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    Saturday, April 14, 2007

    Iran's nuke

    'Divine Nuclear mission'

    Click above to read. G June 6 2010

    Iran's nuke.

    On April 10, 2007, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered his long-promised message "that will gladden all Muslims" at Iran's Nuclear Day festivities.

    Ahmadinejad: Iran Now Producing Nuclear Fuel on an Industrial Scale

    With regard to the number of centrifuges at Natanz, Larijani said, "The number of centrifuges doesn't matter. But we have a work output of 3,000 centrifuges. This level and above is considered industrial..." ( ok 3,001 would be considered INDUSTRIAL )

    Iranian Atomic Energy Organization director Gholam Reza Aghazadeh... He said, "Iran's program is not to install and operate only 3,000 centrifuges at the Natanz uranium enrichment facilities, but 50,000... We planned and invested for [the installation of] 50,000 centrifuges. The infrastructure that has been established – including equipment for air filtering, electricity, a new air supply, and everything required for this industry – was for 50,000 centrifuges...and in the past year our young scientists have managed to produce 270 tons of UF6....This is the accomplishment of some 3,000 expert scientists and the best of the forces that worked in the past year night and day at the Natanz facility." ( 3,OOO SCIENTISTS DAY AND NIGHT, FOR FUEL? or a nuke? )

    In an April 10 lecture on the current state of Iran's nuclear dossier to students and lecturers at Babol University , Hossein Shariatmadari, editor of the Kayhan daily said, "A country that has attained the knowledge and technology of uranium enrichment is only one step away from producing nuclear weapons. This [additional] step is not a scientific or a technical step, but a matter of political decision. ( IRAN IS BUILDING A NUKE )

    Kayhan: "The West Must Expect a Shock from Iran at Any Moment"

    In an April 10, 2007 editorial headlined "Strategy of Ambiguity," Kayhan noted that since Iran had reached the point of no return in its nuclear program, it could shape its nuclear program in accordance with its political aspirations. The paper said that Iran was now acting far from the eyes of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and that this will enable it to surprise the West – which should at any moment expect an earthshaking announcement from Iran.

    ...the eyes of the IAEA – the intelligence agency of the West – are finding it more difficult every day [to monitor Iran's activities].... When sanctions resolution 1747 was passed, Iran further reduced IAEA access [to its nuclear facilities] by stopping the implementation of the agreements connected to the 'Safeguards Agreement.'

    The path is completely clear... From now on, Westerners must expect a shock from Iran at any moment. It is true that our hands are tied in the Security Council, ....But the Westerners must not forget that Iran's hands are completely free in its nuclear facilities, and that any sanctions resolution in New York... accelerates our technological progress at Natanz. The new surprise has begun...

    Tehran Times Editor: Recognize Iran's Nuclear Rights – Or "The World Will Again Witness the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons" ( IF WE DO NOTHING THEY WILL HAVE A NUKE, USA HAS NO ALTERNATIVE BUT TO STRIKE THEM )

    In an article in the Iranian daily Tehran Times, which is identified with Iran's Foreign Ministry, Pervez Ismaili, who is also the editor-in-chief of the conservative Iranian news agency Mehr, stated that the West must recognize Iran's nuclear rights, because Iran had reached the point of no return in its nuclear program. The following are the main points of the article, in the original English:

    "...What happened in Iran on Monday provides a great opportunity for the international community. In the current situation, particularly since the 1990s, all nuclear tensions are focused on the idea that there is only a short distance between attaining the expertise required for gaining access to the complete nuclear fuel cycle to produce nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes and using that ability to produce nuclear weapons…( JUST KEEP centrifuges RUNNING FOR MORE CYCLES = WEAPONS GRADE )

    "However, the West's severe reaction to Iran's transparent nuclear measures will certainly encourage developing countries to limit transparency or even to establish secret underground installations and eventually withdraw from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in order to maintain their national interests… If the international community fails to resolve the current crisis as soon as possible by accepting Iran's model, the world will again witness the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in the near future, regardless of the outcome of the confrontation with Iran ( TRANSLATION: ACCEPT IRAN WILL HAVE NUKES, EVEN IF YOU BOMB IRAN, SO DON'T BOMB US )



    Iran can be forced to negotiate.

    Iran's Secret WAR plans.

    Iran has materials for Nuke, 1.20.09


    Update: May 10.09

    Paradigm Intel, expect accelerated Iranian nuke program
    Paradigm Intel suggest they, Iran and N.Korea are sharing data.


    US army chief: Narrow space left for stopping Iran attaining nuke

    May 24, 2009, 6:15 AM (GMT+02:

    Ad. Mike Mullen
    Ad. Mike Mullen
    Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, issued his most serious warning yet about the approach of a nuclear-armed Iran: "Most of us believe that Iran is one to three years" from developing a nuclear weapon… depending on where they are right now. But they are moving closer, clearly, and they continue to do that," he told ABC's "This Week" Sunday, May 24. He indicated that an Iran could develop a nuke at any time from one to three years hence.
    "That's why this engagement in dialogue is so important. I think we should do that with all options on the table…" although a "pretty narrow space" is left for a successful outcome meaning Ira does not end up with nuclear weapons.
    At the same time, Mullen said a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities could have grave consequences – but so too would a nuclear-armed Iran.
    In talks with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on May 18, US president Barack Obama said the talks with Iran he is seeking cannot "go on forever" and agreed that at the end of the year, progress would be evaluated.
    Israel defense minister Ehud Barak visits Washington in the next few days.

    If someone were to stike N. Korea HARD, they would have little counter response left, and would be a clear message to Iran.
    It maybe safer and eaiser to hit N.Korea than Iran. G
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