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    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    N Korea faking NUKE tests

    N Korea faking NUKE tests
    By Gerald Interenet Anthropologist Think Tank

    From our sources in side the Beltway.

    It is confirmed that no radioactive xenon or any other radioactive nuclides vented after the recent NK detonation. All prior tests did so and the geology of the test site would allow venting. The size of the blast is well confirmed at 2 kilotons. That's enough TNT to fill a cubic chamber 40 feet on a side.

    If RDX or another similar high density explosive were used, the size of the chamber could be substantially smaller, maybe 10 feet on a side. NK has been experimenting for years on high explosives and have had a couple of spectacular failures. Their problem is the cost of so much explosive, NK can't get it and can't afford it.

    Iran can, and 8 Iranians are thought to have died in an explosive accident three years ago in NK while transporting explosive components.

    If NK faked a test, they could then hide 25% of their highly enriched plutonium from future inspections that will likely happen when the current hype is over. That 25% they could sell to Iran, at a handsome profit.

    We are already including future funding to drill at the NK test site to verify a nuke test if disarmament talks ever get started again.

    It has been noted as very odd, the close cooperation of nuke technicians and technology between NK and Iran. Why? NK uses plutonium and Iran uses uranium, two very different kinds of weapons. Iran has money, NK desparately wants it. NK has nuke weapons, Iran desparately wants it.

    Iran is really struggling with uranium enrichment. The head of Iran's nuke program, Gholam Reza Aghazadeh was replaced four days ago, we now believe because of an accident at Natanz. Natanz has had a series of accidents and few cascade centrifuges are on line.

    That again leads to motivation for Iran to buy a plutonium bomb. Recall that recently Iran proposed to start plutonium enrichment by building a breeder reactor. It is well known that a parallel program exists for building an implosion weapon that could only be used for plutonium.

    Finally, if the prior NK nuke test yield was about 2 kilotons, it would be a significant failure for a following nuke test to have no greater yield. NK is a learning enemy and would have made weapons improvements that would certainly offered a much larger yield. NK would never waste weapons-grade plutonium that it could easily sell.

    Another oddity, all of which points to a tech and nuke and cash swap between Iran and NK.


    WHO HAS THE plutonium, WHERE IS IT





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