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    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    Khamenei is NOT Taghlid, FRAUD, 26 names

    Khamenei is NOT Taghlid, FRAUD
    Khamenei is not really a "Taghlid" Imam, Meaning that he is not officially qualified to be a religious leader as a fact but since, the policial landscaped at the time of his appointment was not stable they chose to act quickly and put him in charge.

    26 Relgious Leaders in the world qualified to challenge him.

    Who exactly is power full in the "Marja Taghlid"

    Any one of them are qualified, and could replace him.

    If these Imams vote to disqualify Khamenien , he is religiously paralyzed and powerless..

    Who are these Holy men?

    Here are their names.

    Translated form Farsi.

    Hossein Ali Montazeri....birth:1301-1922 in Quom: oppsoition
    Moslem Malakooti .......birth 1302 -1923 in Quom: neutral or a little pro regime
    Mirza Mohsen Kooche baghi Tabrizi..birth: 1303-1924 in Quom neutral

    Hossein Vahid Khorasani ….birth 1302-1924 in Quom he is neutral

    Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Roohani…birth 1305-1926 in Qom he is opposition

    Mohammad Shahroodi ..birth 1304-1925 in Mashad he is pro-Khamenei

    Hossein Nouri Rouhani ..birt 1304-1925 in Qom,he is pro-Khamenei

    Moussa Shabiri Zanjani ..birth 1306-1927 in Qom, neutral

    Nasser Makarem Shirazi …birth 1306..Qom, netrual but a little pro-Khamenei at times

    Ali Sistani 1310-1931 in Qom, neutral and sometimes opposition

    Mohammad Eshagh al Fayaz….Afghanistan born in Iraq : 1310-1931 he is neutral

    Mohammad Ibrahim Janati born in Qom 1312-1933…mainly neural

    Hossein Mazaheri from Qom birth:1313-1934 …mainly neutral

    Lotfollah safi Golpayeghani from Qom, birth:1314-1935 , mainly neutral

    Javad Gharvi Alyari 1314-1935 Qom, mostly neutral

    Mohammad Hossein Fazlollah born in Iraq at the moment in Lebanon 1314-1935 he is pro-Khamenei

    Mohammad Saiid Hakim born in Iraq at themoment in Iraq 1315-1936 , pro – Khamenei

    Assef Mohseni 1315-1936 born in Iran and is in Qom . He is pro- Khamenei

    Youssef Sanei 1316-1937 born in Iraq and is staying in Iraq. He is opposition

    Kazem Haeri 1316-1937 born in Iraq and still in Iraq. He is opposing at times and sometimes neutral with no position

    Seyed Ali Khameniei ….

    Seyed Sadegh Shirazi 1319-1340 Born in Iraq and is in Qom. He is opposition.

    Assadollah Bayat Zanjani 1321-1942 born in iran and is Qom or Tehran. He is opposition

    Bashir Najafi 1321-1942 born in India and lives in Iraq or Pakistan at times. He is proKhamenei

    Mohammad Taghi Modares , 1324-1945, Born in Iraq and stays in Iraq. He is pro-Khamenei

    From BOOK:

    Social change in Iran: an eyewitness

    account of dissent, defiance, and new ...

    By Behzad Yaghmaian


    Khamenei is very wealthy and rumors abound that he
    was able to bribe his way into the position. G


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