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    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Al Qaeda’s Ominous Silence: NOT

    Al Qaeda’s Ominous Silence


    Bruce Riedel

    Excellent article on possible threat of al qaeda.

    Our Paradigm Intel paints a different picture.
    No body cares, OBL's cell is "old hat".
    Supporters not going to give money to Big "Z"
    for good reason.
    Islam mostly embarrassed by al quada, giving 
    Muslims a bad name.

    Egypt has shown the Muslims the way to
    make changes AND IT WORKS.
    Nothing shameful like aq.

    Binny's gone and rest are loose cannons,
    can't just turn them off or disband them,
    Islam can kill "it" from the head down,
    money connections, till it disbands on its

    Can't just tell Americans Big "Z"s Location.
    They would go get him, and Pakistan will go
    nutz again, irregardless of the impact on terrorism,
    The ISI is so immature, more worried about their
    own reputation than Pakistani lives.
    Other potential, OBL PCs intel,
    US knows where Big "Z" is and are waiting
    for ISI to give them the known location, ISI 
    saving face, becoming heroes, or US burns
    them again.
    How to burn Big "Z"?

    US pulling Pakistan aid:
    And Aid is a two way street, there are some 
    U won't hide OBL,or 
    kill reporters, 
    Gold digger? 

    And instead of ISI joining in on the celebration 
    of OBLs death they got all pissed off.
    And that makes Americans mad.

    With the OBL Cyber intel treasure trove processed,
    we expect the CIA is contacting al qaeda leaders, cadre by email, phone.
    STOP, come in and talk or we DRONE you.

    JUST go thru the list, one at a time give them a 
    chance then take them out. 3 in past 3 days.

    Question has become can US work around Pakistan
    supply routes longer than Pakistan can go with out,
    $800 million dollars, $1.2 billion dollars. US Will use
    Paki aid to pay for more expensive alternate routes for
    supplies into Afghanistan.

    ISI cutting Pakistan's throat slowly, Mil will pull those
    missing aid funds out of Civilian programs.

    The Navy generals haven't seen the proof yet.
    Killing  wasn't a random act.
    ISI need to shut up the press, the only part they
    didn't have effective control of.
    They killed 36 other reporters trying to hide facts
    about their control of Pakistan even the Taliban.

    ISI has been running a Infowar to keep Pakis confused,
    conspiracy's, blaming America for all the Pakistan problems.
    ISI uses TV and Radio, even work propaganda with
    the Taliban, hating America is objective of Taliban
    and ISI. 
    The hate America campaign deflects blame for all Paki problems
    from the ISI on to the USA.

    One of the ISI sock puppets:
    Ahmed Quraishi of

    There is a Psycho Sexual mass murder running
    ISI. Who is responsible for all ISI actions?

    : said: "If I hold back and don't 
    do my job,I might as well just make tea"



     could be so GREAT, beautiful, peaceful, 
    prosperous. WHEN? 

    Civilian supremacy over military:process,not transaction:  
    If not NOW, WHEN,
    If not U, who?
    Or U gona make TEA?  

    ISI is running Pakistan

    Internet Anthropologist



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