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    Monday, June 16, 2008

    We have establihed mirowave link from kabul

    Our Intel has discovered a microwave link from kabul to out lying area.

    Internet Anthropologists Intercept:
    "We have establihed mirowave link from kabul".

    Relevance unknown.
    Source IP known.
    Still checking.

    Searching for "taliban web"

    Might be this:
    Project Summary
    Kabul to Pakistan border
    Project Cost
    $1.4 Million
    Project Type
    Microwave Link Installation
    Project Executing Firm/Agency Ministry of Communications
    Financing Agency /
    Procurement Agency
    Government of Afghanistan /
    Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority (AACA)

    The MOC believes that it is necessary to have an effective communications infrastructure
    for the Government of Afghanistan to remain stable, to promote national unity, to aid in
    conflict resolution, and to demobilize and to reintegrate of former combatants. It is also
    an essential ingredient to stimulate investment activity and restore the productive
    capacity of the economy. Therefore the mission statement for the MOC regarding
    telecommunications is "to enable rapid growth of affordable communications to all of our
    people and let them experience the digital age whoever they are and wherever they may

    The MOC has prioritized 21 necessary projects. Establishing a microwave link to
    Pakistan is their second ranked priority


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