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    Friday, March 02, 2001

    These will be my interactive field notes.
    Today I lost another artist, and discovered blog.
    Genius concept.
    My home page is http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhtml
    Music research at : http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.htm
    It used to be one had to know almost a specific computer language just
    to get a program to run, now it is point and click.
    Even the Bushmen are helping in a conservation project with 'palm pilots',
    which have had a Global Positioning System added. When they see an animal
    the push a icon
    that relates to that animal that they can recognize, they are
    able to track herd movements, sizes, directions etc. even though they
    don't know any computereese.

    New process. And there are many translation programs available that automatically
    a document or web page on the web.
    My OLD Intro page in GERMAN 

    # ) Arbitrage. Arbitrage used to be used only in financial and commodity
    markets. But it now applies to labor markets Lucent Technologies and Consolidated
    turn to India and Ireland for software testing, cheaper labor. 

    Just these two points present a potential new process, for (in the future)
    a capitalistic motive to place Internet backbone and computers in third
    world countries for Free because of a profit motive.

    Icon oriented programs or translation programs and labor arbitrage opens
    the door for the possibility of profit to outfit the third world with computers.
    Which also allows the third world to market finished products world wide
    via the Internet not just export raw goods with the help of IMF and the
    World Bank.

    And also places in their hands tools for their own concepts in 'social change
    engines'. I have heard Bill Gates has plans to orbit 300
    satellites for world wide wireless Internet. 


    New uses and discoveries for the INTERNET will center on "PROCESS" &

    There are many examples of new Internet processes. Lets look at a few.
    The "Wall ST. Journal", January 1, 2000 had an extensive Issue on 'So
    long Supply and Demand' and 'the New Economy'.

    As a veteran stockbroker I feel the laws of supply and demand are eternal,
    but are they? Are these laws slipping?

    #1) The Industrial companies of the S&P 500 during the 1990's created
    $245 BILLION dollars of new wealth by converting atoms to bytes as in
    software. They send copies of the program over the Internet and rearrange
    the bytes on your computer. There is almost an unlimited source of atoms
    & limited demand, and as the software improves it becomes more valuable
    ($). Almost a reverse of Supply and Demand, isn't it. The Internet is
    presenting us with new paradigm a New Process.

    #2) Free. Computer programs given away free over the Internet, (winamp,
    equal to a $200 stereo system, Free) because they make more money selling
    cheap but great UPGRADES, or from advertising.

    Giving away , Internet service,
    100 megs bytes of computer space
    , because they make more from the
    advertising they sell on these pages, than if they charged for their products.

    Once you write a computer program each additional copy is almost costless.
    A new process, to make money by giving away your base product.

    These Internet companies carry very little inventory like General
    or a manufacturing corporation, they just move bytes on your

    computer into the form of their program via the Internet.

    Corporations with unlimited product supply, no inventory, instant delivery,
    and potential world wide market.

    We will have market corrections, but we are playing with a new economic
    paradigm, in the Tech market, up is very HIGH.

    And we have not seen the new mega Internet corps. yet, only the seeds
    of germination of their forms and concepts.

    I'm trying to run Imovie on the universities Mac machines, but even if I buy the program ($50)
    Apple has disabled the tutorial.
    I was considering purchasing an Imac, but apple has not even answered my email,
    and it seems the demo program is disabled.
    The Imovie program looks easy to use but apple wants me to purchase a service contract to learn how to
    run the program, Apple just shot themselves in the foot again.
    Imovie 1.0.2 is free from the web but the other version I found on their web pages for $50 warns that the
    program doesn't include the full tutorial.
    Date 3.02.01