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    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Embrace your loss of privacy

    Do you have an alternative?

    "Privacy policy" subject to change
    without rhyme or reason.
    We are like mindless zombies.
    Ahh yes Facebook: let me give
    you my address, and list of all my friends,
    let me include photos of my friends and tag
    them all for you.

    Relationships? Oh yes check my email,
    everything I'm doing and who with is
    in there.

    My thoughts, sure here they are on twitter.
    What I think, and about what and when.!/Geraldanthro

    Porn, sure in the Browser history.
    And My ISP logs every site I connect to.

    Google has my phone records, even recordings
    of some calls, my spread sheets and all the papers
    I've wrote, all my search words for the past 10 yrs,
    Copies of my emails, blog, even my music choices,
    and videos I watch on youtube.

    Money: Credit cards carefully track every penny spent,
    and even debit cards are connected back to you.

    There will be no presidential candidates at some specific
    date in the future.
    The Internet never forgets, saves everything.

    Mr. candidate is it true that when you were 14 you
    called a bad juggler in clown face paint, a Mexican ass
    in a Youtube comment? and used 14 "Z"s in spelling

    Our entire lives are being slowly placed in the cloud,
    for all eternity. There is no privacy.
    The good part is we are all human, every one
    at some time or other has watched porn on the
    Internet, smoked a dubie, ETC, including all the Feds.

    They can't put everyone in jail, but they can be
    petty and use the low hanging fruit to prosecute
    almost anyone.

    There is not much one can do about it,
    You could quit the WWW and your beloved PC.
    Stop your world wide connections and relations
    pull into your shell and become a hermit.

    But now the FBI has legal paperless search warrants.
    In most cases don't even need a warrant, just an email
    with the force of law forcing your unprivate data out
    of the cloud, even forbidding those charged with
    securing your data from disclosing the Feds have
    even seen your data OR asked for it.

    So we stumble along with false expectations and
    assumptions about "PRIVACY" in America.
    We are all naked, its just a question of who
    "THEY" want to look at.

    And currently we have no way of correcting bad
    data, or of even knowing "THEY" have looked
    at your data.

    Now if we apply the Lulzsec paradigm to this
    circumstance, we are looking at hackers secretly
    creating "BLACK LISTS" no one even knows
    about. If a hacker falsifies your "private" data
    in the cloud, changes your interests stored in the
    cloud to something unsavory, YOU would never
    know, and could be circulating secretly with the
    force of law prohibiting anyone from telling you.
    And the Feds believing it, even acting on it.

    I've been writing on the lack of security on
    the WWW, and now I'm pointing out there
    is No privacy either.

    So if you are on the WWW and love your
    computer, embrace the lack of privacy,
    run your life accordingly.

    I can't foresee a paradigm where we get
    our privacy back from the Government or
    For the Government its addictive, now to control:
    Terrorism, Crime, later who knows how it will be
    corrupted? But Law Enforcement is not going to give
    privacy back to you.
    For Corporations it means profits, EXAMPLE:
    Google knows exactly which ads to place on the web pages you
    visit to the tune of $ 9 billion this QUARTER.

  • Intimately knowing YOU is very profitable and highly desirable and addictive.

  • We know how much time you spend
    on "Tube" About your Affairs,
    and that little SECRET.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Imagine all the people tracking their portfolios on Google Finance. Then imagine Google data mining the portfolios.

    4:05 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Here is an interesting exercise.

    Create a dummy gmail account and send an email with one word in it, "log" or "logs".

    Put the word in the body of the email and not the subject.

    Over a couple weeks check the ads placed on the inbox page. You should see adds for lumber, log cabin kits, ect.

    12:42 PM  

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