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    Thursday, October 01, 2009

    Congress's Masters

    Can Americans take control of Congress
    from the Lobbyists?

    American Politics have become a world embarrassment and dangerous.

    "THEY", The Republicans or the Lobbyist arm of the Insurance Companys
    have been using the play book from Al Qaeda.

    al Qaeda.... enough spin on current events to make one dizzy.
    I find it amazing how wanabee Jahaids accept them without
    question or even checking the news.

    It seems the American public are as gullible ans the Jahiddies.
    American propaganda about "The Death Panels", and a multitude of
    lies about Medical treatment for all Americans.

    Al Qaeda has convinced the Ummah that dead Jahiddies is
    a good thing, suicide is a good thing. Martyrs.

    In America 'they' have convinced the public that 'health
    care for all Americans' is a bad thing.

    AQ has their demographic all to themselves, 15 to 30 yr old Muslims,
    they get one side, promised 72 virgins, praise, acclaim, montary
    rewards for their family and paradise in heaven, and an adventure
    with guns and bombs any boyscout would love. All boys love explosions and guns.
    AQ is activating and targeting the Nutz.

    Again in America the dangerous part is activitating the nutz, 'they' are targeting
    them with spin and propaganda, you've seen some of the town meetings.
    People showing up with sidearms and weapons to political events.

    This is dangerous stuff.

    What s the payoff?
    My research indicates you can buy a Congressman or woman for
    around $1.5 million dollars.
    Banks or Insurance Companys,
    stand to make trillions.
    Insurance Company profits have gone up 400%,
    ( since the year, 2000 G)
    Insurance policy's have gone up 200%
    And they have made 200% from refusing treatment
    and bouncing the sick from their policys AND capping

    Gambling Corps in Las Vegas don't make that much.
    Shouldn't your Insurance premiums be a better investment
    than a Las Vegas bet??

    Republicans seem to have lost all integrity
    Knowingly lying, and spreading fear, and scaring

    And the Democrats have a SUPER MAJORITY.
    The super majority of the worlds super Power.
    And they can't seem to tie their own shoes.
    NO guts or balls.

    Bounced both Ins. bills and passed
    a $50 million for sex abstance Bill
    which has been proven ineffective.

    And claim they are proud of the progress.

    The Democrats seem to be as incompentent
    as the Republicans are dangerous and without

    Congress bought and sold, approving Loan

    The Corporate banks toxic paper
    and no CEO's arrested, the laws are the
    same, the banks can still do it all over again.

    And not passing Medical care bill for
    all Americans, Guess which got $1.5
    million from the health and Insurance industrys.

    Doesn't any one see this SHAME?

    Can Americans take control of Congress
    from the Lobbyists?


    Paradigm Intel says:
    If the Dems. can't get good Insurance
    reform passed then some were secretly
    bought off. G


    In June 2007, Wendell Potter was head of corporate communications at Cigna, one of the largest health insurance companies in America, when he attended the U.S. premiere of Michael Moore’s Sicko. Potter was part of the team charged with discrediting Moore’s film,

    Wendell Potter: When the Clinton plan collapsed [in 1994], there was an effort to pass legislation that would give enrollees in managed care more protections. The industry saw this as anti-managed care legislation, so they established a group called the Health Benefits Coalition. The Health Benefits Coalition, with the funding it got from the insurance industry, killed off the effort to get a Patient’s Bill of Rights passed. A more recent example of a front group I was involved with was trying to blunt the effect of [Michael Moore’s documentary]Sicko. Through a PR firm, the industry created a front group to disseminate misleading information about the healthcare systems featured in Sicko—particularly in Canada, the U.K., and France. This front group was set up specifically to try to counter [Moore’s positive depiction of them].

    Guernica: So in other words, corporate bureaucrats have a profit incentive to deny care to people who are enrolled in their plans.

    Wendell Potter: Absolutely. It doesn’t have to be stated directly to them that you will be paid a particular bonus if you deny X number of claims; it’s known, and it’s part of the culture.

    Guernica: What about the long wait times we’re warned about, and that government-run healthcare would be one step on the path to socialism? Is there any legitimacy to these claims?

    Wendell Potter: No. In fact, we can look at the wait times in this country as more horrific than anything you’ll see in the Canadian system, for example. For elective procedures in many of these countries, yes, you might wait longer for some elective procedure. You might wait longer for an MRI than you would in this country because, on a per capita basis, there are often more machines here than in some of those other systems. But life expectancy in almost every one of these other countries is greater than ours. People do not have to wait long for urgent or necessary care. In fact, in many countries it’s more likely that you would be able to get a same-day appointment with a doctor than here.

    Guernica: How do you know?

    Wendell Potter: I’ve traveled abroad a lot and I’ve studied them. I’ve been a student of statistics of these other systems, so I do know this, and yes, I have been there.

    Guernica: Then there are the Blue Dog Democrats and their role in holding up legislation. What’s their motivation?

    Wendell Potter: The industry has contributed so heavily to the Republicans over the years that they are pretty much assured that every single Republican in Congress will vote exactly the way they want on any issue pertaining to healthcare. This has not occurred just with campaign contributions. It’s also ideology. The industry has been very determined to carve out its niche on the right side of the political spectrum and, along with the business community, be advocates of a free-market approach to any aspect of our economy—and make sure that there is minimal regulation of any economic sector. So there is a great ideological kinship between the insurance industry and the Republican Party. And this is close to the ideology of the Blue Dog Democrats, who tend to be in border states of the south or where there are more Republicans. Industry has been feeding the Blue Dogs talking points and working overtime to make sure they see things from their philosophical and business perspectives.

    Wendell Potter: The reason I started speaking out is I knew the insurance industry would come out with guns blazing to kill reform. I knew the tactics they’d be using and buzzwords they’d be repeating—especially through their shills in Congress, media and business. It’s the same old playbook. I know it because I essentially helped write it. I knew that when the time came, they’d be unleashing that crap.

    Guernica: But what about programs like Medicare and the Veteran’s Administration? These are large, extremely effective, government-run programs that have been around a long time, despite the slippery slope rhetoric.

    Wendell Potter: The health insurance industry knows this. That is why they’re so careful with language. Medicare is far more popular than almost any private health insurance program in the country. And people in other programs you mentioned are certainly very grateful. But many of them don’t know that it’s a public program.

    Guernica: This is an industry that allows people to die so it can increase profits. I would think that it would be difficult to respect people who remain in that industry.

    Guernica: Let’s talk about these contentious town hall meetings. What role, if any, does the industry play in causing the disruptive, or what Senator Claire McCaskill called “rude” behavior?

    Wendell Potter: One of the big PR firms [for] the insurance industry is APCOWorldwide. They’ve represented the industry for quite a long time. They’re skilled at setting up front groups to spread disinformation to challenge proposals. So they will get talking points into the hands of conservative radio talk show hosts and editorial writers at conservative publications. It all comes from the health insurance industry, but they spread this stuff in such a way that their fingerprints are not directly on it. A guy named Bill Pierce works for APCO; he is an executive there. He used to work as a spokesman for Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Bush Administration. So if you called the number for Healthcare America, you would be connected with Bill Pierce’s office atAPCO... The tragic thing about these town hall meetings is how some of these angry citizens are being manipulated. When you see these stories about the meetings and how the participants are so concerned about government takeover of our healthcare system, they use the very words that were fed to them by the health insurance industry, not realizing that that’s where they came from, not realizing that they are unwitting pawns of the industry. Because they hear that stuff from people they believe are credible, like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

    Wendell Potter: I am very aware of the efforts the industry goes to to bus people to Washington. It’s one of the most sophisticated grass-roots operations you will find in any industry. They have a long list of senior citizens, for example, who are enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan. Insurance companies will pay for these people to fly to Washington for a day of citizen lobbying. [The senior citizens] will give the impression that they are there speaking on their own, but it’s completely orchestrated by the industry. What these seniors don’t know is that the only way they would lose their Medicare HMO is if the insurance company dumps them because they don’t think they’re profitable enough anymore. That happened back in the nineties, Cigna did it, Aetna did it—all the insurance companies that participated in the Medicare HMOprogram did it. That’s when Congress reduced the reimbursements a little bit, these big insurance companies dumped seniors by the millions...


    DOD could hire this

    talent for Afpak hearts &

    minds, Info War.




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