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    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Iranian Cyber forces Gearing up

    Iranian Cyber forces Gearing up
    By Gerald Internet Angthropologist Think Tank

    Iran's regime cyber forces have been gearing up.
    Extensive DDOS attacks against the opposition.
    Attacks on sites in USA .

    Extensive IRC operations,
    Blogging spam ops
    and Twitter spaming.

    They have tried dis-information programs,
    planitng false info and lies, which are
    quickly ferreted out and exposed.

    Raging covert cyber War ongoing on both
    sides, we have been subject to several
    attacks, all failures.

    The have penetrated several groups and are known,
    They join a known support group then form another
    secret sub-group, and enlist naive and
    unexperienced script kiddies and run false flag ops
    against the protesters support sites.
    They are able to motivate and control these naive
    members with lies, peer pressure and calls to
    "have some fun", and these kids aren't smart
    enough to recognize a false flag op.
    They are using these inexperienced nerds as force
    multipliers. Ops against them are on going.

    So far their extensive operations have been
    for naught.

    Estimated regime cyber force number in
    the hundreds of PCs.

    Many penetrated, counter attacks in effect.

    Iranian regime cyber forces VS worlds civilians
    and the regime is loosing.

    As Iran weakens and new regime is establised
    IPs will be released.

    Regime security is sloppy, and using poor
    Internet protocal policys which are being
    We have stepped thru their Opsec several times.
    Most of their ops are ill conceived,
    ad hoc, and run by amateurs.
    Our paradigm Intel indicates
    They planned on cutting off Iran
    from the Internet when they faked
    the election, but the world wide
    civilian cyber response was unanticipated
    and caught them by surprise.

    They have been scrambling ever since
    trying to catch up.
    Over all their response has been
    under whelming, and poorly planned.
    A failure by any standards.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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