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    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    PAKI arrests 2nd American

    More of our INTEL= feedly fail

    Paki arrest second American, over travel

    US arranging consular access to national detained inPakistan 

    Times of India - ‎2 hours ago‎

    WASHINGTON: The US has said it is arranging through Pakistan government consular access to its national Aaron Mark Dehaven, who has been detained in Peshawar on charges of not possessing valid travel documents.

    Paki using Davis to try and protect

    Pakistan risks covert cyber war over Davis.

    We Call for more drone attacks in N Waziristan, 
    one for each day Davis held hostage, 

    Every Day Paki holds the American Diplomat,
    Davis who is innocent hostage the  US hits 
    N Waziristan, with 2 drone attacks.
    The regular drone attack and second for
    holding Davis captive.

    It sure feels like the Taliban has the ISI by
    the Balls and is running things in Pakistan.

    How many drone attacks can US fit into one
    day in N Waziristan? Little behavioral modification

    Paki is signaling for total break with USA.
    Or is that the Taliban now running Paki?

    War Anthropologist


    Paki: intelligence agency ISI demand the CIA account for all CIA contractors in Paki, "scores working behind our backs," ISI  PROMISES "we wont tell taiban; Pinky Swear"

    Paki risks Covert Cyber War over Davis.

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    KHALID ALI-M ALDAWSARI dangerous Epic Fail

    More of our INTEL = Feedly fail.

    KHALID ALI-M ALDAWSARI has been the most dangerous

    lone wolf I've seen todate. 

    But he is not the typical lone wolf, he had been planing
    to attack USA since 2007.

    Even the Egyptian demonstrations and there success had
    no impact on him, like they didn't even happen.  He disapproved
    of Muslim passivity and pacifism, even in the middle of a revolt,
    he was so blinded by hate and false doctrine.

    To consider the implication of the Egyptian revolt would
    have put his life's plan into danger, his plan to attack CONUS
    became him, his plans were extraordinary but his lack of knowledge
    of American culture doomed him.

    It was fairly easy for the FBI web to pick up on him,
    and then their surveillance cocoon enveloped him, 
    and his life's mission became an Epic Fail.

    His brain washing was completed at a young age,
    and nothing short of an arrest would have stopped him.
    He planning was through and in depth and detailed.
    He had good opsec, and was very careful but the American
    culture tripped him up, even though he had been in the US
    for over 3 yrs.

    His speed in organizing his attack was remarkable less then
    2 months. Which in the end was problematic.

    A attempted lone wolf attack in CONUS now is a guaranteed 
    Epic Fail, and long prison sentence.

    It would take an extraordinary streak of luck to pull it off.
    The web of trip wires is so extensive as to almost preclude
    an successful attack in CONUS since 911.

    But the threat of a radicalized Muslim, brain washed into
    a bastardized Islamic version of Islam still exist.

    The possibility of an attack remains however remote
    the possibility of success.

    The odds continue to bend in America's favor.


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    Friday, February 25, 2011

    New power loose in the World. Egypt, Libya

    More of our INTEL

    I'm sleeping better.
    The Arabic uprising in the ME is a shining beacon.

    The demonstrations represent an end to Islams
    sloth, Arabs and Persians taking responsibility
    for themselves and above all in a peaceful 
    powerful movement. And its secular.

    As regimes are over thrown and the Ummah,
    set up new secular Governments this spells
    the Death of terrorist groups on the scale we 
    have previously seen.

    The people of the Middle East see a method
    of successfully over turning a Government with
    out resorting to violence.

    Realizing the Arabs have found their "holy Grail"
    so to speak feels like a great weight has been 
    lifted from my back. A fear for the next generations
    has been lifted.

    Some of the craziness of the ME has bled off.
    The Arabs and Persians are just saying NO, to
    some of the brutal regimes. And changing their

    They may not be friendly to America, and thats OK.
    But it feels like they realize terrorism doesn't work.
    And they reject terrorism as a method of change.
    And that feels hopeful, feels good.

    The WWW has evolved a change mechanism 
    fundamental to human rights. And a redistribution
    of power is under way. 

    The world is undergoing an evolutionary paradigm shift.
    If the people don't like a Government, they have at hand
    a method to change that Government.

    All Governments of the World are subject to change now.
    We will see a shift in focus of Governments world wide.

    Those that don't change, brutalize their people, or abuse
    them are now subject to removal.

    There is a new player on the board, Governments no longer
    completely run the show. The people now have the power
    to have a say in their governance. And the changes can happen
    in a mater of weeks.

    So far its only been the ME countries which have made use
    of this power, but Russia, China and even USA is subject
    to its desires.

    There is hope for the US confronting the Wall St Banks even
    if they have bought off congress. Even a legal criminal combine
    like Wall St Banks are not immune from this power.

    We are going to see some changes fast and all over the world.
    Infowars are about to take on whole new meanings.

    Military power is counter productive against civilians.
    The US war doctrine has proven this in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    And is part of their defense policys.

    Russia and China may both try killing their civilians, they have
    a history. But the risks they run for brutalization of their populations
    maybe too expensive, cut off from the world, pariahs now is economically

    The rest of the world is grappling with methods to help this
    emerging power, and struggling with possible blow back,
    when its their turn in the barrel.

    An interesting point the worlds biggest intelligence combine USA 
    missed it, it happened to fast for them to get a handle on it.
    Or pre-plan and reaction has been slow.

    This new paradigm is self motivated and spreads faster than
    anything we have ever seen. I think the US can accept this into
    its political paradigm.

    and I expect mistakes to be made, Palin, Beck ticket, makes
    my stomach queasy. 

    Its up to the info warriors now.
    New rule set, new players, big changes.

    And the old news sources are loosing ground,
    too slow, too spin oriented.

    Fox news is working this new paradigm in the worst
    possible way, propaganda and spin for political party

    The scary part is this new power is in the hands of,
    what is the story 1.5 million people who believe in Ghosts.

    While this public demographic isn't good at critical thinking
    or checking sources, they do believe sound bytes,and thats

    schools may want to start teaching critical thinking and sorce
    checking to filter out the shaft from the wheat.

    The worst end game for this paradigm brings to mind,
    Idiocracy is a 2006 American satirical comedy film
    directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson

    The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernationexperiment that goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising,commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualismrun rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of individual responsibility or consequences.

    End of terrorism but start of Idiocracy, Ok its a worst case.
    But worth consideration.



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    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    Pakistan risks covert cyber WAR, Davis

    Pakistan is holding an American diplomat hostage.

    Paki is commiting an act of WAR.

    Davis was driving in Lahore and stopped at a red light, 
    when two men Faizan Haider, 21, and Muhammad Faheem, 19,
    pulled in front of his stopped car and drew weapons.

    Davis may have noticed the men following him as some
    point he got out a mayday call and backup was dispatched.

    When Davis saw the weapons pointed at him he engaged
    his attackers, with his semi-automatic Glock pistol and killed one 
    on the spot and the other tried to run away still armed, 
    and Davis put two more shots into back of the
    armed perp from 30 foot away and killed him.

    At this point Davis did not know if it was an attempted
    Taliban abduction, al Qaeda assassination attempt or
    just a robbery.

    It could have been any of them, he just knew he countered
    an attempt on his live by armed men pointing weapons at him
    who had blocked his car.

    Davis carried a Diplomatic passport accepted by the Paki government.

    Davis IS A DIPLOMAT. Hero...

    During his interrogation at police station,
    Davis had the presents of mind to turn on
    his cell phone camers while on the table in front
    of him and recorded part of the questioning.
    Which a friendly fearing for Davis's life released
    to the Paki news media and made it on to TV.

    First there is no question Davis's actions were
    lawful and in self defense,

    Second there is no question he has diplomatic

    Therefor Paki is holding an American Diplomat 
    hostage, and an innocent man.

    Did Davis have cause to fear for his life?
    A search on Google for "Lahore attacks"
    brings up over 3 million hits.

    Pakistani prosecutors accuse the spy of excessive force, saying he fired 10 shots and got out of his car to shoot one man twice in the back as he fled. The man's body was found 30 feet from his motorbike.
    Pakistani prosecutors are disingenuous at the least possibly ISI shills, but poor lawyers and guilty of false charges at best. 

    A third man was crushed by an American vehicle as it rushed to Davis's aid. Pakistani officials believe its occupants were CIA because they came from the house where Davis lived and were armed.
    semi-automatic Glock pistol, the SOS call from Davis for backup before or during the attack.

    "This is not the work of a diplomat. He was doing espionage and surveillance activities," said the Punjab law 
    minister, Rana Sanaullah, adding he had "confirmation" that Davis was a CIA employee.
    Rana Sanaullah remarks are irrelevant and immaterial, what ever Davis was doing he was
    attacked by armed preps, second he has diplomatic immunity.

    A senior police official confirmed US claims that the menFaizan Haider, 21, and Muhammad Faheem, 19,  were petty thieves – investigators found stolen mobiles, foreign currency and weapons on them – but did not 
    rule out an intelligence link.
    Paki and ISI are playing at a very dangerous game.

    Pakistan is guilty of false dealing with US, holding a American diplomat hostage, and double dealing. 
    If any harm comes to Davis the Pakis can expect cyber attacks on its infrastructure, as amicus curiae IATT will go to Cyber WAR with Pakistan on every level we can find venue, outing ISI spies, operations,
    velis et remis.


    Pakistan is in violation of international treatys and endangering an American diplomats

    We wish Paki the wisdom to find a legal and just way through this.

    War Anthropologist
    IATT Forces.

    Paki using Davis to try and protect


    Raymond Davis, the American accused of killing two Pakistani men, appeared in a Pakistani court Friday where he was handed documents that detailed the case against him.
    The court then adjourned until March 3 when Davis is expected to be formally charged with Paki Bull shit.

    Company "C" 160+ members.

    "There are people in this town," adds Washington-based Fair, "who are simply saying, 'F--- this, let's just call Pakistan the enemy.' They are saying Pakistan is supporting the killing of our troops in Afghanistan, they're supporting the LeT, they call [the rogue Pakistani nuclear scientist] AQ Khan a national hero. The fact that the CIA is coming to this conclusion should be very worrisome for Pakistan. For years, the CIA was the only organization in this town that would defend the Pakistanis."

    Read more:,8599,2055690,00.html#ixzz1F7SdlAk7

    F**k em, G

    G's tweet:
    Paki prepared to put Davis behind them if CIA stopped treating its ISI as inferior, lying traitors, terrorist sponsors, two timing, 2 faced SOBs

    Waitin on the "GREEN"


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    I'm gona screw with your mind.

    I'm gona screw with your mind.

    And confuse the hell out of you.
    We are going to look at a paradigm
    That is so messed up it hurts the brain.
    I still haven't figured a way to correct it 
    or a way out of it, maybe you can?

    We are going to take a trip to Afghanistan,
    to  a farm where the farmer processes his
    own home grown Opium, into heroin.

    And he is hoping to get $400 a kilo.
    The Taliban talk him down to $350 a kilo.

    Now we travel to NYC Broadway a small
    coffee shop, and that same Afghan kilo
    of heroin exchanges hands for 

    What just happened?
    The Global war on drugs.

    The law of supply and demand.
    Thats a natural law and unlike 
    man made laws its very hard to break.
    Brief review: In general.
    High supply = lower price
    low demand =lower price
    high demand = higher price
    Low supply = high price

    The more successful the war on drugs is,
    the more drugs DEA intercepts, the
    more arrests they make:
    The higher the drug dealers profits are.
    DEA cuts supply, or number of dealers
    drives up prices. DEA cuts supply, and prices

    Supply and demand.
    If you Cut supply then demand runs a $400 kilo
    in Afghan (heavy supply, low demand) to NYC
    its $80,000 for the same kilo (low supply
    high demand).

    The more efficient the Government is with
    the drug war, the more money the drug lords
    make. $350 turns into $80,000 DEA drives up
    prices, Supply/demand.

    A bushel of wheat in Afghan sells for around $5.00
    In NYC it sells for $5.25
    About the same price, why? there is no
    Government war on Wheat.
    If there was, Wheat would be selling for $10,000
    a bushel by the same math.

    The Taliban are so concerned about supply and
    demand they have stock piled a years supply of
    heroin, rather than flood the market increase supply
    which would lower prices and mess up
    the supply and demand economics.

    So the Government War on drugs has benefited
    the drug dealers, by driving the price to unbelievable
    heights. $350 to $80,000 for 2.2 pounds.

    And during the War on Drugs the demand has remained

    The war on drugs is the driving force for drug profits
    in the Mexican drug insurgency.

    Legalize drugs? 
    Prohibition example?
    I'm just not sure what the consequences would be?
    But to be sure the current drug paradigm is a failure,
    and counter productive.

    A 2008 study by Harvard economist Jeffrey A. Miron has estimated that legalizing drugs would inject $76.8 billion a year into the U.S. economy — $44.1 billion from law enforcement savings, and at least $32.7 billion in tax revenue ($6.7 billion from marijuana, $22.5 billion from cocaine and heroin, remainder from other drugs).[68][69] Recent surveys help to confirm the consensus among economists to reform drug policy in the direction of decriminalization and legalization SOURCE:

    The war on drugs have driven drug profits sky high, NO, space high.
    A drug dealer could send in 200 individual kilos of heroin,
    and if just two get through, he just made $80,000 profit.
    Even if 198 packages out of 200 are intercepted by DEA.
    For every pack that does get through its another$80,000 
    profit, at a cost of $350 per packet.

    If the war on drugs ended, the price of a kilo of heroin in NYC would drop from $80,000 to around $1,000. a kilo, wiping out the drug dealers profits, and end the major funding source for terrorists.
    and save the tax payers $40,000,000,000 dollars, the cost
    for the War on Drugs.

    California is making $30,000,000 a year just taxing marijuana.

    We need to watch and review the data from countries that
    have legalized drugs, to see if it works.
    The USA may not be mature enough to make an adjustment,
    they go crazy over seeing a Boob on TV for less than a second.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Janet Jackson showed a boob

    But the current paradigm isn't working, drug use has remained
    constant, and the War on Drugs has benefited mostly the Drug lords, Dealers and terrorist, with no significant decline in drug usage. The war on drugs is a failure and even counter productive
    helping our enemies.

    $400 to $80,000 a kilo, 2.2 lbs,Cause: 'the war on drugs'.

    We should be able to do better, Ideas in comments please.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Iranian Cyber Forces uber threat

    More of our INTEL

    Iranian Cyber Army, scourge of the Internet.
    Their power and scope are Awe inspiring.

    There exploits are many and devastating.
    The cyber division was launched about nine months ago and it is tasked with disrupting the media world through the production and distribution of fake news and news video clips. This division is housed in a 5 story building and comprises of 20 units that include 4 cyber networks, an administrative building and a number of news media and services. It operates with a budget of 100 billion Toman (about $100 million) and it is lead by a person close to the leader of the Islamic republic.

    The division also has 3 internet networks called, "Ma" (We), "Shoma" (You) and "Paydari" (Resistance) which in its special section is active filtering out Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and engaging Balatarin site users in superficial discussions (Balatarin is a community site like Facebook but with an emphasis on Iranian audiences).

    While providing various services to 12,000 cleric students who maintain close ties with this division, the Paydari network is busy creating a new space with fictitious names and photos of fabricated women, boys and girls in Facebook. Till now, it has created over 25,000 fake accounts on Facebook and is backing up personal information and images from of other users for its subsequent manipulation.

    So goes the legend of the Iranian Cyber Army in the land of Oz..

    But our BSU's tracking this awesome Army found something quite different.
    A small group of kiddie scripters with some working SLQ injections.
    Vastly over paid, using their own computers with bad security
    and opsec, infected PCs, and access to Iranian propaganda sites.

    Lying to their regime masters about operations and hyping kiddie scripting
    like it was real hacking, and trying to earn some money on the side, with simple

    I quote the one of the English speaking members or their team,
    "A group of second rate hackers collaborate with the technical office 
    of this division and one of whose tasks is to hack sites belonging to 
    regime opponents."

    One of the members of the Great Iranian Cyber Army told us
    on one of our secure VPNs that "Bosses" were stupid and cheap,
    And about the meals with old incontinent cyber dummies listening to
    very bad music".

    They do maintain PC security " commercial security software" 
    for a large group of students, even that software is warez.

    They according to our inside informant have learned an old exploit
    that will work on unpatched systems and have less than 100,000
    bots, and they lie to their handlers about everything.

    They found one exploit for a well known blog system and hit
    as many of them as they could before the exploit is patched.

    They do have a hand full of fake personalties on social media
    sites, and use volunteers to hand build them. And they pass
    on passwords.

    And have assumed some reporters names and use those to
    post propaganda and spin.  

    Our contact would be killed if his collaboration with us was known.
    Why is he even talking to us? Cause we an threatened to burn
    him if he didn't cooperate, seems the regime doesn't trust
    them. Regime paranoia is all encompassing he tells us,
    they suspect everbody.

    Of course this post has been sanitized and cleared opsec 
    for his protection. The Iranian cyber army is less a threat
    than Anonymous is, and I'm not putting Anonymous down.
    I might fear Anonymous under the right conditions but not the

    The ICA is like Iran's nuke program, non starter.
    mostly smoke and mirrors, but struggling.
    Or like the Iranian Navy small boats and rust
    We salute our Mole inside the ICA.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.