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    Friday, June 20, 2008

    Allah, I LOVE this country

    Map of Fort Dix in Burlington CountyImage via WikipediaLawyer for Ft. Dix defendant calls "al-Qaeda" tag inflammatory

    By Troy Graham


    The attorney for one of the men accused of plotting an armed attack on Fort Dix argued in motions filed in federal court today that references to al-Qaeda in the indictment are unnecessary and inflammatory to a jury.

    The five men accused in the plot are set to stand trial in September. They could face life in prison if convicted of planning to kill U.S. soldiers.

    Prosecutors said in the indictment that the men "were inspired by, among others, al-Qaeda."

    Michael Huff, attorney for Dritan Duka, said that references to al-Qaeda and terrorist attacks against the United States were "hardly necessary to prove the elements" of the alleged crimes.

    "As a consequence, this language may lead to a verdict based on emotion rather than fact," Huff wrote.

    These slime balls, low life, agents of the Satan, plot to kill.
    And they are getting the best defense possible,
    American culture demands an attempt to provide them with the BEST possible
    defense. And an American steps forward to fight for their rights, Michael Huff.

    That is what separates Americans from the terrorists.

    Instead of a 12 year old boy cutting off their heads, like the taliban, they get Michael Huff
    and every defense he can come up with.

    Taliban have no honor America does.

    God I'm proud of this Country.


    Pakistani Taliban get ready to execute two Afghans for their alleged spying for U. S. forces.

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