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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    "Al-Qaida timing of the entry into Palestine"

    "Al-Qaida timing of the entry into Palestine"

    ((A very important article)) HE SAYS

    I think "lion of jihad2" probably is connected, probably is an AQ media guy AND A KITTEN NOT A LION.

    He states these are his personal opinions:

    It has been a year 2007, leaving only 2008 this year and next year 2009 for this phase, in which the remaining two years will be an important qualitative leap in the process of change in the region - and to reconcile with God's help - and where:

    * يتم استقطاب الشباب المتعلم في شتى مجالات العلوم للانضمام للمجاهدين ، كما قد دعا الشيخ البطل أبو حمزة المهاجر أصحاب الخبرات للانضمام للدولة الإسلامية ، ( وأيضاً وفي إصدار غزوة فتحي إشارة لهذه النقطة حيث سميت الغزوة باسم الدكتور ) ، وغيرها من الإشارات . *
    be attract educated youths in various fields of science to join the mujahideen, as the star had called Sheikh Abu Hamza Muhajir owners experience to join the Islamic State (and also in issuing its invasionFathi reference to the point where the name of Dr. named Foray), and other signals.

    * ومما هو مخطط لهذه المرحلة أيضاً استمالة بعض الدول التي لا تسير في فلك أمريكا – وهي كثيرة – ومحاولة الاستفادة منها ، وكسر الحصار المفروض ضد القاعدة . *
    It is planned for this phase also induce some countries that are not in the orbit of America - they are many - and trying to take advantage of them, and break the siege imposed against Al Qaeda.

    * التمكين والحكم في بعض مناطق أفغانستان والمغرب الإسلامي والصومال تمكيناً جيداً جداً ، وتثبيت دولة العراق الإسلامية وزيادة قدراتها المادية والبشرية ، ومن ثم بناء معسكرات للجيل الجديد الواعد من المجاهدين في تلك المناطق . *

    Empowerment and governance in some areas of Afghanistan, Morocco and Somalia Islamic enable very well, and install Islamic State of Iraq and increase their physical and human, and thus build camps for promising new generation of mujahideen in those areas.

    Also one of the objectives of this phase where we are now, which ends at the end of 2009, which is what we want to stand by little, is completed.

    HE GOES ON AND ON, has lost in IRAQ .

    Again an example of al Qaeda's failures and rejection by Islam.


    Irans Secret war plans:

    al Qaeda's command structure.

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