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    Friday, June 20, 2008

    Slowly going broke


    Internet Anthropologist Team is looking at options to raise funding for out of pocket expenses.
    $1,000 a month doesn't seem like much, unless its coming out of YOUR pocket.
    And over the years it adds up, and doesn't help with savings accounts.
    That could be going to retirement funding.

    One option we are looking at is publishing our ops data, which would create a huge
    jump in readership, and raise our Google adsense revenue.
    ( If Google ever sends us our PIN )
    We would have a week time delay between reporting to feds and publishing.
    ( Looking for guidance advice on this option. )

    Currently we only report ops data to the Feds. None of it is published.
    This would also help with recruitment, as all the Intel work in our Cyber Companies
    is currently compartmentalized , No one but the director ever sees the big picture, or completed work product.
    Allowing the cyber troops to read the finished product would be a huge moral booster and recruiting boon.

    As costs and program fee requirements continue to climb, very soon this funding issue
    will become an issue of survival.

    We welcome all ideas and concepts.
    We have not worked out a funding paradigm as of yet.
    And we have to come up with a solution.


    InternetAnthropologist at

    Ramen noodles even with pizza sauce get old.


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