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    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Terrorist are spying

    Our BSU's have discovered a new twist on the Spying within the terrorist groups.

    Some of the terrorist movements are infecting its surfers with malware on its websites. The malware we have examined is searching for and collecting data from the surfers PC's.

    Systems Affected: Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000.

    It establishes Remote Code Execution capability. Why are the terrorists spying on its supporters?
    What are they going to do with the data?
    Why are they watching their members?

    Our paradigm intel indicates their spying stems from the fear of the SPYS working in their cadre.

    Expect purges, with extreme prejudice. Any spys working among the terrorist are now alerted.

    This points to the conclusion that the terrorist groups know they have been penetrated. And membership is known by
    US forces. They don't trust their own membership for good reason.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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