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    Friday, August 05, 2011


    Paradigm Intel
    S&P downgrades United States to AA+,Thats why market down,they leaked it to Wall St Banks,INSIDER INFO, =MIA, CROOKS & THIEVES ALL


    The stock market was down -500 pts this week.
    Wall St Bankers KNEW about S&P down grade .

    S&P leaked the info to Wall St Banks, so the Wall ST
    Bank Brokerage Houses shorted the market, driving
    stock prices down, and making Billions if not Trillions
    trading on this insider information.
    Where to hell is the SEC?

    It also means S&P made their mind up to down grade
    the US Debt to AA, BEFORE the Budget agreement
    was even worked out, how do we know?

    The Stock MARKETS started the decline before the Budget
    agreement, S&P leaked  the Insider Info to Wall St Banks
    over a week ago.

    S&P was an integral part of the Sub-Prime fraud grading
    paper they knew was "D" grade as "AAA" grade.
    They made the assumption housing prices would never go
    down, in order to rate the sub-prime paper AAA.
    Why are these criminals not in prison instead of leaking
    insider info on lowering the investment grade of US Debt
    to Wall St Banks?

    How could they make a legit decision a week before they
    knew the terms of the budget Agreement?
    Down 700 pts before sign, -500 after.
    Wall St Banks short -1200 pt decline
    The "Tell" After Obama signed the Debt ceiling bill till the S&P
    announcement of down Grading US debt, the MARKET lost -500
    points. Resolving the Debt ceiling should have resulted in a market
    move to the upside of several hundred points. The drop should have
    set off FRAUD alarms at the SEC.
    Wall St Banks knew what S&P was going to do on July 25.
    A subpoena of S&P records will establish when they made up their
    minds to down grade US debt. Reminder S&P had rated sub-prime
    paper "AAA" which was actually "D" grade and resulted in the collapse
    of the credit markets and the current depression/recession. 

    Standard & Poor should be investigated as source for insider
    trading INFO. 

    EVERY 30 DAYS.
    bail out
    GOP $700 billion tax cut for BILLIONAIRE Bankers
    housing fraud

    WTF Banks to Pay $25 BillionBribe For Immunity
    Black pools
    flash crashes
    Their greed and avarice know no limits.

    Jesus is everybody blind?

    Broker series 13 & 7.

    I like to be kissed before I get screwed,
    and Wall St Banks NEVER KISS ME.

    Wall St Banks fooled me.

    Me floor of NYSE.
    Tell them what U think in Twitter:


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, August 02, 2011

    Taliban slezebags, webmasters Gone

    Taliban sleeze bags gone.

    Young Afghan boy seriously injured after told by Taliban to step ...

    Schools in Pakistan training Afghan youths to act as suicide bombers

    The Taliban have NO HONOR.
    Bomb funerals,Mosques,market places.

    They have NEVER kept a peace treaty.
    They lie, rob banks, kidnap and behead

    They are ignorant, and lack any form
    of integrity. Engage in child abuse,
    backward and stuck in a 1700's mind set.
    Most are illiterate and use drugs, hash,

    Paradigm Intel says all the Taliban
    webmasters have been arrested or Killed.
    They are one step below criminals.
    Recently we targeted the webmasters
    on twitter ( TTP,Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan )
    We had been responding to their tweets
    and the lies and propaganda they spread
    and they sent me a Twitter message, URL
    with malware to attack my PC.

    I launched a bevy of BSU's at them
    and we turned up 11 IPs,
    In 4 cities all in Pakistan.
    They claim to be operating from Afghanistan,
    another one of their lies.
    All of them speak English.

    3 are in Karachi,
    Dr Tariq,Azam Tariq and 2 staff.

    ( 24025), 
    He has since disappeared.
    According to the content on their
    PCs Azam Tarip was the only
    one without boy porn on his PC.

    4 in Lahore
    and 2 in Quetta.
    With held for sitrep and opsec.
    And 4 in  Islamabad
    While there are many IPs
    there are only 7 members 
    running the website.
    and are on Twitter

    They have MANY twitter accounts
    which have been inactive for
    3 weeks.
    Some are using various PCs.
    We know which were using which
    IPs and when.

    Mostafa Ahmedi speaks Pashtoon and English.
     We tracked QARI YOUSUF AHMADI,
    on a flight from Karachi to Lahore.
    16-May-11 on a Boeing 737. 
    He was on a computer an hour of landing,
    He has since disappeared.

    More background: 

    All details were reported to the CIA and FBI in May 2011.
    I asked both how long to set on this story.

    War Anthropologist

    Company "C"

    Taliban thats 2 of your Tweeters gone, wheres #3, You Mad?  Tweet some more U bitches,  mostafa ahmedi G