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    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Iran war near.

    Iran war near.

    Signs are clear.

    USA just extended all Army stays from 12 mos to 15 mos.

    Halliburton has moved out of Iran ( Cheny says it is time to move out ! )

    Iran smuggling weapons to Insurgents

    Russian general says U.S. continues preparations for military action against Iran

    The Arab Press Assesses the Likelihood of a U.S. Strike Against Iran

    Nuke targets

    Bombing Evacuations
    Russia exits Iran nuke site
    Embassies empty

    waiting in the wings
    A combined European American fleet remains stationed off of Lebanon -- there since October 2006. The American fleet off the Persian Gulf remains and continues to grow while America makes noises about attacking Iran. German ships still remain off the Horn of Africa near Somalia and Ethiopia.

    Gulf states can respond to Iran attack: Bahrain

    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah warned Iran

    Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

    Israel, U.S. hold large-scale joint missile defense exercise

    Evidence continues to mount:


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    When, with in a month, ?, troops extended only 3 months...

    1:52 PM  

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