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    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    Map: al Quada wana bees

    al Qaeda cult wana bees..

    How effective is  the terrorist recruiting?
    This is the second operation we have run
    to measure  how deep the terrorist paradigm
    runs in Islam.
    The first operation is outlined here.

    Our second operation uses a different vector.
    And come to the same conclusion.
    Muslims are not interested in becoming terrorist .

    Our most recent operation employed 10,000 BSU's.
    ( Bot Surveillance Units )
    This is a map of people in the world interested
    in becoming alQaeda cult members for 10.06.10,
    Today as of 15:00 EST.

    Our metrics indicate 99.082 % of Muslims have no interest in terrorism or violence.
     Admittedly our studies are limited to only those who have access to the WWW.
    A success or failure?
    1,200,000,000 Muslims in the world. 1.2 Billion.
    While not interested in joining al Qaeda few 
    will report others involved in terrorism either.

    Seems al Qaeda cult has been sucessful
    in instilling fear in the general Muslim

    Leaving the terrorist web sites up
    increases the potential for recruiting
    from this tiny demographic.

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