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    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    Does the world wait to fight a nuclear Iran?

    How Iran would retaliate if it comes to war.

    I've been reading a lot on the web about how Iran migh retaliate,
    Secret cells, Rockets, suicide squads etc. Iran 4 front missile comand.

    But one is for sure if the attack on Iran is timed right
    the retaliation will NOT be nuclear.

    The Paradigm is clear.

    Iran is currently exporting terrorism, Iraq, Afghan, Paki and Palistine and Gaza.
    Palestinian TERROR GROUPS

    Question is do we confront them before they have a nuke or after?

    Iran has demonstrated its ability to strike in unconventional ways, 5GW.
    State suicide, nuclear bomb, to bring on the Mahdi.
    illusion of deniability ( al Qaeda )

    Does the world want to deal with Iran's unconventional ways, before or after they get a nuke?

    If they get a Nuke it is a huge force multiplier, and they have convinced me they will use it
    for both political and religious reasons ( Iran will push the button ), and the very best scenario is they only use it as a threat to bend Middle eastern countries to their will, blackmail.
    Persians SKUNK Arabs

    The Iranian paradigm is targeting Israel, they have the religious conviction and mandate to use
    a nuke, and see a heavemly reward for doing so. And a nuclear suicide attack is not out of their preview.

    Iran's intentions are clear.

    Question becomes are they allowed to execute their plan, or disrupt it before they are ready to execute.

    Fight a Nuclear Iran or fight a non-nuclear Iran?

    The choice is ours. Their intentions have been demonstrated in their actions, in Iraq, Syria, Afghan, Paki, Palestine, Gaza.

    Their religious convictions have been publicly stated.

    They have admitted their intentions towards Israel.

    There is going to be a fight on Iran's terms or on the Worlds terms.

    I chose a non-nuclear Iran.

    What will be G. Bush's legacy?


    Fight a Nuclear Iran or Fight Non-Nuclear Iran

    Iran nuke in 6 months

    Iran's secret war plan.

    Al Qaeda gives free hand to Iran in Palestine.

    Qods flush with cash and 5gw

    Iran leader of al Qaeda?

    Iran readies for war.

    Iran blueprint warhead nuke.

    report International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Mohamad ElBaradei, to quit, OK, he failed.

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