long long time ago , as it was also reported in the Guardian and WIKIleaks.
    At the same time they have escalated the smear campaign to show that those in the camp are really a bunch of terrorists! An open lie and blatant smear campaign now as it appears in this article by the Mr. Ambassador BUTLER, who has mastered the art of deception during the numerous contacts it has had with his counterparts " the Mullahs".
    Since it was the 6 intelligence agencies of the US who examined each and every one of those individuals and gave written declaration that the see these people as "protected persons" and find no issue to charge them with terrorism or link them to any such actions. Now his tune has changed , since it it seems tempting to Cook the bate, and he is suddenly remembers that " these guys have blood ob tier hands" . HOW LOW can any one become when it comes to "balance of power and short term interests" . the problem is that this man does not even sound half diplomatic nor does he have the sense to realize that , on the contrary his interests and the interest of the US in this case is to provide protection, with maximum intervention for two main reasons:
    - it seems the only brave left here are the MEK who are daring to face the (veteran) jihadist Mullahs and their puppets and also pay the price, and be feared most by them - which makes the Honorable Mr. Ambassador and possibly his friends a group of cowards!
    - The regime in Iran is so cranked -up in its internal implosion and crisis that if given any room to the real opposition that does have the capabilities to change it , and IS feared , will be toppled immediately.

    They intern have hired Bassii Boys , not far from the white house (Trita Parsi and NIAC) who at their best give away their secrets that they have been grooming the mullahs in the white house and also at Congress..(lots of documents available)
    By letting loose these Bassij hounds onto the Iranian opposition and the MEK, they hope to defeat them before any one finds out about this vulgar murder and butchery.
    But i think that this thorn is too hard to swallow.
    It will leave such deep scars that will change the whole system that tried to swallow it .
    The main reason is this :
    They are popular : and no one has managed to kill the thought of wanting Freedom, Khomeini could not with all his bloodbath.
    They have withstood the worst political and physical attacks in the past decades and will last this one.
    At the end, Gerald.
    I like to thank u so  so much for being a human being first and that is what drew me to you from the start.

    I have left you some links and pics of TRITA parsi , the Bassij boy of White house who is a constant contact with the Mashayee gang (Ahmadinejad) and has been the front lobby of the regime who is trying hard to pave the way for the mass murder of Camp Ashraf.

    Gerald >. U dont have to go too far to find Jihadists.. they change appearance and are actually in Capital Hill and may be in White house by now!

    Washington note “ Trita p role in promulgating Irans 2003 proposal”

    To be sure, efforts at influencing U.S. decision-making are common among a host of legitimate interest groups, including many foreign countries. But in this context, where the guiding force behind such influence operations emanate from the senior-most levels of a regime like Iran’s – which holds the top spot on the State Department list of state-sponsors of terror, makes no secret of its hatred and enmity for the United States and its ally, Israel, and acts in myriad ways to support those who have assassinated, held hostage, kidnapped, killed and tortured American civilians and military personnel over a 30-year period – such operations must be viewed with serious concern.
    Specifically, the de facto alliance between CAIR, one of the Muslim Brotherhoodaffiliates named by the U.S. Department of Justice as an unindicted co- conspirator in the 2007 and 2008 Holy Land Foundation trials, and groups such as NIAC and its predecessor, the American-Iranian Council (AIC), which long have functioned openly as apologists for the Iranian regime, must arouse deep concern that U.S. national security policy is being successfully targeted by Jihadist entities hostile to American interests."
    read from this article :

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    Sunday, September 04, 2011

    War on Drugs Pradigm funds its own FAIL.

    War on Drugs Pradigm funds its own FAIL.

    The war on drugs is a failure.
    Its the biggest funding source for
    many terrorists, several drug cartels
    are fighting for national domination
    threatening legitimate Governments.

    is proof of concept.

    The more successful the war on drugs is,
    the higher it drives prices.
    Its supply and demand.
    If they take a really huge shipment of drugs
    off the streets, the price of the drugs will also

    In Afghan a Kilo of heroin costs $350 purchased
    in Afghan..
    Same Kilo in NYC sells for $70,000.
    Thats a HELL of a profit motive turn
    $350 into $70,000.

    90% of illicit diamorphine (heroin) is thought to be
    produced in Afghanistan ...Heroin - Wikipedia, the 
    free encyclopedia

    If there were no war on drus, if drugs were
    not illegal that kilo of heroin would cost
    $375 in NYC not $70,000.
    The war on drugs has drop kicked the
    profits for drugs some drug cartels making
    $2 million submarines, have standing armies,
    are taking on Governments, Columbia, Mexico,

    If drugs were made legal tomorrow the drug
    cartels would be out of business, and terrorist
    would loose at least half their funding.

    The war on Drugs is a self defeating behavior.
    Drug War drives profits high enough to over come
    the Drug war. The more drugs seized the higher
    the prices go.

    If the USA made Green peas illegal, tomorrow
    the Taliban would be growing them and create
    a black market for Green Peas.

    Did I say to make all drugs legal? NO
    I stated some facts, and I am pointing
    out what the US has been doing with the War
    on Drugs, hasn't worked for the past 15 yrs.
    And we need to quit doing a behavior, the Drug War
    that makes the drug problem worse.
    The Drug dealers in Mexico and Afghanistan are
    killing the civilians, and Americans, and having
    some success at taking over the Governments.

    Time to try something new. War on Drugs has
    made it worse driving prices and profits UP.
    Creating a favorable risk reward ratio for
    the Cartels.They are rolling in money.
    The War on Drugs in its current form is
    a threat to at least 2 countries, Mexico
    and Afghanistan, funding terrorists.

    Taliban have a years supply of heroin stored
    rather than drive prices down by flooding
    the market.

    "There seems little doubt that the combination of
    source area programs, interdiction and domestic
    law enforcement have successfully increased the
    price of illicit drug products to levels that are
    many times higher than would otherwise prevail.
    Cocaine, heroin and marijuana are basically
    agricultural products that require minimal
    inexpensive chemical processing.  If it were not
    for law enforcement, they might sell for prices
    that are comparable to aspirin."
    Source: Abt Associates Inc.

    Marijuana: the feds are just lying about it.
    And their lies hurt their reputation and credibility
    when they talk about other drugs.

    The Fed has Drug companies trying to create sytnentic
    THC in pills so they can tax and control it. And sell it.
    And cut the growers out of the loop.
    for Gods sake its a weed, and the States have
    decided it has medical uses.
    I've seen it used in Cancer wards before it was legal.
    Nurses risked their careers to help the sick and dying.
    Cause the Feds can't admit an error.
    Alcohol is more dangerous than Grass.

    The Federal Government is fighting its citizens on this
    issue, The citizens acting like adults and the Feds acting
    like immature kids.

    The Citizens have the monument on the issue of Grass,
    and are correct.