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    Friday, April 06, 2007

    Bin Laden wants to call it quits..

    Bin Laden wants to call it quits...
    Text: 'Bin-Laden audio tape'

    The pan-Arab TV station al-Jazeera has broadcast an audio tape purporting to be by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, in which the speaker says al-Qaeda is preparing new attacks on the US.

    The full text of the message, as carried on al-Jazeera's website.

    Selected quotes:

    My message to you is about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way to end it.

    We do not object to a long-term truce with you

    In this truce, both parties will enjoy security and stability and we will build Iraq and Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the war.

    If you have a genuine will to achieve security and peace, we have already answered you.

    As for us, we do not have anything to lose.

    even if I taste the bitterness of death.

    I fear to be humiliated or betrayed.

    Peace be upon those who follow guidance.

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