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    Thursday, June 03, 2010

    Our Genius readers 06.03.10

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    Wednesday, June 02, 2010

    'Divine Nuclear mission'

    Paradigm Intel points to motive:

    'Divine Nuclear mission' driving Iran's real supreme leader.

    This changed with Iranian Revolution where the Twelver Ayatollah Khomeini and his supporters established a new theory of governance for the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is based on Khomeini's theory of guardianship of the Islamic jurist as rule of the Islamic jurist, and jurists as "legatees" of Muhammad.
    While not all Twelver Shi'a accept this theory, it is uniquely Twelver and the basis of the constitution of Iran, the largest Shi'a Muslim country, where the Supreme Leader must be an Islamic jurist.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Khamenei is NOT Taghlid, FRAUD ...

    In Twelver eschatology, Muhammad ibn Hasan ibn ˤAlī, or al-Mahdi (مهدي transliteration: Mahdī, also Mehdi, "Guided One"), is the twelfth Imam and the Mahdi, the ultimate savior of mankind and prophesied redeemer of Islam. Twelvers believe that the Madhi has been hidden by God (referred to as The Occultation) and will later emerge to change the world into a perfect and just Islamic society alongside Jesus (Isa) before the Yaum al-Qiyamah (literally "Day of the Resurrection" or "Day of the Standing").SOURCE:

    The sequence of events according to the most common understanding is the annihilation of all creatures, resurrection of the body, and the judgment of all sentient creatures. SOURCE:

    Iran won't push the button, Mr Ahmadinejad will. He knows that Khamenei is NOT Taghlid and he and the IRG can replace him anytime. Ahmadinejad's coup d'état is only to get control of the nuke, to bring on the  13th Imam. G

    Its most remarkable manifestation came with Mr Ahmadinejad's international debut, his speech to the United Nations.
    ... they heard the president speak in apocalyptic terms of Iran struggling against an evil West that sought to promote "state terrorism", impose "the logic of the dark ages" and divide the world into "light and dark countries".
    The speech ended with the messianic appeal to God to "hasten the emergence of your last repository, the Promised One, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace".
    In a video distributed by an Iranian web site in November, Mr Ahmadinejad described how one of his Iranian colleagues had claimed to have seen a glow of light around the president as he began his speech to the UN.
    "I felt it myself too," Mr Ahmadinejad recounts. "I felt that all of a sudden the atmosphere changed there. And for 27-28 minutes all the leaders did not blink…It's not an exaggeration, because I was looking.
    "They were astonished, as if a hand held them there and made them sit. It had opened their eyes and ears for the message of the Islamic Republic."
    Western officials said the real reason for any open-eyed stares from delegates was that "they couldn't believe what they were hearing from Ahmadinejad".
    Their sneaking suspicion is that Iran's president actually relishes a clash with the West in the conviction that it would rekindle the spirit of the Islamic revolution and ...speed up the arrival of the Hidden Imam.

    His view of the 13th Imam prophecy doesn't view an nuclear attack on
    Israel as a suicide attack but as the salvation of the Persians and the start
    of a Persian caliphate, the start of Qiyamah the start of a new age of
    Shia world dominance.

    And as soon as Iran announces its Nuke Turkey will start
    on their nuke.
    Turkey's duplicity in the Gaza-bound flotilla.
    SOURCE: Thomas P.M. Barnett

    Q:Come on Gerald Iran won't risk nuclear war,
    they are reasonable rational people:
    During the Iran-Iraq War, the Ayatollah Khomeini imported 500,000 small plastic keys from Taiwan. The trinkets were meant to be inspirational. After Iraq invaded in September 1980, it had quickly become clear that Iran's forces were no match for Saddam Hussein's professional, well-armed military. To compensate for their disadvantage, Khomeini sent Iranian children, some as young as twelve years old, to the front lines. There, they marched in formation across minefields toward the enemy, clearing a path with their bodies. Before every mission, one of the Taiwanese keys would be hung around each child's neck. It was supposed to open the gates to paradise for the CHILDREN.

    Abberjonny can't have a nuke this Iranian regime
    is killing its own people over a stolen election.
    And Abberjonny has been very clear about his
    feelings regarding Israel.


    Israel has two nuclear subs off Iran's coast line.
    Russian sub launching , very similar to the Israeli subs.

    If you understand Persian listen to his own words.

    Tell me what you think in comments.G

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    BP in wonderland, where's Alice

    John Tenniel's illustration for "A Mad Te...Image via Wikipedia

    BP has robots with diamond saws.
    And that was number 6 on their "to do" list?
    They waited 42 days to mention the robots with diamond saws?

    The junk shot, top hat, and four others
    before the diamond saws?
    They need to explain these decisions.

    The diamond saw blade bot bound up.
    Any carpenter knows how you get a blade
    bound up, you screwed up, the blade got
    crimped, usually something an amateur does.

    And BP sent some clean up crews to wash the grass,
    wiping down individual blades of grass.
    It was on cable TV, CNN.

    Have they gone NUTZ?
    Is this Alice in wonderland?
    Here let me join in.

    The oil spill isn't an environmental disaster.
    It is FREE sun screen for swimmers and fish.

    Add 100,000 tons of Garlic and its a marinade
    for all the dead fish.

    PB is actually a Wall St Bank, not an oil co.
    ( so this is all OK )

    Its an experiment to calm the waves and stop

    I've heard Canada requires the Oil Cos to
    drill the shut off pipe lines the same time they
    drill the well, not 40 or 60 days after the spill.

    I've heard the well head was made out of too
    thin metal, and BP got a waiver, to OK it.
    Heard about the argument over the equiptment
    installed, the blowout prevention stuff, reports
    of knowingly running with faulty prevention equipment.

    Of using the wrong liquid during drilling  and
    BP white shirt enforcing it.

    This investigation should be a real good read.



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    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Security Disconnect.

    Ghost border guards
    Air port virtual strip searches?


    From Somalia through Mexico

    HT barteneder recon


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Block Doubleclick spys

    Image representing DoubleClick as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBase
    Why is Googleads / doubleclick trying to load my site meter data?

    My security intercepted this attempt:
    "Security Error: Content at may not load data from /popular.php?project_id=xxxxxxxx."

    Double click is trying to gather data on your surfers, from your site meter???

     Google Analytics is now letting users opt out of having your information, including your IP address, sent to Google’s central servers if you install a browser plug-in for IE 7 or 8, Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. Google Analytics program manager Amy Chang described the new tool as a way to “provide even more choice and transparency for both website owners and users.”

    But do they then read any site meters you use??


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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Moodys explains AAA rating on "D" paper

     Gerald on the Floor of the NYSE ( center )

    Warren Buffett will testify under subpoena before a U.S. panel examining the causes of the 2008 financial crisis.
    Buffett, Moody's Corp (MCO.N) Chief Executive Raymond McDaniel, and five other current and former Moody's officials will testify on June 2, as the commission examines credit ratings and how investors use them.
    Moody's is the parent of credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service. Berkshire had a 13 percent stake in Moody's as of March 31, regulatory filings show.

    When my auto mechanic told me he was also Mortgage Broker,
    ( He said they don't confirm income and sub-prime Mortgages were easy to resell at a nice profit.)
    this alleged connection between the Federal Reserve and my
    auto mechanic, no matter how distant, caused the hairs on my neck to stand up and
    my head to throb.
    ( Maybe it was the oil fumes from the auto garage, but I don't think so.
    Gerald )

    Moodys then rated the paper my auto mech/mortgage broker originated
    ( a Sub-prime loan ) at AAA credit rating.
    How did they come to the conclusion it was worthy of a "AAA" and not
    a "D" rating?
    They, Moodys assumed the housing market would never go down in price.

     I mean Warren Buffett invested in Moodys so they have to be good,
    but Warren didn't invest in any of the sub-prime paper.


    The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. Central banks and governments have so far found no effective way to control, or even monitor, the risks posed by these contracts. In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal. (Berkshire Hathaway annual report, 2002) Warren Buffett...

    Buffett's reputation is as a straight shooter. For years he had only contempt for fantasy finance securities that contain nothing but air and risk. He was among the first to see that if we let toxic securities like synthetic collateralized debt obligations run wild, we'd soon be engulfed in a financial crisis. (For an easy to read account of these "financial weapons of mass destruction" please see The Looting of America.)

    But times have changed. Today, Buffett is all about the bottom line. He's taken to defending the biggest shysters in the country--and argues that his own questionable derivatives should be shielded from government regulators.

     But how could Moodys rate the sub-prime paper AAA, credit swaps?
    Tom Barnett has a good piece on credit swaps.

    Soon, companies like AIG weren't just insuring houses. They were also insuring the mortgages on those houses by issuing credit default swaps. By the time AIG was bailed out, it held $440 billion of credit default swaps.

    So much of what's gone wrong with the financial system in the past year can be traced back to credit default swaps, which ballooned into a $62 trillion market before ratcheting down to $55 trillion last week—nearly four times the value of all stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

    The problem was exacerbated by the fact that so many institutions were tethered to one another through these deals. For example, Lehman Brothers had itself made more than $700 billion worth of swaps, and many of them were backed by AIG. And when mortgage-backed securities started going bad, AIG had to make good on billions of dollars of credit default swaps. Soon it became clear it wasn't going to be able to cover its losses. And since AIG's stock was one of the components of the Dow Jones industrial average, the plunge in its share price pulled down the entire average, contributing to the panic.
    The reason the federal government stepped in and bailed out AIG was that the insurer was something of a last backstop in the CDS market. While banks and hedge funds were playing both sides of the CDS business—buying and trading them and thus offsetting whatever losses they took—AIG was simply providing the swaps and holding onto them. Had it been allowed to default, everyone who'd bought a CDS contract from the company would have suffered huge losses in the value of the insurance contracts they had purchased, causing them their own credit problems.
    ( The CDS were shams. fraud, they had no reserves to cover losses, still don't and
    they still sell the fake insurance. G )

    Credit Default Swaps CDS, have no reserves like insurance companies do to cover losses, the profits from the sales of CDS the companies kept, when they couldn't
    cover the losses ( and they had no plan to ever pay defaults, its just FRAUD. G )
    The US Government stepped in and paid the claims from tax payer money, the bail out.

    The value of CDS still exceed the value of all the stock on NYSE by 400%.
    They still sell CDS without any reserves for losses the Wall St. Banks continue
    the FRAUD.
    And the Companies that buy the CDS can remove that liability from their
    books, as they bought Insurance to cover any loss, ( of course everybody
    knows the sellers can't cover the losses. But CDS are cheap, and get
    rid of bad assets on the books as they bought Insurance against any losses.
    ( abet Fraudulent insurance,) but the Wall St banks make a killing off 
    the sales and the Government will pick any huge losses, and the Federal 
    Wall St balance sheets are so baked you need a cork screw to make sense
    of them. The balance sheets of Wall St Banks are false but legal.
    Regulators allow them two sets of books.

    Wall St Bank Robber Barrons


    A Congress bought and paid for.
    Sadly USA does have the best politicians
    money can buy.

    Sad day for America.

    When does it stop?

    Where does it stop?

    These Wall St Banks are National Security Threat.
    Wall St Banks = "systemic risk"

     "Credit default swaps" or "Moodys AAA" rating
    were equally meaningless and fraudulent.

    Neither provided any protection to investors and
    both were misleading and fraudulent both leading to
    Government bailouts and near market collapse
    while principal sellers raked in huge profits from
    the fraud.

    Series 3 & 7

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