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    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Iraqi Terrorist site

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    شبكة أنصار المجاهدين *Create resistance forum *alfoloja mirror



    More more more: *Somali forum *Al Mosul Network

    Al Qaeda admin has been to 
    Six times in last 6 months.




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    Solution: Iran's Nuke

    Solution: Iran's Nuke
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    If Iran gets Nuke its only fair that
    Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
    and the other Gulf States have one too.

    Watch the Far East skys for Bright FLASHES.
    New indrustry in offing, processing radio active 
    oil from Glass covered oil feilds.


    France to help develop Saudi, Egyptian, Gulf nuclear programs

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    March 14, 2009, 7:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

    French nuclear giant offers stake to Arab interests

    French nuclear giant offers stake to Arab interests

    France has injected fresh momentum into the Middle East nuclear race by inviting Gulf nations to take a minority stake in the French nuclear giant Areva (CEPFi.PA), DEBKAfile's military sources report.

    After a meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy Friday, March 13, the emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Moubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, said the two leaders discussed the possible purchase of French military materiel and the issue of energy and nuclear reactors. He also referred to Kuwait and other Gulf countries taking a one-to-five percent stake in the world's biggest builder of nuclear reactors.

    Paris has a separate deal with Egypt.

    The cash-strapped Areva is 90-percent state-owned. Investment from partners in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia could also help Areva strengthen its standing in a region that is interested in developing nuclear energy

    Areva is the only nuclear concern dealing with all aspects of nuclear energy production - from uranium mining and its enrichment to the recycling nuclear waste. The US is represented on its board of directors by AREVA Inc.

    The Bush administration signed contracts for building nuclear power-generating industries with Saudi Arabia (Dec. 2, 2008) and the United Arab Emirates (Jan. 15, 2009). Our Middle East sources report that the proposed Arab stake in the French corporation came up in US president Barack Obama's conversation with Saudi King Abdullah Friday ahead of OPEC's weekend conference. He presumably asked how the French connection fitted in with these contracts.

    DEBKAfile: Potential Gulf involvement in the French nuclear industry has four key aspects:

    1. A one-to-five percent stake may only be the starter for more substantial control.

    2. Paris is ready to open its international nuclear establishment for Arab interests to come in by the front door.

    3. The Gulf states can be expected to use this access to win a dominant role in the world's two leading energy markets – oil and nuclear power.

    4. They can also use their access to advanced nuclear technology for creating the infrastructure for developing a military nuclear industry to rival Iran's. According to DEBKAfile's military sources, Saudi Arabia's weapons program is already a lot more advanced that officially admitted.

    Right after Washington signed its nuclear contracts with Saudi Arabia and the UAR, an official in region remarked: "The clear message to Iran is: If Tehran insists on pursuing its nuclear program, we the Arab countries in the region are going to have one, too although without enrichment."



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    Terrorist Hackers; Yahoo

    Terrorist Hacker Tells All

    March 8, 2009: A month before the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, the counter-terror police in that city arrested some key members of the Indian Mujahedeen (IM) organization. One of the three men taken was Mohammed Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy, who turned out to be the chief hacker for the IM. Peerbhoy is the 31 year old son of a wealthy Moslem family, with a university degree from one of India's top schools (VIT), who had a highly paid job with Yahoo in India. Facing life in prison, Peerbhoy has been trying to gain leniency by cooperating. To that end, he has been demonstrating to the police the hacking techniques he used. In doing this, he has impressed the police with his ability to break into networks and manipulate what's there.

    Fortunately, Peerbhoy only used his Internet skills for the IM for distributing information about the group. He belonged to a "media cell" of the terrorist organization. But the police expect to find out what, if any, Internet based attack plans the IM, and other Islamic terrorist, organizations might have had. Peerbhoy is one of the most skilled Internet specialists to be found working for an Islamic terrorist organization, and he is believed to have been consulted by the IM, and other Islamic terrorists, on the potential for Islamic terrorist attacks via the Internet.


    Any body know what he did for Yahoo?




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    Feel safe?

    Feel safe?

    March 02, 2009
    Exploits for February, 2009 Posted

    All 247 exploits for February, 2009 have been posted in one compressed archive. 



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    Economic Terrorists

    Economic Terrorists
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Economic Terrorists: A new term coined By Dennis Lormel.

    Genius insight, and clear paradigm.
    His article in counterterrorism Blog here.

    He uses Bernie Madoff as an example.
    Perhaps a better example would be the  
    Worlds biggest criminal combine.

    American Banking corps.
      American Banking Corporations,
      are the worlds biggest criminal combine.
      Stealling trillions of dollars from LOAN SHARKING
      credit cards, LOAN FRAUD, sub-prime paper.
      enabling ID theft, and profiting from Terrorist

      Operating in plain sight, engaging
      ID THEFT, and profiting from Terrorism.
    Our full article here:



    Vincent Fumo (D) Convicted on 130 Charges

    Although you'll have to read to damn neart the end of this AP story to find Mr. Fumo's party affiliation....

    Via way way down there on Yahoo News: A multimillionaire banker and lawyer, Fumo was the longtime ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee


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    Feds waste resources

    Feds waste resources
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Record industry lobbyist are forcing Feds
    to waste resource chasing an out moded

    The record indrustry is using a pre-internet

    And their lobbyists are powerful enough
    to politically force Feds, to waste investigative
    resources trying to enforce an outdated
    unenforceable paradigm.

    The music indrustry has evoloved from
    manufacuturing 33 rpm platters to re-aragning bytes
    on a PC or Ipod .

    The production cost for one music cut
    or a million cuts is the same.
    All they are doing is rearanging bytes,
    Virtually no costs involved for unlimited

    Their paradigm will eventgually evolove into
    making the music so cheap that it is eaiser
    and safer to buy the music than upload
    unauthorized cuts.

    If the cost of these cuts were pennies
    instead of dollars their profits would increase
    and pirating would decline to almost zero.
    As purchased cuts would be eaiser and safer
    to aqquire.

    While the instant case is off point,
    it indicates the error of their paradigm.

    Their current paradigm is doomed to fail.


    Feds Demand Prison for Guns N' Roses Uploader

    By David Kravets EmailMarch 13, 2009 | 6:37:35 PMC

    SkwerlFederal prosecutors in Los Angeles are pursuing a 6-month prison term for a Los Angeles man who pleaded guilty in December to one misdemeanor count of uploading pre-release Guns N' Roses tracks, according to court documents.

    Kevin Cogill was arrested last summer at gunpoint and charged with uploading nine tracks of the Chinese Democracy album to his music site — The album, which cost millions and took 17 years to complete, was released November 23 and reached No. 3 in the charts.

    The sentence being sought — including the calculation of damages based on the illegal activity of as many as 1,310 websites that disseminated the music after Cogill released it — underscores how serious the government is about punishing those for uploading pre-release material.



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    Islamic Party of Turkistan .

    The Islamic Party of Turkistan .

    Bsu's TRACED them:

    Orange, California, United States
    22-Feb-09 at 00:26:21am (UTC -4:00)

    Seoul, Korea, South, Korea, Republic
    22-Feb-09 at 04:39:44am (UTC -4:00) 
    IP (

    LANGUAGE FOR BOTH: PCs,  zh-cn (Chinese/China), zh;q=0.5 (Chinese)



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    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Iran;s revolution running out of steam

    Iran;s revolution running out of steam
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist

    "In the First Year After the Revolution, We Were Alone… [30 Years Later] We Have ( BOUGHT ) Many [Allies] Around the World…  We Are the Leading Power in the Region"

    Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: "What is the state of Iran [today], after 30 years of the Islamic revolution?"
    Shariatmadari: "The [Islamic] Revolution is still alive in Iran. [In fact, after] 30 years, it is more alive than it ever was before. The revolution and its ideas are being exported to other Muslim countries.( AT GREAT $ COST )
    "In the first year after the revolution, we were alone. We did not have many friends or allies around us who shared our convictions. Today the situation is different. We are no longer alone, but have many [allies] around the world. ( BOUGHT AND PAID FOR )
    "This can be seen in Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and throughout the Islamic world. [In fact,] even some non-Muslim countries are supportive of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and have adopted its mottos and ideas. ( FOR THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY WILL SAY WHAT WE WANT )
    "Thirty years after the revolution, we are the leading power in the region in terms of military [abilities], technology, science, medicine and nuclear technology."



    Not true:

    Says our Iranian:

    "The Iranian merchants and Bazaaris have gone on a widespread strike and have shut down the bazaar. THIS alone , of thousands others of signs , indicate this regime is at its last breath."

    "Siding with a religious despot has no excuse and no justification, other than the fact that they are selling their own humanism in return for short term interests."

    After the attack on the American embasy interest for the revolution has dimmed.

    The next generation has little intrest in the current corrupt Mullah regime.

    And are held in check with arrests, prison and hanging children.

    The current resistance is scared to death of the religious fanatics.

    And cowered into inaction.

    They are depleating the National bank accounts paying Qods agents

    and buying inferior nuclear technology, a disaster waiting to happen,

    But the following generation may take action against the Mullahs,

    as the economy continues to fail and fill the pockets of the Religious


    The power politics continue but the revolution is turning against them.




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    Conficker mayhem

    Conficker modified for more mayhem

    According to Symantec the Conficker worm has been modified to cause more damage. Previously the worm had only contacted about 250 domains a day, to look for commands and download new code. Symantec report that there is a new variant of Conficker using an algorithm which will contact up to 50,000 domains a day. The new domain generation algorithm also uses one of a 116 possible domain suffixes.

    This is expected to make life harder for anti-virus specialists, ICANN and OpenDNS to block the domains that Conficker will use and makes it much more likely that Conficker will be generating addresses that point to legitimate sites. Although Conficker generates the domain name from a random combination of letters and should be creating domains that point to largely unused addresses, it is possible to find companies who have domains who's names match the generated addresses. For example, the previous generation of the worm is expected to call on March 13th, a domain owned by Southwest Airlines.

    The change in domain generation is accompanied by a more aggressive approach to keeping the worm alive. Conficker will now detect a wide range of anti-virus and security software, looking for processes containing strings such as wireshark, unlocker, tcpview, sysclean, regmon and hotfix, and kill those processes in an attempt to remain undetected.

    The new strain of Conficker has been dubbed W32.Downadup.C by Symantec. The security company has already observed it being pushed out to systems previously infected with earlier Conficker versions. Estimates of the number of systems already infected with the worm range from several hundred thousand to several millions, which has led to Microsoft offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the Conficker creators. So far, no one has claimed that reward.

    The question is whether and when the Conficker bot herder will set the infected systems a specific task such as sending spam, orchestrating a denial of service attack or creating a Fast Flux network for phishing. The worm has, fortunately, yet to be set a task and has only been contacting domains and spreading itself through various means, but even that action has been causing some problems for infected sites.

    See also:


    The big question is what is the Bot master waiting for?
    Paraqdigm Intel points to some possibilities.

    Based on current knowledge the Bot Master
    is on or is part of the bot net,

    He maybe waiting for the herd to get big enough
    to attack the WWW nodes with a dos attack?

    He has sucessfully just walked around the prophalatics put 
    in place to stop him.

    So far WWW Internet Securtity admin has been pwoerless 
    against him.

    This could be the building of a Cyber Pearl Harbor 
    attack against the WWW nodes.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Kudos while we were down

    Kudos while we were down..

    From the Executive branch, Intel agencys 
    and Feds.

    "You're well known, frankly, the best at the game."

    " It is rare to find original source, no-blink,"

    Feds have said; "no complaints about Your Intel, None.."



    From a Government Contractor:

    Your site is known for reliable and timely intel.  All the

    other bloggers, including xxxxxxxx are just cutting and

    pasting open source info.  Yours offers original source

    info you can't( get ) anywhere else.

    One of my best contacts is XXXXXXXXX program, they have

    asked about your intel a couple of times last year, so I

    know they are watching every day along with several direct

    contacts up range at XXXXX.  No one else is doing what you




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Irans Nuke, 03.12.09

    Irans Nuke, 03.12.09
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    A view from inside the beltway.

    Here are the earliest estimates that Iran could produce enough weapons grade uranium for a bomb:
     16 US intelligence agencies – 2015, 
    IAEA – 2010, 
    Int. Inst. for Strategic Studies – 2010, 
    German Intelligence – 2010.

    The very earliest Iran would have enough 5% low enriched uranium is next year. They have enough centrifuges to, in theory only, turn that 5% into 90% (weapons grade) uranium by 2011. Enough for three bombs.


    However, the efficiency and reliablity of their centrifuges is poor.


    Even with the 90% they need at least 3 years to weaponize it. They could have 12 operational nukes by 2014. But they would need railroad cars or ships to deliver them.


    They need "heavy water" to make the weapons compact enough to fit into a missile. They are starting construction of a heavy water plant in 2013, should be operational by 2019.


    Once they Iranians have heavy water, production of weapons grade uranium will greatly accelerate.

    By 2021, Iran could have a large number of intercontinental ballistic missiles with atomic bombs on board.


    These are aspects to the problem:

    1. Can Iran get enough yellow cake uranium from vendors and mining for both power plants and weapons?
    2. Can Iran highly enrich uranium to a minimum 90% weapons grade?
    3. How soon?
    4. Can Iran do so, secretly?
    5. Can Iran mill weapons grade uranium into hemispheres?
    6. Can Iran precisely implode those hemispheres? (Electrical Bridge Wire) detonators synchronized at 130 nanoseconds
    7.  How would “heavy water” improve Iran’s weapon?
    No way to stop it, it is just a matter of time.  It will be awhile.  The Iranians have enough low enriched uranium (LEU), if enriched would be enough technically for three small atomic weapons.  However, even the Iranians admit the LEU is only 4.6% and our intel  shows it to be only 4%.  The minimum enrichment for critical mass is 90%.  If you can get to 95% you only need 1/4 the uranium.
    So, the Iranians have a long way to go.  They claim to have 5,000 centrifuges, but we know that only about 3,000 are running.  And those centifuges will only get you to about 9% and take 2-3 years to do it.  They do have two cascading centrifuges that will get you to maybe 80% but they are just coming on line in the next couple of months.  They need at least 30 to get significant enrichment in the next 4-5 years.  We have interdicted the sale of a particular kind of power inverter that is only made in England that gives you enough DC power to spin the centrifuges fast enough to get over 80%.
    So there are big technical obstacles to the Iranians.  They are very clever and the Russians and Chinese may help them out so they could surprise us.  All in all, most believe it is a matter of time, no more than five to seven years or so to get the fuel and a couple of years to figure out how to weaponize it.  Remember, too, that Iran needs that LEU for fuel to run Bushehr which comes on line on 022509.  Their two uranium mines are low production of very impure uranium ore.  That is a major limiter to their nuke weapons.  Nukes are expensive and divert significant fuel away from energy production that Iran desperately needs.  There are many practical thinkers in Iran that don't see the benefit.    
    By then, we will have a missile shield completely in place, the Iranians may change governments and stop the nuke program, or, there are significant opportunities for the Iranians to cooperate with us regarding Afghanistan and the drug trade which is wrecking Iran.


    Will Israel have a different option,
    Letting Iran have a nuke is a Bad move.
    US invaded Iraq for the same reason.

    How will this play out?
    Obama lets Iran get Nuke?



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