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    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    Mosque at ground zero

    Why would Islam want a reminder of a Cult from Islam
    that killed over 3,000 people at ground zero?

    Its just bad taste, and ill mannered .

    I find it insulting, a reminder
    Islam has not purged its self of
    this al Quada cult.

    Maybe after Islam brings
    Binden Laden to Hajj.
    As a reminder Islam cleaned
    up this mess from its lions.
    Then a Mosque.

    At this time a Mosque at
    ground Zero is Islam
    taking a DUMP on
    sacred ground.

    I will be pissed.


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    GOP party of Corporations

    Republicans voted down extension of unemployment
    But they voted for $trillions for Corporate bailouts.
    The Republicans supported the Wall St Banks
    robbing the American public, 30% on CC and
    460% on payday loans.

    Support for unemployed Americans, NO.

    Support for Banking loan sharking YES.

    Thank you GOP, Republicans.

    Disclosure I used to be a Bush Republican.



    Vote YES on unemployment benefits.

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    Genius Readers 06.17.10

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, July 16, 2010

    New al Qaeda branch in DC.

     We got this one wrong, G  06.19.10
    New al Qaeda branch in DC.
    "The Washington Post plans to publish a website listing all agencies and contractors believed to conduct Top Secret work on behalf of the U.S. Government," the notice reads. "The website provides a graphic representation pinpointing the location of firms conducting Top Secret work, describing the type of work they perform, and identifying many facilities where such work is done."


    NY lawyer gets 10-year term in terrorism case
    She was convicted of providing material support to a terrorist organization.

     "The website provides a graphic representation pinpointing the location of firms conducting Top Secret work, describing the type of work they perform, and identifying many facilities where such work is done"

    Isn't  that providing material support to a terrorist?

    I believe in freedom of the press, I'm a blogger but doesn't
    this go to far?
    Is it legal to post arcanum arcanorum?


    Some noise and chatter, WAPO got info from them:

    Feds look for Wikileaks founder at NYC hacker event

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    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Wall St Banks VS Americans, ownership of Congress

    Conclusive Contest, prodigious contention a campaign for control of this country.

    Lobbyist and Wall St Banks VS Americans, the American people.

    At stake is the domination of Congress. a determination of
    who controls Congress. Does congress's loyalty go to
    Americans or Wall St.

    Does Congress obligations go to the American people or
    Wall St Banks?

    Is congress employed by the American people or Wall
    St Banks?

    So far Congress has approved every criminal activity
    the Wall St Banks have asked to be legalized.

    Some how when I was a stock broker if I had bilked
    investors out of a Billion dollars form errors of omission
    I suspect I would have been hit very hard with CRIMINAL

    Goldman to pay $550M to settle civil fraud charges.

    Not criminal charges, but civil charges.
    Goldman Sachs & Co. has agreed to pay $550 million to settle civil fraud charges that the Wall Street giant misled buyers of mortgage-related investments.
    The penalty was the largest against a Wall Street firm in SEC history. But the settlement amounts to less than 5 percent of Goldman's 2009 net income of $12.2 billion after payment of dividends to preferred shareholders - or a little more than two weeks of net income. ( JESUS MARY AND JOESPH g )

    The settlement involves charges that Goldman sold mortgage investments without telling buyers that the securities had been crafted with input from a client that was betting on them to fail.
    The securities cost investors close to $1 billion while helping Goldman client Paulson & Co. capitalize on the housing bust, the SEC said in the charges filed April 16.
    Goldman acknowledged Thursday that its marketing materials for the deal at the center of the charges omitted key information for buyers.
    In a statement, Goldman said "it was a mistake" for the marketing materials to leave out that a Goldman client helped craft the portfolio and that the client's financial interests ran counter to those of investors.
    "We believe that this settlement is the right outcome for our firm, our shareholders and our clients,"
    ( We love screwing the public and getting away with it, after all Wall St Banks control Congress,
    they didn't say. G )

    Robert Khuzami, the SEC's enforcement director, called the settlement a "stark lesson to Wall Street firms that no product is too complex, and no investor too sophisticated, to avoid a heavy price if a firm violates the fundamental principles of honest treatment and fair dealing."

    Robert was able to say that with a straight face and didn't even blush.
    Stark lesson to Wall St my ASS, G

    Its a lesson that says Wall St banks can get away with anything they want,
    no criminal charges, and a fine equal to two weeks of their income,
    "principles of honest treatment and fair dealing."
    Loan Sharking, 30% on CC, 460% on payday loans,
    BILLION DOLLAR fraud in sub-prime paper, and
    they got a Gov Bailout.
    It just goes on and on.
    See here:

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Criminal Wall St Banks Paradigm.

    and here:

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Wall St Bank Robber Barrons

    "Even if the penalty was lower than the market expected, the fact that Goldman admitted that it made misleading and incomplete disclosures to its clients vindicates the SEC's legal theory for the future," Coffee said. "You have to understand that the defendant almost never makes such a concession in SEC settlements."

    The Justice Department opened a criminal inquiry of Goldman in the spring, following a criminal referral by the SEC, the Associated Press reported in April, citing a knowledgeable person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the inquiry was in a preliminary phase.
    Goldman made no mention of a criminal case in its statement Thursday.
    Jacob Frenkel, a former SEC enforcement attorney, said the SEC met that objective.
    "This was a bet-the-agency case," Frenkel said. "They had a lot at stake here, and this did wonders to re-establish a strong enforcement image and presence."  They got a fine equal to two weeks income for Goldman. Not a huge success.G
    Goldman's legal troubles may not be over. Despite the settlement, investors who lost money on the transactions could still sue the firm for civil damages, Thomas Ajamie, a Houston-based defense lawyer who specializes in financial fraud cases.
    "Nothing stops the investors from filing their own claims," Ajamie said.
    The chairman of a Senate panel that interrogated Goldman officials after the SEC filed its charges, applauded the settlement.
    He didn't indicate Goldman the fine was a joke to Goldman. G
    "Goldman played fast and loose ... misled its clients, and got called on it today," Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said Thursday. "A key factor in the settlement is that Goldman acknowledges wrongdoing, in addition to paying a fine and changing its practices."   IMFAO G.

    The Justice Department's criminal investigation into Goldman Sachs goes beyond the financial transactions targeted by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the civil fraud suit brought against the firm last month, law enforcement sources said Friday.
    Working alongside advocates for other big banks and industry trade groups that share similar concerns, Goldman's well-heeled roster of lobbyists have been meeting with the staff of key committee members, such as the financial services and agriculture committees in both the House and Senate.

    Congress passes financial reform bill

    Time will show that this too is is a scam, remember the Credit Card
    reform law, this will be a joke just like that was.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: NEW CREDIT CARD BILL DOES NOTHING

    The U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan and the FBI are conducting the criminal probe, which sources said has been underway for weeks. Sources said a decision on whether to file any charges has not been made.
    The U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan declined to comment. Goldman said it would cooperate with requests for information.
    The SEC filed a civil securities fraud case against the firm two weeks ago, and a source familiar with the matter said the SEC had referred that investigation to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution.
    ( SEC didn't want the political heat for bringing criminal charges against a Wall St Bank.
    we will see if the Justice Department can with stand the political pressure from
    the Banking Lobby and OWNED congressmen, DOJ control the FBI. G )

    The Justice Department suffered a setback last year with the failure of the first major criminal case to arise from the financial crisis: the prosecution of two Bear Stearns hedge fund managers. A jury rejected securities fraud charges against the hedge fund managers, who ran funds linked to subprime mortgages, after presenting evidence that the men knew about risks but did not disclose these to investors.

    Think maybe someone got to the jurors, jeeze I wonder who? G

    Securities lawyers have said that the Bear Stearns case sent a chilling message to the Justice Department after jurors said the prosecution's evidence, drawn in large part from internal company e-mails, was not persuasive. Lawyers said the Justice Department would need a very strong case to defeat Goldman.
    The FBI can do it, if the Justice Dept lets them.G


    If no criminal charges are brought against Goldman then the Wall St Banks remain
    firmly in charge of congress. Billion dollar fraud is criminal. Will  Goldman get
    away with this crime? Have they bought congress? Can DOJ be pressured?

    This will determine who runs Congress runs America.
    Americans or Wall St Banks.

    Series 3 and 7.


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    Taliban reaching limits

    What have the consequences for the Taliban fighting
    the US for 10 years, the effects of 10 years of attrition,
    against one of the most powerful military forces on
    Most fighters now are between 14 and 18 years-old," said Lieutenant Colonel Guy Jones, commander of 2-508th Parachute Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Arghandab.
    "In 2002, fighters were 22 to 30-years-old and commanders were between 32 and 40," said Jones who is on his fourth tour in Afghanistan.
    The Afpak insurgents have had to target a different demographic
    in order to get volunteers to fight.
    The Taliban have been training kids for suicide bombers.
    Children suicide bombers.

    U.S. troops face Afghan enemy too young to kill

    The terrorist paradigm is failing slowly.




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    Shahram Amiri, DEAD.

    Iranian nuclear physicist  Shahram Amiri, DEAD man walking.

    As soon as he gets the $5 million USD transferred to
    an Iranian bank. Then the Iranian Intelligence 
    agencys will seize the money and kill him.

    His death will be caused by an accident or small
    bomb, and Iran will blame it on the CIA or some
    resistance group.

    Iran will kill him as a warning to any other nuclear
    scientists thinking of defecting, and as a deterrent
    to the $5 million UDS bounty for high level Iranian
    nuclear scientists.

    IRGC and QODs will be anxious to kill him before
    more defect, but the regime will want plausible deny-ability.
    And will blame the West.

    Shahram Amiri will be a true Iranian martyr,
    part of the real Iranian Mujaheddin,
    he gave his life to stop the illegitimate
    Iranian regime's nuclear bomb program.



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    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Taliban's monkey army, intercept

    Taliban training monkeys for Jihad?


    Taliban com intercept:
    #1 is base operator
    #2 is his supperior

    1) speak english, no pashtune
    inshal allah brother
    2) yes english not arapic
    inshalla brother
    how is our holy monkey army?

    1) we shura for best monkey
    trainers in villiages. We force
    They to train monkeys.

    2) verily good

    1) every trainer so far has been marytered
    by the monkeys.
    We can get them to shoot,
    but they kill trainers.
    run away with guns and shoot at us
    from woods. we must hide till they
    run out of amo.
    Monkwys shoot each other
    and we have to trade fruit to get
    back empty guns.

    2) so you have some progress.
    that is good brother, good.
    1) umm yes yes
    we can get them to shoot, but
    they shoot at everything.
    Trainers, cooks,dogs, other monkeys
    even look down barrel of gun
    and shot themselves.
    We are running out of monkeys.
    we are afraid to train them on mortars.
    Both motar instructors and monkey trainers
    Amonkey took over kitchen, and shot
    at any one comming near while he
    ate everything.
    2) So have you have some small problems have you
    taught them to shoot, you will over come with
    the help of Allah, at uniforms.
    1) ahh yes they will shoot at uniforms.
    to be truth ful they shoot at every one.
    The kids have quit coming to visit monkeys.
    Bad bad problem, no more kids in camp
    any more, they stay far far away.

    2) is OK, if this doean't work out, we will
    blame CIA. Say they trained the monkeys.
    Damn chinese have spies and have seen
    camp and posted stories.
    Any chance of even one monkey attack on US forces?
    1) NO, well maybe, some have excaped
    with guns but not much amo, they might shoot at
    But the monkeys sill shoot at anyone.
    Once you give them guns you have to get
    away right away.
    We release monkeys form cage, and
    plant fruit among weapons,
    and then we get in truck and drive away
    very fast, and hear gun shots , many gun
    2) yes that is good , good idea,
    just release them with guns.
    you are genius brother, I

    picked you special for this op
    1) no we returned and all the monkeys
    were dead they kill each other.
    we must to have to kill all trained monkeys.

    2) why, that is not good why?
    1) monkey saw Taliban bro watching porno
    on computer thru window monkey
    went out a nd stole weapon form sleeping
    brother one anc came back and shot prono viewer
    and sat down to wathch porn.
    Had to kill monkey he wouldn't give
    up PC.
    ( Taliban Porn #1, G )
    2) any luck with RPGs
    1) yes yes we have sent squad
    of monkeys to you with RPGs
    to show you progress.
    They should be ariving your
    location any min now.
    2) you SOB

    end of intercept.



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    Projection of terrorism

    Minimum effort for maximum results.

    Al Shabaab's Claim of Responsibility in Uganda Bombing "Is Real"

    Al Qaeda launches english website The purpose of the site according to experts is to recruit Americans sympathetic to the group's cause. ...

    Unganda's bombing results in routing IED experts from Afghan to 
    Unganda. Maybe 2 guys.

    The new al Qaeda cult web site, is two guys in USA.

    Is North Carolina's Samir Khan Behind New al Qaeda Magazine? Quotes Yousef al-Khattab

    4 guys just raised the terrorism level way beyond 
    the level of 4 guys fighting in Afghan.

    The perception is one of a major change in
    the terrorist paradigm. 

    In fact this threat does not represent any new
    recruits. Just activation of activities by a very 
    small group. Law enforcement action will mop
    them up. While military back up is reassuring
    Law enforcement, FBI will clean up these little
    nests of cult members.

    US news over states the seriousness of these
    cult members giving them impact way beyond 
    their true impact.

    Minimum effort for maximum results.
    An old terrorist paradigm. The Basis of the terrorism paradigm.

    Keep them in perspective.

    Very good outline and paradigm.( instant subject. G )
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    Mosquito disease endemic

    Unprecedented wave of Dengue Fever lays Yemen low -

    CDC: More than 1,000 exposed to dengue in Florida...
    "These people had not traveled outside of Florida, so we need to determine if these cases are an isolated occurrence or if dengue has once again become endemic in the continental United States." ( First time since 1934 G )

    Dengue fever hits Iligan with 681 cases - CHO

    Philippine Information Agency - 1 hour ago
    ... of the 681 individuals with dengue fever cases from January to June 2010, ... ages ranging from three months old to 75 years old, suffered dengue--an ...

    Dengue fever - Wikipedia, 

    The WHO says some 2.5 billion people, two fifths of the world's population, are now at risk from dengue and estimates that there may be 50 million cases of dengue infection worldwide every year. The disease is now endemic in more than 100 countries.

     ( Texas also at risk.G )

     Mosquito feeds only in the day time.



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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Taliban Porn #1

    Taliban Number ONE.
    Biggest porn consumer per capitia .
    Hey, look, Pakistan isn't just the leader in suicide bombings, they're the #1 country in the world for porn searches. And not just any old porn either!
    By Comrade Vinnieovich, Political Officer

    Taliban webmasters are addicted to PORN. 

    ... hours and hours wasted not killing civilians. 
    The upper level webmasters even using cams for interactive porn.

    Many Taliban web masters addicted to porn.
    And the Taliban leadership pay for it.( unknowingly
    "data bases Charges", don't you know...) 

    Well Taliban finally made it to number ONE
    on something.

    Shouldn't they get a trophy of something?


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    HEAD in the Islamic sand

    Here here Yes yes.
    Obama refusing to connect terrorism to Islam.
    You can't ignore the connection, al qaeda has bastardized
    Islam into his own personal cult.
    To ignore this is again to be MIA in the Info WAR.

    ....rather than avoid any mention of the religious motivation behind the terrorism of al-Qaeda and other like-minded organizations, the Obama administration should sharpen the distinction between the religion of Islam and the political ideology of radical Islamism to successfully defeat Islamist terrorism at its most fundamental source.
    SOURCE:  MORE By Matthew Levitt WELL DONE...


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    Iranian fly over.

     Remote controlled  Intercontinental BOMBER

    Almost invisible to ground radar, it is designed to travel at high jet speeds and cover massive distances between continents.
    The plane is built to carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance on enemy territory using onboard sensors.
    And it has been designed to carry a cache of weapons - including bombs and missiles -, giving it a potential long-range strike capability.
    It can be controlled from anywhere in the world with satellite communications. Flying over Iran soon.

    Russians: Medvedev Says Iran Nearing Atomic Bomb Capability,

    UAE: Strike Iran before they get nukes


     Third US carrier, 4,000 Marines augment US armada opposite Iran

    'US launching cyberwar against Iran'

     Gee what do the Israelis think?

    Hizballah advances 20,000 troops to Israeli border

    Iran on war alert over "US and Israeli concentrations" in Azerbaijan

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran preping for secret export ...


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    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Ops and Intel update: 06.12.10



    North Korean Defections Up Among Soldiers

    Google News: Afghanistan frees more suspected Taliban -

    Google News: Medvedev Says Iran Nearing Atomic Bomb Capability, Urges Talks -

    Does Microsoft's sharing of source code with China and Russia pose a security risk?

    Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due

    Secret gold swap has spooked the market

    Boeing Expands Cybersecurity Capabilities with Acquisition of Network Security Firm

    Former soldier in Iran's Revolutionary Guard writes of life as CIA spy





    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Genius readers 06.12.10