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    Friday, July 22, 2011

    US unleashes the most Professional trooper ever

    I've talked to several US troopers back from tour,
    Afghanistan, Iraq. 

    Even the Sergeant's impressed me with a quiet,
    They had an understanding of Islam even the
    different branches with in the Moslems.

    And a comprehension of the US mission in the
    GWOT. Beyond the shoot'em up, killer persona.

    To be sure they were very clear on the force of 
    power behind every solider and capability to kill.

    And that is not the first weapon of choice, killing
    is a weapon of last resort excepting eminent threats.

    There is something new, an underlying respect for
    the 'Other'. Someone of a different culture.

    In Vietnam and WWII there was a element of
    Psyops propaganda that the enemy was less than

    That paradigm seems to be missing in the current 
    conflict. And that is not to say the enemy is not hated
    and despised. But in the new paradigm there is a respect
    for their culture and an effort to understand the thinking
    behind the culture of the 'Other'.

    The military training has instilled a comprehension of
    this shift in the Military paradigm.
    In WWII they were carpet bombing civilian German
    cities in an effort not only to defeat Nazi's but the German
    people also.
    US Military no longer subscribes to the thought of bombing
    out the civilians will to fight or support the war.
    Now the wining of hearts and minds has filtered down
    to the grunts as the primary paradigm.
    With killing the enemy as a fall back position.

    Of course there are strategic exceptions, the Drone
    program for example, they target the enemy cadre leadership
    for death.

    The US military is trying to run a SysAdmin program,
    along with a Infowar to try and win the hearts and minds.

    The Troopers know XYZ is Taliban, but still try and
    work with him, looking for common ground, options
    other than killing him. 
    They are able to set aside their hatred for an enemy with
    out honor, the Taliban to try and work out some solutions.

    The Infowar has really stepped up in Afpak, but still falls
    short. In running our Infowar operations we have been
    studying what we believe to be the worlds best and top
    Info-warriors, the GOP, the Republican in American 
    politics. They are the worlds experts.
    And we have been testing their methods and tactics,
    and turning them against the GOP. its an easy metric
    for us to track and measure.

    While we are not going to expose what we have learned
    from the GOP, the force multiplier effect is remarkable and
    very effective, way beyond our expectations.

    Coupled with our covert cyber operations, used in unison
    and our Paradigm Intel all falling back on a field of applied
    anthropology has yielded some very remarkable results.
    And our BSUs (Bot Surveillance Units) for metrics and 
    covert Cyber operations makes us a formidable successful 

    A bothersome issue is discovering where and when to apply
    this force, and foreseeing the outcome of the law of untended

    Which has stayd our hand on many issues and opportunities.

    The Military is working on a new Infowar paradigm but basing
    it on outdated theories. The new social media is instant,
    and very powerful. But the Military is not know for instant
    responses in the political arena.
    Their current paradigm prohibits the "BALLS" to be successful
    in a social media Infowar.

    An example is the Taliban get out news reports about 
    terrorist attacks on US forces with in 15 min of actual 
    attack sometimes, the US Military responds with in
    two weeks most of the time.
    The Taliban is eating the US Military's Infowar lunch.

    The instant Taliban social media response over the
    US Military's two week response allows a huge advantage
    to the insurgents, for two weeks the public and news outlets
    are pumping the Taliban lies and propaganda as truth,
    as it is the only version of the story in the cyber domain.

    Two weeks later the truth comes out and its too late.
    Many times the Instant Taliban version is accepted
    as the truth and the real story never catches up to the
    lies that have been circulating for two weeks.
    When the Taliban releases their instant version it is
    NEWS. Two weeks later its "PAST NEWS". Old hat.
    Not of immediate interest.

    The Military still regards the WWW as a security risk,
    not as a major weapon of war.
    Pakistan has 91,000 Twitter accounts.
    Direct access to the hearts and minds of influential
    Pakistani civilians, yearning for the truth, a way to
    peace, and ignored by the US Military.

    ISI is running a program of Infowar of disinformation
    and obtuse irrational conspiracies to keep the civilian
    population confused.
    Read some of the crap they put out:
    One of the ISI sock puppets:
    Ahmed Quraishi of
     Navy is running ISI's media wing. Rear Admiral Adnan is the head, with Commodore Khalid Pervez the deputy. Running a covert hate America Infowar campaign.

    And these lies go unanswered except for the Civilian
    irregular cyber troops grinding away on these lies day in
    and day out.

    An effective Infowar doesn't need a thousand sock puppets controled
    by an computer program, it needs a trained cadre with rules of engagement
    operating 24/7 to counter the lies and disinformation, in an instant.
    Not too little, to late, two weeks later.

    Opsec prevents me from going into operational details of methods
    and strategies. But they are based on getting the truth out there, NOW.

    The anthropology of Infowar in social media is clear, effective and a 
    tremendous force multiplier, is not being applied by American Military.

    The Infowar force could use a General with a hacker background
    and in depth background in social media.

    A while back the Military was peanalizing those troops
    with a background in social media with a lower security

    They are working on it, give them credit for that.

    War Anthropologist

    Post Script:

    Inside Darpa’s Secret Afghan Spy Machine.
    By Noah Shachtman

    Darpa's Nexus 7 should look at Tweets with "#Pakistan" and key tweeters.
    And other social media. As well as post on Key forums.

    Nexus 7 sounds like a system to correlate vast amounts of data.
    And they don't know what they will find, but the effort sounds promising.
    And would also be useful in an Infowar.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "In running our Infowar operations we have been
    studying what we believe to be the worlds best and top
    Info-warriors, the GOP, the Republican in American

    Maybe it is a case
    of the grass
    is always greener
    on the other side? If you watch Morning Joe long enough you will see
    Mika get on air text messages from the whitehouse.

    From my perspective it appears
    as if Obama and the Democrats are the propaganda

    2:54 AM  

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