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    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Air Force Cyber Command in All 50 States

    Boy these boys move fast, hear feedback and attack attack attack.
    Right on track, well formed paradigm. G

    Not all of the Air Force's new online combatants will actually be active duty members of the service. So far, the Command "recruited 400 part-time personnel," the Christian Science Monitor notes -- like Air National Guardsmen, who usually work at Microsoft, Cisco or Sprint.

    All told, the service said in a recent letter to governors, Cyber Command is supposed to have "a headquarters of approximately 550 personnel; a Numbered Air Force (NAF) of approximately 275 personnel; and four wings... with more than 65 subordinate squadrons assigned to those wings collectively, to include units from the Reserve and Air National Guard." (Here's a proposed org chart.)

    Those folks won't just be there to shore up military networks, the letter goes on to say. Cyber Command's troops will use "electromagnetic and directed energy to... attack the enemy Computer Network Operations." And they'll engage in "psychological operations, military deception and operations security... to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own."


    Now if they can get over the fear of hiring civilian hackers, and learn to control them,
    they will be well on their way to dominating the WWW domain.
    I hope the Air Force isn't afraid of Kentucky long rifles.

    Civilian hackers are the cutting edge.

    Their logo is almost better than ours.
    DLL attack.

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour


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