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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Gerald is OUT of pocket:

    He forwarded these posts:

    Missing studies: Arms (observation)

    In reviewing Military spending,
    I picked up an interesting observation.
    The military is changing some priorities
    from heavy to lighter weight platforms
    that can be air dropped, because of the
    shifting violence paradigm.

    Smaller wars, insurgents, and adapting
    for faster deployment, more mobility.
    Its clear from their paradigm they
    believe the future holds more Afpak
    type battles. Small groups rather than
    And I agree with them.

    But what does it actually take to
    make some one take up arms?
    Are there more effective options
    than taking up arms?
    How can 'they' effect change with
    out taking up arms?
    Do 'THEY' give off signals leading up
    to the point of taking up arms.
    A warning they are going to get violent?

    Could USA send them a Lobbyist?
    Someone to show them how to more effectively
    get changes made, without taking up arms.
    This type intervention could be a great
    force multiplier, battle deferment and

    Change the domain from the battle field
    to political arena. Make the Battle Field
    a domain of last resort.

    Could Bin Laden have been spotted early
    and routed away from violence?
    Anyone know of any studies in these areas?
    Military might spend the cost of one tank
    to find out answers to these battle questions,
    great risk/reward ratio.

    Battle deferment and alternatives.



    Interrogations, (observation)

    The current politically correct view
    is to switch from interrogations to

    The paradigm is in its self, self defeating.
    Putting a bee or bug in a cell is not illegal
    of abusive. It may cause alot of psychological
    stress, but psy stress is not to be avoided.
    It is the difference between an interrogation
    and an interview.

    The key to successful interrogations is successfully
    applying psychological pressure, stress to get them
    to break.

    The context of this paradigm is very telling.
    Context is the Global war on terrorism,
    and the real possibility of a rogue
    nuclear package attack from a non-state

    That means no "MAD" defense possible.

    If there had been a nuclear attack in the USA
    the same operators that used bugs would be
    testifying to Congress why they didn't do more.

    So far they have been successful.
    All attacks have been stopped.

    We warned the Feds that al Qaeda was searching for
    physical directions to a University in Hungary.
    And a month later the US government removed
    241 pounds of plutonium from the same Hungarian
    al Qaeda is looking to get its hands on a nuke, still.
    Interrogations should be continued with bugs if they
    want, use psychological pressure where and when you can.
    Interrogations should not be turned into Interviews.


    Banks MO

    The huge criminal banking combines MO.

    They first started making some smaller
    sub-prime paper packages, and with
    RE prices remaining moderate were
    able to sell this paper for a nice profit.
    And they got their lobbyist to get Glass
    Segal repealed so the Banks could move out
    this profitable paper in bigger chunks.

    Then the RE bubble starts and these pieces
    of paper become very profitable as the loans
    are rolled over into the increase of the value
    of the RE, over and over again.

    And the Banks realize this RE bubble will
    burst and when it does the value of the
    sub-prime paper will plunge.

    The banks discuss this.

    But the Banks see others making very good
    profits as the owners roll the loans over
    to include the value of the huge price increases
    in the RE. Two or Three times.

    But the Banks are so greedy they start holding
    their own BAD sub-prime paper for the Great profits.
    Of course the Banks thought they would know when to get
    out, and didn't count on other smaller brother banks
    holding the Toxic paper.

    And the RE bubble burst, defaults mounted, and the
    Banks themselves got caught with huge positions in
    the Bad toxic sub-prime paper and huge losses.
    The home owners lost their homes and the Tax Payer
    is bailing out the Banks, and the Big Banks don't
    want to lend to other banks, now, because they
    know the other banks have huge positions of this
    bad toxic paper.

    And the Banks don't trust themselves.
    They don't trust Brother banks. NO LOANS.

    The Banks brought on this World Depression
    and the American tax payer bailed them out, all
    the while paying the same Banks "loan shark" interest
    rates vig/juice as high as 100% in some cases,
    and around 30% for the rest of the credit card

    Grateful SOB's aren't they.

    Congress has spent more on the Banking Fraud toxic
    paper crime; the Bank bailout, than they have spent on the GWOT
    ( Iraq I & II, Afghan and Pakistan).

    Where are the prosecutions?



    Pre-emptive Iranian attack.

    The Press have given some
    coverage to the story on Israeli
    preparing to take out Iranian Nuclear sites.
    Lets look at the Risk/Reward ratio.

    Don't attack:
    Iran gets Nuke, think N.Korea but
    with a Mula that believes in the 13th
    Imman paradigm.
    Kimmy but with suicide tendency's.
    With a Nuke.

    see Risks below, #1 thru #3.

    Attack Iran:
    NO nuke or at least a long delay.
    #1) Iran attacks thru proxy terrorists,
    Syria, Lebanon, etc.
    #2) Activates cells in America.
    Train SWAT to deal with RPG's.
    #3) They will give dirty material to
    #4) Iran joins al Qaeda? ( but without a nuke! ).
    Also sends clear message to Irans partner;
    N Korea.

    The first attack: will be at defenses and
    nuke facilities.

    Second attack: ( depending on Irans response )
    Taking out all Iranian Military,
    Killing EVERY IRANIAN TANK, in Iran for
    IED support of terrorist in Iraq and Afpak or
    just the civilian communications, tv, phone
    Internet, all the way up to selective EMP
    bursts, all electronics DOWN, but very few
    civilian deaths. Which Shuts down
    the country for a few years.

    Iran has taken an American hostage under
    color of law, they fear a strike.
    Again they are stalling for TIME....