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    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Norway discloses new Threat

    We have been fearful of this paradigm for a few 
    years and have hinted at it since the DC sniper.

    The Norway terrorist killed 7 with the huge
    bomb, but 80+ with his small arms.
    In countries that make weapons illegal,
    this could become a significant threat. 
    A terrorist just starts shooting people
    until the police arrive, in a small town
    that could be problematic and leave a
    large death toll.

    In US they are both blessed and cursed.
    It is both legal and easy to get small arms.
    With the number of arms carried by US
    citizens a terrorist opening fire on a civilian
    population would soon be cut down.

    But to open fire on a children's camp  displays
    a special type of derangement,  and is very uncommon.
    The only other such type of attack I can think of is
    the one in Russia where the terrorist took over a
    school and killed so many kids.
    The mentally unbalanced will always be with us.
    And I hope Norway does respond with more democracy
    and not feel good actions that reduce citizens rights.

    That is what happened in the US under the patriotic acts
    Americans have lost their rights to privacy.  
    And even after this era of terrorism I doubt they will
    ever get those rights back.

    It looks like the terrorism in Norway may have more
    to do with a sick mind than some sick ideology.

    Our prayers go out to those families that lost love
    ones in this senseless act.
    May they all RIP.


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