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    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Taliban TTP video execution of 15 police

    Where to begin?
    A Taliban leader from Pakistan, gives
    a speech in Pashto.

    The leader.
    Note the butt of his weapon, two bars?

    Calling 15 men with hands tied behind them
    police men accused of a execution style
    killing of 6 children.

    Several of the bound men object.
    As 4 or 5 masked men open up with AK47's
    Emptying clips of 308 Cal. rounds into the bodys
    at about 10 feet.

    Then as the dying men moan the leader walks
    down the line doing face shots and head shots.
    The moaning stops, but the sound of a gaping 
    face wound can still be heard.
    Again the leader marches down the line hunting
    for the body making the bubbling gasping face
    wound noises as the body still trys to breath.
    And again he pumps round after round into
    the heads trying to stop the noise.
    The camera man points out other bodies
    that need to be shot again, at close range,
    12 to 6 inches.
    As he and the camera man discuss which body
    it might be making the noise in calm hushed tones 
    one might use in Church when discussing the weather.
    All the violence and brutality executed with the same
    emotional response one might exhibit if hoeing the 

    Note the shadow of a well know type of camera he is using.

    The killers:
    Our sources tell us this was video taped as evidence to collect
    a bounty. Proof they were killed.

    This is what ISI "Defense in depth" has wrought.
    These are the men ISI has supported trained and
    protected, now killing Pakistanis.

    I fear Google would delete my blog if I posted the video:
    Video here:

    ISI needs to be brought under Paki civilian control
    tore down and rebuilt to answer to the Paki Gov.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: How to change ISI




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