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    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    Feds using " Cyber Ghost Riders."

    Feds using " Cyber Ghost Riders."
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Our BSU's have collected evidence the Feds
    are using " Cyber Ghost Riders." on persons of

    A " Cyber Ghost Riders." can be implemented
    several ways. We first noticed them about 6
    months ago, our Internal affairs picked one
    up riding on one of our G2 people.

    She was running a Mac with high security.
    Every where she went the "Cyber Ghost Riders"
    went, following in her every step on the WWW.

    I alerted our heavy weapons squad, and
    put several BSU's on them.

    As I was not able to conclusively prove
    a terrorist connection, we opted for
    a MAC cleaning session.

    Which was able to delete the Ghost Rider.

    Some time later we developed Paradigm
    Intel that pointed to Federal involvement.

    Had we known conclusively it was the Feds
    we would have let them ride.

    Since then our BSU's have picked up
    three more instances of Ghost Riding

    As it did not involve any of our troops,
    or ops, we collected minimum data only.

    We obtained approval before posting
    this Intel.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


    Stolen election riots. Teran.




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