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    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    American Capitalism Paradigm ( Fear )

    American Capitalism Paradigm ( Fear )
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Some nations have expressed doubt, fear, concern over
    American Capitalism Paradigm. The Economy.
    The Feds scare themselves, like this Depression
    might be terminal. They are so scared they are violating the
    capitalism paradigm in order to try and fix it.
    They are going outside the paradigm to fix some thing
    that isn't broke.
    The Feds are Considering not marking some investments
    to market ( for the Banks ), Feds firing CEO's, allowing
    loan sharking, assuming corporate power without stock
    holders permission, not prosecuting criminal bankers.
    All violations of the capitalism system paradigm.

    Violating the paradigm causes fear, its a new set of rules.
    some of the Banks are trying to give the money back
    because it limits their bonuses, multiple million dollar

    The old paradigm rules might not apply the administration
    is changing the rules. It feels like a uncertain playing field.
    There is even talk about a new reserve currency.
    And many are doubting the American capitalist
    economy ability to rebound.
    The state of the capitalism system is very sound,
    everything working, dual pricing auctions on both
    buy and sell side working with every trade on NYSE.
    Stocks marked to market on a second by second basis.
    Bonds marked to market, Billions bank wired hourly.
    its functioning. its even ready
    to mark the Toxic sub-prime paper to market.
    But there is a Paper jam in the World capitalism system,
    its the toxic paper from American Banks.
    Mark the bad paper to the Market. Price it for what
    is really worth, its backed by homes/realestate. Its
    like a stripped bond, but with more appreciation potential.
    The interest is missing. Like zero coupon bonds.
    ( But with HUGE price appreciation as it is sold again and
    payments/interest resumes ) It will be priced at deep
    discounts, there will be some fraud involved in the
    face value, the appraisal value for the property.
    once that is cleared, the market can handle them.
    The big question seems to be what that will do to the Banks
    balance sheets and many derativites.
    But that idea scares the Feds,
    and the Feds being scared;
    SCARES me.
    And the Banks scared the FEDS...I want to know someday, what
    the banks told the Feds.
    But what is causing the Depression?
    Fear. Remember the "nothing to fear but fear" speech.
    He was right, the Depression is a mass fact, and agreement.
    The Banks started the FEAR, the run on banks by other banks,
    but in reverse. A bank run on another bank isn't mass withdrawals
    but refusal to lend to brother banks.
    The banks fear of the unknown value of the toxic paper,
    caused them to quit lending to each other, and then the public
    and corporations.
    The banks feared the extent and level of the fraud, and market
    price of the toxic paper.
    And this spread to the public. FEAR.
    The credit card ( BANKS ) companies have also caught the fear, as they
    close down credit lines, deepening the Depression. By with
    drawing liquidity from the system by cutting credit lines.
    The same Banks the American tax payer bailed out with billions.
    Aiding the Depression.
    Signs the Depression is over the hump, coming out of the woods?
    When all TV announcers/reporters quit calling it a recession and
    start calling it a "Depression".
    When the 'small investors' get out of the Stock market,
    when they have NO trust in the Stock Market, then we will be
    big buyers of equities. Those are signs the Depression over.
    But none the less there is a real fear connected to the economy.
    Its almost palpable.
    The fear is world wide.
    Maybe it is terrorism related?
    The terrorists will ULTIMATELY loose for two reasons.
    Mankind deplores chaos, one of mankind's
    basic instincts is to bring order to
    their environment.
    The second is capitalism.
    The taliban or al Qaeda movements
    are chaos driven.
    Sharia law doesn't work in a terrorist
    environment, and long term is counter
    productive. Does it ends up a male dominated,
    violence prone monarchy?
    I mean it almost runs counter to capitalism.
    No interest, value for loaned money, loss of
    money's use during the loan period.
    And how its been twisted into backward looking
    paradigms by the terrorist, no music, forced beards,
    no schooling for Girls and a poor education for even
    boys, anti vaccination/shots. A move to the 1700's,
    back ward looking paradigm. Islam will
    not defeat capitalism.
    Where are the big Sharia Governments running successful
    Muslim nations? They have had a thousand years to
    develop one. Terrorism is a cancer within Islam.
    Islamic terrorism is leading to the biggest surveillance
    system the world has ever seen, tracking EVERYONE,
    WORLD WIDE, massive loss of privacy based on the possibility
    a terrorist movement may get a WMD, and use it.
    This is shame and legacy to the World.
    Americas basic power stems from capitalism.
    ( currently unbalanced )
    The "capitalism system" works for the rich and
    poor. The rich want a populace that can buy the
    products, work, pay taxes, is educated and healthy,
    to work for them.
    The Poor want to buy things, work, get an education
    be healthy and a chance to move into the rich
    Capitalism doesn't like war, it kills potential
    customers and workers.
    Capitalism is Basically a win win situation.
    Capitalism needs a fair and semi-equitable political
    system to function long term. Unfair ( massive fraud ) leads
    to problems in the capitalism system, Current Depression.
    Depressions are a normal cycles, abet long term cycle,
    of capitalism, a re-adjustment period.
    Democracy meets the basic fundamental requirements
    for a capitalistic system to live.
    Just as there are many forms of democracy their are
    many forms ( flavors ) of capitalism.
    Currently the Russian democracy/capitalism system
    is using a criminal paradigm. Which will be cured with
    The Chinese system is teetering on a democracy,
    fed by the cultural advancement borough on by capitalism.
    They have attached the wan to the US dollar.
    And it would set China back decades and invoke huge losses
    to drop the Dollar as a reserve currency.
    China sees capitalism works, but are slow to change
    their culture, the Government is being dragged towards
    democracy by the profits of their capitalism system.
    China realizes the capitalism system works but
    the American capitalism system, the front runner,
    has hit a big bump and they are waiting to see what America
    does how the American system handles the problem.
    Chinese looking for that "PROOF" capitalism works during a
    Depression, Massive fraud.
    America's stepping outside the capitalism system to fix it
    is wrong, a violation of their own systems paradigm and
    provides a bad example. It manifests the paradigm violation
    as FEAR among the world citizens.
    Violating the capitalism paradigm says you don't trust it,
    and you don't think it works right. Now when the Feds do that
    it creates FEAR, Depression food.
    It demonstrates America's doubt in the capitalism system.
    It is understandable too, this hasn't happened before, and the Feds
    tend to 'over reaction'.
    They need to BELIEVE in their product, capitalism.
    But this doubt stems from a political rift in the American
    Culture/Political system.
    A rift between the "American WAY" and "Crime".
    Have the Lobbyist bought the American soul?
    Stemming from the excessive control lobbyist exert on the American Congress.
    America's doubt, fear about the capitalism system is unfounded.
    The American capitalism system is as sound as the Dollar, the World
    reserve currency. BOTH are safe sound and working.
    The dollar functions as a barometer and is working well.
    The Fear stems from American Banks.
    Fear about the political system and Lobbyist control of congress
    is founded in the national psychic, people see the American Banks eat
    tax payers, illegal 30% vig/juice on credit cards, government approved.
    The fear doesn't stem from the Capitalism system but from the political
    The Government approving criminal activities, loan sharking and sub-prime
    paper fraud.
    The doubt is really associated with the Fear of the Banking Mafia in America.
    Their rise to power and the lack of Tax payers trust of American
    banks and their legal "Loan Sharking and fraud", and American
    Government's support of this criminal 'Banking combine' and their
    Criminal actives.
    From Obama to the paper boy they know..30%.
    When did Credit Card ( Banks ) loan sharking become legal?
    I didn't vote on it.
    But can America fix it?
    Will America deal with the Banking Mafia? Lobbyists say NO!
    The American capitalist system is the fore runner
    among the most advanced capitalism systems.
    I avoid using the term 'capitlistic' system because
    some systems may be based on a sub form of capitalism.
    But here I refer to the basic economic system of capitalism,
    supply/demand economics.
    The capitalism system is colored by the underlying political
    system it lives in.
    In America the political system drives the poor health system,
    the prison system, the poor social security system.
    The 'Drug War' that gives the terrorist their cash.
    It is not the capitalism system driving these paradigms.
    In America the capitalistic system is currently
    under extraordinary influence and pressure by the political system
    from the reduction of regulation by Lobbyists.
    Like the Repeal of Glass stegal Act, changing bankruptcy laws,
    Comptroller of the currency defending Loan Sharking and
    the State of Delaware's poor consumer protection laws that give
    these criminal Banking Corps a legal base.
    The Chairman of the Federal Reserve stated on TV he knew
    about the problems but did nothing, there was nothing to do!
    How about calling Law Enforcement?
    He called the massive sub-prime paper fraud, "systemic risk".
    I'll admit its GREAT spin but its a lie.
    The American Banks ( made $5 billion in political donations )
    have turned criminal under the current political capitalistic system.
    And needs to be fixed.
    America is THE leader and exemplary example of Capital
    systems, has let the Lobbyists over rule the regulators.
    Seized control of the American Congress in a very subtle
    powerful and legal way.
    Like changing the Bankruptcy laws, makes
    bad credit risks profitable, [ lending ( Loan sharks 30% vig )to people they know
    can't afford it and can't repay.] By using a victims total
    future earnings and estate after death taken into collection,
    makes bad credit risks, profitable. Lending to the Poor knowing
    they can't meet the payments. And collect from all future earnings
    and death estate, pursuing the Banking ( Banking loan sharks ) victims
    ( Poor, bad credit ratings ) beyond DEATH to make a profit.
    It feels so very slick, contrived, criminal and sleazy.
    The criminalization of American banks in loan sharking
    ( 30% interest rates ), and loan fraud, ( sub-prime mortgages ) has lead
    the American Capitalism system to defraud the world
    banking systems thru the criminal banking system joining
    Wall Street, for the sake of profit efficiency, the
    regulators were reduced, morphed and twisted into
    defenders of the Banking Mafia.
    And no regulation of derativities...
    no regulation of Hedge funds.
    See a pattern?
    Capitalism is not just a monetary system, it only flourishes
    in a state of laws and trust. Hence the current Depression,
    lack of trust. When the capitalism system misfires,
    humans get scared, and this fear leads to a Depression,
    until the underlying fundamentals that got bent by the
    massive fraud are fixed and it works again. Trust restored.
    Depression over.
    This is not a systemic risk loss, it was Massive FRAUD,
    aided and abetted by reduction of American Federal
    Government regulation and over sight.
    America's Lobbyist changing the laws for efficiency of Profits,
    reducing regulation, is NOT a systemic risk.
    Its a Banking mafia. MADE legal by Congress.
    The third requirement for a strong world accepted capitalism
    system ( and reserve currency );is being a "world power", is the
    military muscle behind the political system that Capitalism
    resides in.
    Talk of a new reserve currency is pointless unless the country
    it is based on has the Military might to enforce its will.
    Protect assets, enforce contracts. ( in the end it comes to the
    strength and will to enforce agreements, that must be there.)
    And in general that 'will' must be a 'will of laws', for a
    currency to be accepted as a reserve currency. And trusted by the
    So the US dollar will remain at the forefront as a reserve currency
    as long as it is a super power and stays legal, maintains a
    will of law and is trustworthy.
    The instant economic case is testing the tenants of the
    American capitalism system and its will of Law.
    American banks are engaged in criminal activities and continue
    to do so, under the protection of the comptroller of the currency
    a Federal institution. 30% interest rates some how are not usurious, not
    mafia vig/juice. and the Banking Mafia pursues their 30% loan sharking
    victims beyond the Grave, stealing the vig/juice from the victims estate
    under the new bankruptcy laws. Makes it very profitable to loan to
    the poor and uneducated, bad credit risks.
    And the banks have brought on the worlds biggest and deepest Depression.
    Which the Feds call systemic risk?
    American banks defrauding investors isn't a systemic risk.
    And American Banks are holding the Government hostage,
    "We are a criminal enterprise, and the Government has to support
    the Criminal Banking Enterprise or we will bring down the American Economy."

    The question still remains of how USA resolves this dilemma.
    The current poison toxic paper debacle, has reduced the worlds
    trust in the American capitalistic system. Economy.
    The world bankers and businesses trusted the American capitalistic
    system not to defraud the world. USA, the Sheriff is currently saying
    to the rest of the world,
    " you should have checked the investments,
    your big boys and if you got cheated it your fault."
    Fraud by the worlds leading capitalism system, ( the creator of the
    worlds reserve currency ) , should not be considered a systemic risk.
    Its an understood principal, basic fundamental, fraud is not a tool of
    a reserve currency nation. It defeats trust. Causes Depressions.
    But it was American Banks defrauding
    not the American Government defrauding.
    But it was the Banking Lobbyist that changed the laws, repealed
    "Glass Segal", allowed 30% loan sharking, all approved by American Congress.
    The American Banking Mafia defrauded the world while US Government was
    nodding its head. Approved of the American Banking Mafia's methods.
    Eating American Tax Payers alive, 30% vig.
    Congress even donated Tax payers money, Trillions of US dollars,
    to bail out the Banking Mafia.
    Even NOW, the Congress supports and protects the Banking Mafia,
    today. Excellent Lobbyists.
    " you should have checked the investments,
    your big boys and if you got cheated it your fault."
    Which is true, "let the buyer be ware." but it is going to cost.
    And has already lead to a Depression.
    If you get cheated its your fault but a criminal did it.
    And the American Sheriff is doing nothing, so far.
    AMERICAN Government is afraid of the Banks economic power.
    The Banks quit lending, to each other because
    they fear they maybe lending to banks with huge inventories of
    their own Toxic paper, and held the Government hostage, for
    trillions of dollars, to cover possible losses they created
    in their criminal combine, the toxic paper, and wouldn't lend
    until the capital was flooding in from the Government.
    And Obama will be held responsible for crippling the American
    auto industry, forcing them into bankruptcy, while bailing out
    the criminal banks.
    The penalty is the level of trust the USA is willing to give up.
    The talk I've heard on the political circuit has been about joint
    responsibility around the world over the new Great Depression.
    And its just not true. IT IS NOT A SYSTEMIC RISK loss, ITS MASSIVE FRAUD.
    Talk of a 'world capitalism systemic risk loss', is irresponsible, weakens the entire system,
    and is a lie. Systemically nothing has gone wrong, there has been a huge
    influx of fraudulent toxic, sub-prime paper and the system wants to mark it
    to market, toxic food in and its going to come out one end or the other.
    But the system is working just fine. Its looking for a way to exit the toxic
    food/paper. And the delay has caused fear leading to the Depression.
    Get rid of the toxic paper and the system will heal its self.
    Other than one massive fraud there is NOTHING wrong with the capitalism system.
    There has been no systemic risk or loss. Only criminal activity on a massive scale
    by American Banks. And a failure of 'due dilligence' both in USA and the buying countries.
    The fault stems from American Banks.
    Paper fraud, changing the bankruptcy laws, shark loaning, establishing
    a connection to Wall St, and getting an American Federal agency to defend
    their loan sharking the "comptroller of the currency".
    All this was done under the American legal system, and done legally,
    and repealed criminal activities and reduced regulation. The Lobbyists did it..
    The question remains What is USA going to do about the criminal banking
    activities and crimes.
    Whether America can even take back the power from the Lobbyist remains
    to be seen, but the world is watching and American Trust hangs in the Balance.
    I agree on the process so far. The Feds stopped the bleeding.
    The system has to be repaired, the banks must
    be part of the process, and some kind of trust has to be established between
    banks and the tax payer and the rest of the world before the unwinding of the
    Depression can begin in earnest. The U.S. Congress can do this with NEW real regulation,
    a real set of straps to hold the banks in check, AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.
    The Banks need to be re-regulated, disconnected from Wall Street, and punished
    for their criminal actions, Loan sharking stoped and bankruptcy laws changed.
    The States, without or with poor, consumer protection laws, that give these criminal
    Mafia banks shelter need to be punished for there joint culpability.( Delaware )
    The Banking Mafia must be dismantled at some point. If it can be under the current
    influence of the Lobbyists; we don't know.
    American business has shifted from
    "The customer is always right"
    "How bad can we screw the customer, legally."
    This paradigm has spread to International banking transactions, and Wall St.
    Selling toxic paper with inflated ratings KNOWINGLY.
    Market makers have said on cable TV they knew of the problems.
    Credit Cards ( Banks ) are also a prime example of this paradigm.
    Change interest rates on whim, and collect beyond death of the victim.
    Using a victims total future earnings and estate after death into collection,
    makes bad credit risks profitable.
    This paradigm shift was managed by the Lobbyists.
    This paradigm bleeds the poor and uneducated.
    And this attitude has spread to world transactions.
    American Banks and Wall St. knew about the liquidity problems
    and still sold the toxic paper.
    American Banks got "Glass Segal" repealed.
    So they could connect to Wall St. and flooded the world market
    with toxic sub-prime paper they knew was going to create
    liquidity problems.
    The American Banks scaring the Feds, stopped lending to other banks
    and got 3 Trillion Dollars of tax payer bailout.
    $700 Billion was to buy up the Toxic paper, Congress allocated the funds
    to buy up the Paper, and instead Feds.gave it to the banks.
    Without tax payer or Congressional permission or authority.
    We have heard noise about $100, million dollar fees collected by Lobbyists.
    The banking lobby has "GIFTED" $5 BILLION DOLLARS to Congress men and Senators.
    America truly have the best politicians money can buy.
    And the Banking Mafia continues eating tax payers with tax payer bail out
    money. And now tax payers are paying for their Lobbyist also.
    The Criminal Banking Combine continues to eat American tax payers
    with Government assistance.
    The World watches and wants justice, trust of the US Dollar is in the BALANCE.
    People mumble about new reserve currency and.
    If the Lobbyists influence isn't controlled it puts the US dollar at risk as
    the worlds reserve currency.
    The Depression watches, awaits.
    The capitalist system will level its self out, it is not going to sink.
    But there is a question about the loss of trust in America, the American Dollar and
    the American economy and American crime.
    These World questions are expressing this FEAR.
    If American Banks are allowed to eat American Taxpayers,
    ( "How bad can we screw the customer, legally = 30%." )
    what will they do to foreign Investors, Corporations, Banks.
    Sell them toxic Sub-Prime paper, thats what they did.
    Its a question of trust, in this case maybe a minimum trust level even.
    The Lobbyist have engendered public fraud, made fraud LEGAL.
    By buying off congressmen.Buying off regulation, Buying off criminal
    laws. Everyone knows the Credit Card Companies ( Banks ) are loan sharks.
    But money has bought off the Congressional outrage, allowed loan sharking.
    Made it legal with a Federal Agency backing the Loan sharking, the comptroller of
    the currency, they have no authority or business allowing Loan Sharking by the
    banks. They are criminal accomplices.
    Paradigm Intel suggests USA has made special agreements with
    China ( USA's biggest creditor ), giving tacit ADMISSION of Guilt,
    or some culpability.
    The world capitalism system is safe and functioning.
    The American capitalism system is working.
    The American political system is wounded by the Banking Mafia
    and holding the economy hostage.
    Americans Fear the Criminal Banking combine.
    Can America heal the wound, and cure the FEAR.

    The Lobbyist are already working Obama, link here (soon).

    Series 7 & 13,
    Former Lobbyists, ( K Street )
    If al Qaeda had Lobbyists I would be much more
    worried, FEAR even.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    WWW Threat: Blind, deaf and dumb.

    WWW Threat: Blind, deaf and dumb.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    The Government, Military and civilian sector urgently needs
    some exercises, some testing on how they would function
    without the WWW.

    Paradigm Intel points to the possibility of a catastrophic
    WWW attack. Rendering the world or parts of it Blind, deaf and

    The models and methods are in place.
    The threat potentials have been demonstrated.
    Proof of concept have been demonstrated individually.
    Put them together.


    1) There is conflicker with 35 million bots, for a DOS
    attack against USA or the WWW nodes.

    2) The Military have found some networks have been penetrated.
    There were over 300 exploits for the Month of February alone.
    What penetrations continue without Military's knowledge or discovery?

    3) The electrical Grid has been penetrated and cyber weapons
    left behind. And by implication all other civilian networks
    are at risk.

    4) Banking info theft is rampant, ID theft at all time highs.

    5) The Manchurian chip threat is also a possibility.

    6) And the Hard lines cut in the Middle East, demonstrate
    a considerable threat to the WWW.

    First I wanted to point out the threats, and weaknesses already
    demonstrated that we know about.

    Who could be the perps?

    China Russian vector.
    To take down the Super Power, and not leave any tracks.
    IF the RBN ( conflicker ) and the Manchurian chip threat
    were to join forces that could be a considerable WMD for the
    WWW. Add cutting hard WWW lines and some one could control 
    access to the WWW for the world or individual countries.
    Maybe not shut them off completely but certainly cut band width
    by 60 to 80%.

    Terrorist Vector:
    Buy RBN expertise, convert RBN hackers to Islamic Terrorism.
    Conflicker, Threaten the WWW.

    Black mail, holding the WWW hostage, take it down and bring
    it up according to ransom payments.

    Can the Military even function without the WWW?
    Have the Military networks NOT connected to the WWW been tested,
    for unknown/HIDDEN connections to the WWW ( allowing backdoors ).
    Does the Military have its own WWW? Completely separate of the 
    public WWW?

    Can the financial sector even function without the WWW?

    Conalrad was replaced with the Emergency Broadcasting system,
    it will not work without the WWW, it is dependant on the WWW,
    under new Congressional laws. Switch from analog to digital.

    TV, Cable, Radio, cell phones, land phones, ATMs all out if the
    WWW goes down.

    Can the Military function with just Short wave and CB

    To my knowledge the Government, DHS, Military, Civilian no one 
    has run any exercises to see the ability of the world 
    economic systems, communications systems and military systems
    to continue functioning without the WWW. 

    What is the Total effect of an WWW outage, all the nodes down,
    cut cables, 35,000,000 zombie dos attack all at once?
    Add to that shutting off PC's with the Manchurian chip.

    Or look at how long the world and USA would be blind, deaf and dumb
    without the WWW. And how blind deaf and dumb? 

    What is the ability to move data by non-WWW methods?

    This isn't fear mongering, its Paradigm Intel,
    the risk is there. The threats are real.

    OF THESE COUNTERMEASURES, OR OF THE ABILITY of these countermeasures

    Paradigm Intel indicates these threat vectors active,
    the threat this paradigm presents should be run in 

    Would there be blindness....
    How dark,
    How long,
    How deep?



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