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    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Browser Interactive AI radar: CONCEPT

    I know I give my Anti-virus vendor brothers 
    a lot of grief, but its because I know how good
    they are.

    And its always risky to put your money where
    your mouth is, but thats what I'm doing.

    My counter-surveillance guys are having a fit,
    threatened mutiny, for violation of Opsec.
    But I think this could result in safer browsing
    for everyone.

    I'm talking an Interactive, artificial Intelligence
    browser radar.

    Currently I have a HUD display that pops up a bubble
    on my browser that displays everything on the web page
    I'm landing on that wants to open.   
    It tells me also whats tracking me and how.

    And I use NOScript to control what opens and
    doesn't open, in bulk.
    For more refined control I trigger 
    gives me control over cross-site requests.
    And I turn ON just what I need to make
    the web page function. But this depends on
    me to know what I'm turning on, based on
    just the names of the programs.

    In high threat environments I will run the
    web sites thru Dr.Web, looking for problems

    I want a program (radar) that sweeps the webpages,
    for known problems, malware, etc,
    And an interactive function where users give feed
    back on problem issues and green light others.

    And an easy on off switch, a graphic showing progress
    of scan, and a Green light for "Known" probably ok
    Yelow, some unknown, which not to turn on.
    and RED light, Known problems.

    This is going to slow down my browsing, but
    saves me the headache of trying to figure out what
    not to turn on, The tab could even change color
    when the Radar is finished, allowing me to go on
    and work on something else on another tab.

    I have not disclosed other methods and programs
    we use for obvious opsec reasons, and keep my
    counter-surveillance staff happy.

    But this would be a good start on safe browsing
    just by combining known technologies.
    And cut down drive bys, and the many infected
    google pages.

    Just give me a life time subscription and some
    attribution and the Idea is yours.

    We will trade time for security.
    Try us, end users.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    That is just what Gerald does
    BEFORE he lands/opens on a web page.

    Counter-Surveillance leader
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