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    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    terrorism link to Islam

    Obama moves to de-link terrorism from Islam - Anwar Iqbal - ‎Apr 8, 2010‎
    In 2008, the US National Counter-Terrorism Centre produced a document, called “Words that Work and Words that Don't: A Guide for Counter-Terrorism ...

    Futile effort: just word play.
    Only Islam can de-link terrorism from Islam,
    and they don't seem eager to do so.

    Where are the Islamic forces fighting
    al Qaeda cult in Afpak?

    Where is the "ISLAMIC" CYBER FORCES?



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    Ops and Intel up date. 0410.10

    Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu's last-minute decision to cancel his attendance at the US-sponsored summit on nuclear terror, opening inWashington Monday, April 11.
    ( wow, G )

    Upcoming post on two huge cyber Threats being ignored.G

    Justb updated US pow post with Graphic of location.

    Reuters photogs deaths. youtube blocking vid rebuttals,of stolen DOD vid with Spain CR??Youtube has political view,censorship to promote it

    Will the toppling of the Kyrgyz government mean the loss of Manas airbase?

    ( NO G )




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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010

    New vid. Bowe Robert Bergdahlid;

    New Berg Video:

    American captured soldier Bowe Robert Bergdahl "Plea to his 


    Currently analyzing the vid.
    Will post more.
    Terintel special ops team.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: PFC Bergdahl, Guest prisoner.


    "Foundation for Media Production emirate offers a new video of American prisoners of Poe Robert Bragdal captured by the Mujahideen in 30/6/2009 near the "Summary" province of Paktika, the state Yusuf Khel is since about 9 months.
    This video was filmed this week of the month of April 2010 and requests the prisoner U.S. government to work on his speed his release. At the end of the video voice message to the brother Karim Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate set demands for the release of captive American"

    . Posted at:

    Video presentation is revealing:
    They have cropped the video so only the
    Guest/Prisoner can be seen, no background.

    Starts with personal dialog to ID him.
    Then message for the family.
    THEY wanted him to talk about
    what he "LOVES"?


    He is begging for his life.
    And to be released.

    He is growing a beard.
    He is identifying with his captors.
    He hasn't lost weight, but
    is depressed.
    His body language suggest
    the Taliban threaten him on
    a regular basis.
    They are trying to convert him to
    Islam, "lost my way in life".
    During the entire vid he wears
    something, jacket, T-shrit with
    "ARMY" on it.
    And Mil camouflage?
    This suggests he is in a
    very secure area.
    Filmed in a compound.

    Demonstration the Taliban is taking
    good care of him, push ups etc.
    Treating him humanely.
    He favors the right leg
    a little, and raises the left leg
    much higher than the right.
    Possibility they chain his right

    Treating him according to "lofty rules".
    He is safe.

    The Taliban want a prisoner exchange 
    real bad.

    What key prisoner does Afghan or
    US have?

    This vid bodes well for the American.
    Vid done by someone with English as
    second language, non traditional education.
    Not the al Qaeda American Jew.
    This is NOT an al Qaeda operation.
    This is a Taliban operation.
    OBL caught in LIE
    They maybe hiding him from
    al Qaeda cult also.
    The video was a rush job, they
    didn't even use a spell checker
    on the text.
    At 1:37 you can hear a captor
    coughing, the sounds, depth
    of cough suggest a man around
    5'8' in hight and at least 180 lbs,
    with a chronic cough.
    In a room with a big opening
    about 20 feet away from the camera, small echo,
    and a second person can be heard
    saying something unintelligible.
    Plus the camera man makes at least
    3 guards.
    At 3:24 you can hear some kids
    about a half a block away, at least 3 kids
     its a residential setting.
    At 4:15 you can hear a truck going by on
    a paved road maybe 100 yds away.
    At 4:43 you can hear a dog barking,
    so it may not be a hard core Taliban
    4:57 is a child and mother in same
    compound, slight echo.
    5:32 is one of the captors voices
    saying "pushups"
    And at least two womens voices
    in background.
    As well as sounds of people doing household
    chores during vid.


    Probably a different configuration but
    associations basically correct.



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    Tuesday, April 06, 2010

    krazy Kazai goes Taliban

     President Hamid Karzai's threats that he would consider joining the Taliban if he continues to come under outside pressure to reform his administration, which has struggled with corruption.

    JEEZE, If krazy Kazai goes over the to the Taliban 
    it should be made clear there would be a Drone looking
    for him to deliver a present.

    His public consideration of joining the Taliban
    casts a pall on his administration and provides
    tinder for the accusations he is just playing  the Great Game.
    ( Transpose Pakistan for Afghanistan. )
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pakistan's GREATEST GAME

    It would seem Karzai has made cleared up questions about his

    The new US paradigm towards Afghan and the Taliban seems viable.
    But how do you deal with a corrupt Afghan President.
    Would he or has he already sold out Afghan to the Taliban?

    Maybe the Afghan people will take matters into their own hands?

    This is a major error on Karzai's part, and it doesn't bode well
    for the Afghan President.




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    Monday, April 05, 2010

    Obama lays down Nukes

    WASHINGTON — President Obama said Monday that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to substantially narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons.

    Mr. Obama described his policy as part of a broader effort to edge the world toward making nuclear weapons obsolete, 

    It eliminates much of the ambiguity that has deliberately existed in American nuclear policy since the opening days of the cold war. For the first time, the United States is explicitly committing not to use nuclear weapons against nonnuclear states that are in compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons or launched a crippling cyber attack.


    Did Obama just paint a bullseye on America?
    He limited defensive options.
    This policy assures all nations will field a Cyber Force.
    And some will fund it like they would fund a Nuclear 
    Obama doesn't see the same threats to the WWW
    as I do. 
    Our expert opinion is the WWW is the most vulnerable
    it has ever been.
    While taking the WWW out won't stop Western Culture,
    it could set the culture back 30 or 40 years.
    It will be like pushing a Reset Button, on the Western
    and world economies. Back to the 1960's.

    The current paradigm says the safety and security
    of the WWW is going to get much worse, more 

    And Obama just Green Lighted the USA enemies cyber efforts
    with motive and a good risk reward ratio.

    USA has turned away from "Massive retaliation" as
    a strategy, and moved to surgical type strikes as the
    new paradigm.
    That policy in and of its self will limit the use of
    nuclear weapons.

    His new policy also just created the need for a force
    equalavent to a nuclear attack, both in terms of
    speed and power but surgically targeted.

    And a non-nuke EMP fits that job very nicely.

    And regardless of what the President says
    you don't want to piss the American people off.
    The al Qaeda cult killed less than 4,000 Americans
    and 8 years later and half way around the world the
    USA is still killing al Qaeda.

    A reminder that Japan crossed the line with the
    American people by a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.
    And the Americans wrongly locked up most of the
    Japanese in America.

    Don't let Obama's new policy fool you, cross 
    the line and America will kill you, policy or no 

    And "toward making nuclear weapons obsolete, "
    Never ever gona happen, Nuclear weapons are with
    the world until they make some thing even worse.
    Just as a deterrent, USA will always have the Best 




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    wikileaks FRAUD

    Wikileaks has turned into a propaganda mouth piece
    for the Terrorist.
     regret the loss of Mr. the Reuters camera man
    While the US regrets the death of Mr. Saeed, was walking with insurgents who were carrying RPG's and AK 47s.

    And he failed to notify authorities he would be with the insurgents.

    If you are a terrorist or walking with them you may be subject 
    to mortal attack.

    Wikileaks further misleads in this propaganda piece
    by pointing out children in the Van, which even under
    their magnification are unidentifiable.

    The term collateral murder is misleading and 
    furthers the terrorist agenda.

    See photos below and video.

    Unidentifiable children

    Collateral Murder: Bull Shit.


    The Military needs to release the photos showing weapons.

    They took the children to the NEAREST hospital,
    if they had taken them to the military hospital 
    then wikileaks would be complaining that there
    was a hospital closer they should have taken them to.

    While we agree with the wikileaks paradigm,
    they need to speak the truth and not spin the
    story like this.
    They are aiding the Terrorist, amo for
    their Info WAR.

    Wikileaks lacks integrity.

    Wikileaks Paradigm Intel Briefing 11.29.10



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    Sunday, April 04, 2010

    Congress a Security Risk/Threat

    Congress as a Security Risk/Threat

    I'm going to phrase this in a GWOT,
    but there are many many other contexts.

    In the GWOT the terrorist are dealing with 
    what ever the current administration is in office.

    Congress has some influence.
    Its hard not to believe Congress isn't
    How did all the deregulation of banks
    How were they allowed to almost bring down
    the WORLD economic system.
    Why did the Federal Reserve declare them 
    to big to fail?
    Why haven't they done something about 
    "being to big to FAIL". banks?
    Why did the Federal Reserve give them
    Why are the Banks allowed to keep two
    sets of books. one with the toxic sub-prime paper
    valued at 100%.
    And the other set only the banks sees
    with the Toxic at true value around 30%.
    Why are banks allowed to charge USURIOUS
    interest rates, 30% on credit cards and 
    payday loans.
    The FBI used to put the Mafia in 
    PRISON for that crime.

    An obvious conclusion might be
    American congress is corrupt and been
    bought off or even worse duped.

    American congress changed the funding laws
    to make bribery of US Congress legal.

    And the Supreme Court changed the law
    giving Corporations civil rights.

    The Corporations can now spend unlimited
    amounts in political advertising for "THEIR"

    Foreign States Hostile to US have started
    corporations to unduly influence congress. Through
    this NEW Supreme Court ruling.

    And I have just presented a hypothesis that
    Congress is Corrupt, 

    The question now becomes is Congress corrupt
    enough, any of them, to work for a Foreign hostile

    I think the amount of the legal bribe will have
    a large influence on that question.

    If Congress can be corrupted ( against the American
    Public, 400+% interest rates etc ) 
    by American Banks and the Banks can
    corrupt the Federal Reserve  

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Federal Reserve is Suspect:

    Dec 3, 2009 ... The Federal Reserve is Suspect: By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank. Paradigm Intel on the Federal Reserve Corp. ...

    Can a Terrorist Government corrupt American

    We have seen proof of concept involving Congress
    and American Banks, could this corruption
    be extended to Foreign States hostile to US.

    Could Congress be a threat to the GWOT?

    Based on their record, and exhibits demonstrating
    lack of integrity, it is a definable possibility.

    The American Public gave the Republican the
    drivers seat for 8 years, and they think it time
    for change so they gave the Democrats the
    seat and the House and the Senate.

    They expect change.
    One can only hope they can ID the crooks in Congress
    and vote them out of office.
    Who would we trust to make such a LIST?

    30% Credit Card interest rates and
    460% payday loan Interest rates
    is Prima facie evidence of Congress's
    corruption or  incompetence.

    Series 3 and 7