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    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Ali Reza Asghari was not abducted

    Ali Reza Asghari was not abducted - a claim that Iran is making.

    He defected for $20,000,000,

    Mike McConnell, the man President Bush tapped to replace John Negroponte as National Intelligence Director, has been a leading figure in outsourcing U.S. intelligence operations to private industry.

    This is one of those operations, handled cleanly and professionally, orginally attempted in Syria, but security forces were poking around. So they withdrew to Turkey.

    He is enjoying himself and singing.

    $20 mil, usd is a gazillion rials,

    The new new 50,000 rial notes will be collectors items, after the removal of Iran's nuke ability, heads up.

    And tommy is a main target.
    (steps are being taken to make sure its not a "curveball".)

    He has sold his house a few mos. before in secret.

    Why did he leave?
    He was once the Inspector General for Iran and uncovered corruption in the miltary, $60 mil. and $150 mil, stolen.

    When he reported it he was imprisioned, by the Iranians.
    Lucky they didn't kill him.

    So much for reform in Iran.

    allah is great.