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    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Muslims have reason to suspect the Other.

    Muslims have reason to suspect the Other.
    Paradigm Intel.

    Check out the history, Crusades, WWI and WWWII.
    America after Afghan drove Russians out.

    Watching "Loin of the Desert" (1981) abt the 1920's in Lybia, 
    Arabs have reason to suspect "us", never happen again.

    While it was ugly and made me automatically compare that
    to US now in Afpak.

    There is no compairison.
    Its too ugly to go into, and 90 yrs ago.

    Just what the hell is US doing in Afpak?
    911, al qaeda, and they are hiding in Pakistan,
    and still launching attacks on CONUS.

    US is there fighting an Enemy.
    How heavy is the psychic push to go after al qaeda?
    US would and have invaded any country that houses
    al qaeda if that Government isn't killing them.
    To be real clear on this bit of anthropology,
    US would go to war with nuclear armed Pakistan,
    if they had to, to get al qaeda.

    al qaeda plans daily to kill American civilians in USA.
    5 or more attacks have been launched against CONUS.

    Most of the world understands this, US is going to
    go after al qaeda till they are DEAD, or the threat is
    GONE. Where ever they are, they are killing Americans.
    US Military is going to go after them, ITS THEIR JOB.

    And US spends on just its Military as much as the next
    20 nations combined, US has killing DOWN.

    That is why the US dollar is the worlds reserve currency.
    US is a fairly reasonable world policeman.
    Gave Japan, Iraq back to people, even did Marshal
    plan for Europe.
    In general the world trusts US, and so trusts its money.

    US works very hard to keep civilian deaths down.
    And I know that is meaningless to anyone who has
    lost someone, but US is at WAR.

    US doesn't want to be in Afghanstan or Pakistan,
    US wants to kill al qaeda, end the threat.

    Pakistans Military and the ISI, have other ideas.
    They were hiding OBL, and received 
    $20,000,000,000 in aid from US. 
    During the past 10 yrs US has been
    hunting for OBL. He was hid on a Paki Military
    base for the last 5 yrs.

    The ISI assassination of Saleem Shahzad,
    news reporter was because he was getting to
    close to how the ISI pays Taliban to keep war
    going, to keep the US Dollars flowing.

    To reporting how close the Taliban and ISI
    really are. 
    How the ISI was hiding OBL, with
    Taliban help and how the Taliban blames 
    the ISI for OBL death, and started a new level
    of attacks in Pakistan because the ISI didn't
    protect OBL as promised..

    Paradigm Intel indicates the Taliban and al qaeda
    were paying ISI Generals to keep OBL safe from


    ISI knowing al qaeda wouldn't last for ever
    encouraged a standin, the guys that attacked
    India, Mumbai. Keep that Global threat alive.

    Look at the Pakistan Military and ISI actions,
    they are pursuing a paradigm that keeps this
    war going as long as possible.
    Terrorist sanctuaries.
    Trying to stop the Drones.
    Kicking out CIA from Pakistan.
    Cutting back on US training for Paki troops.


    Many of the Pakistani Generals are multiple 
    millionaires. All with in the past 10 yrs.

    ISI is secretly running Pakistan.
    Who decided to stop US training paki troops? 

    Wasn't the Paki Gov, they weren't asked.

    US Gov announced stopping $800,000,000
    in Mil aid, and the head of ISI is hightailing
    to Washington DC for an unplanned meeting

    The Pakistan ambassador indicated US aid 
    shouldn't come with strings, but there are expectations
    You don't hide OBL.
    You don't kill your own reporters.

    The Pakistan Gov is new and may not
    even be aware of ISI running Pakistan.
    Some of the Pakistan Elected Gov have
    been threatened. Opsec refrains any more 

    Its not that the Paki Mil and ISI are so bad
    they couldn't end the terrorism, 
    they are so good they have been able
    to keep it going for 10 yrs without boiling
    over into full civil war.

    We have been engaging al qaeda and
    Taliban webmasters and hackers for many 
    years, exposing IPs and Operations, tracking 
    and tracing them, burning them often. 
    We were involved in one death,
    when a terrorist webmaster decided to fight 
    after we turned in his location.

    And any cyber force that gets in the way of
    US taking out al qaeda would be an enemy
    of ours.

    We are looking to make connections with
    hackers in Pakistan and a dialog exchange
    with any ISI or "S" squad members.

    But how are the Pakistan people going to
    change ISI or the Mil, it will take a very brave
    and strong Civilian Government to stand up
    to the Mil, those civil servants would be heroes.

    How to change ISI

    At least its a start.

    War Anthropologist


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