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    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Does Google care?

    Google banned my blog from adsense ,
    Google will not display ads on my blog
    because I have still photos up of the Beheading
    of Americans in Iraq.
    The photos are a touch stone,
    when I get wore out, tired or want
    to quit, I look at these photos to
    remind myself why I'm in this fight,
    and just how evil the enemy is.

    But Google allows YouTube to carry
    VIDEOS of beheadings.

    And YouTube carries many terrorist violent videos?

    Google also has sent me two free
    $100 cards so I can advertise on Google.

    Sorry Google I've Banned you from
    our ad campaigns.

    When you start running ads
    with me on my blog,
    I'll start running ads on with
    you on Google.

    Yea I know Google doesn't
    even notice me or care,
    and its hurting me more than

    But I care.


    Comment from Jawa:
    Nearly fifteen hours after posting, numerous flaggings, the video remains.
    I am quickly coming to the conclusion we are nothing more than pawns in Google/YouTube's plans.  With groups like SDC/QTR/Jawa working to take these videos down it gives Google the ability to say - The good folks are working SO HARD, bless them, we REALLY appreciate their help, but there are just too many, too many! 
    Well, perhaps it is time to let them be responsible for the removal themselves.  You cannot tell me that they can take down porn but not jihad videos.  They have to be using some word recognition software or something for porn but the genius' can't do the same with terrorist videos?  I say bullshit.

    .Google problems below break:

    Google Support ERROR REPORT 3nd request?


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