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    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Watching the watchers watching us.

    Watching the Watchers
    ( from TRANSLATED )
    brothers and sisters, in this thread we put together any infos about those who claim they are
    monitoring and watching the jihad websites....some of them claim they are intercepting videos and
    other jihadi media releases...the fact is that they copy and past them from Ekhlaas or other
    authentic forums, and then embed their logos into them to boast in front of the traditional media
    .outlets that they captured and intercepted this and that release
    Other so called monitoring gangs spend all days surfing here without knowing one word in arabic, like
    by theway there is an extra n at the end of Kuhlman name, I would leave it for the)
    the "Doogie Howser of terror" Kohlman
    who spend all his days ,...

    May God give horrible deaths to all infidels who spy on our mujahideen brothers

    Their List as defined by them, their ordering. G


    Company C
    ( They call us filthy pigs. )

    MEMRI: The Middle East Media Research Institute

    KUFFAR Blog
    !!!!!!and mypetJEWA was once staff there....enough said...

    "Laura Mansfield"

    The NEFA Foundation

    Jazak Allah Khair Akhi

    Joseph Shahda

    M. Jveritas

    Their closing comment: G

    Most of these websites look to be run partly, if not entirely, by Jews
    .Jews seldom can be found doing useful, productive work
    ,This type of thing, pretending to be 'Patriotic Americans', while in reality
    being nothing but agents of the terror State of "Israel" seems to
    .be of particular fascination to them.


    I find it remarkable how far removed from reality they are.

    We would welcome any Moslems into Co.C. to fight terrorism.
    Maybe their posting will bring us some recruits.


    Spanking Afgahn and Paki.

    Iran's secret WAR plans:

    NOW Feds NO hackers.
    Revolutionary War: NO Kentucky long rifles.

    Zemanta Pixie

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    Blogger Third Zionist Whore said...

    Well, well, well. What fun.

    9:19 PM  
    Blogger Howie said...

    I know for a fact that we intercept messages.

    I've gotten several before the forums opened.

    How you say.

    Ain't tellin.


    12:49 PM  

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