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    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    Pre-Memorial day for Pakistan Mil

    This memorial day I'm paying a tribute
    to the many Pakistani Military whom
    have lost their lives in the War against
    I Salute them all.

    But there are problems in the Paki
    military and ISI.
    Ontological problem with their Paradigm,
    its seminal fault appears when you match
    ISI words with its actions.
    These problems have resulted
    in the deaths of many brave Pakistani
    military who only wanted to serve their
    country, who wanted to make it better
    for their kids.

    These loyal soldiers were not duplicitous,
    they were loyal and gave their last full measure.

    That can't be said for the Military leadership
    and the ISI. Case after case of their double
    dealing has been exposed. Actually playing
    the Paki Military troops against the terrorist
    THEY have been supporting, as defined in
    their policy of defense in depth.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Mumbai Internet Chase and ISI

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Paki won't go after the sanctuaries

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: ISI waving the Taliban Flag

     A ludicrous paradigm of playing both
    ends against each other. Resulting in the
    casualties of their own men.
    The Military is the real power and
    beyond the reach of the civilian Government.
    ISI is the Militarys  dog and gets blamed
    for all manner of civilian disobedience at 
    the order of the Military.

    They have a Infowar operation going on
    that makes my head spin.
    Ahmed Quraishi S

    Ahmed Quraishi

    Sock puppet for Taliban

    But i focus on what they actually do,
    not want they say.

    And the OBL operation reaction shocked
    me, when I noticed the Paki Mil was the only
    ones on the planet that wasn't cheering.
    It was like in Soccer when your team
    scores the winning points, and your
    cheerleaders just sit there in SHOCK.

    Jeeze was that a scary moment for me.
    It was like discovering YOUR cheerleaders
    were secretly working for the other team.

    But let me put that on the other foot.
    Lets just say ISI tracked OBL to 35
    miles from Washington DC, at a military
    base town and killed him.

    The entire country would have thrown them 
    a ticker tape parade, given them the Keys
    to many cities, and found many ways to show
    Americas appreciation for killing OBL.
    The ISI would have been National heroes
    in America.

    And congress would have started an
    investigation into how the US intelligence
    agencys screwed up, and many resignations
    and firings.

    But thats not how Paki Military reacted, nor
    ISI, they took two days to think it over.

    For some reason they could not celebrate.
    They could not cheer.
    They could not congratulate.
    They did not think the killers of OBL were 
    The feeling was the death of OBL was a 
    serious error.
    The Military took the death as an affront,
    went to great pains to deny any connection to
    the victory, wanted NO part of it.
    In short acted like someone took a crap
    on their living room rug, not just killed
    a mass murder of Pakistani citizens.

    But thats only half the equation.
    Taliban and al qaeda's reactions were
    just as puzzling.
    USA had just run a covert operation,
    not connected to Pakistan, reached in and
    killed OBL.

    I had expected terrorist bluster, threats and
    chest beating. What I did NOT expect was
    a non player to be the primary target for the
    vengeance of OBL death.

    The Taliban named Pakistan Military as the 
    first and primary target. WTF?

    Why would the Taliban launch heavy, expensive
    suicide attacks, wave after wave against the Pakistan
    They are so angry the didn't get weapons from the ISI
    but from Terrorist brothers with Russian connections,
    hence the Russian heavy weapons.ISI had no inkling
    this Karachi attack was coming.
    It looks like something personal. 
    Did U miss the Live feed on #Karachi attack, OFFICAL .

    Why were the terrorist so furious with the Paki Military?
    An anger beyond known reason.

    Were there unknown reasons?

    Why had assault after assault, wave
    after wave of attacks not satiated them?
    There has been no diminished of their anger.
    The Pakistan Military had some how offended
    the Taliban honor. Even beyond the Killing of
    Why is the Taliban more angry with the Pakistan
    army and ISI than with the killers of OBL?
    US finding and killing OBL is acceptable part
    of the war paradigm.
    What the Pakistan Military did was not acceptable
    not part of the war paradigm, it was an assault on
    the Taliban honor ( Such as it is, G ).

    Almost feels like the Paki Mil didn't live up to
    the code of protecting some GUEST.
    And Now the Taliban is getting its pound of flesh
    for the offense.

    Could we get a look inside the Taliban,
    see the connections?
    Does TTP fear ISI? 

    Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has close ties to Al Qaeda, sharing money and bomb experts and makers. John Brennan, President Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser, said: "It's a group that is closely allied with al-Qaeda. They train together, they plan together, they plot together. They are almost indistinguishable."[62] Ambassador-at-large Daniel Benjamin stated, "The T.T.P. and Al Qaeda have a symbiotic relationship: T.T.P. draws ideological guidance from Al Qaeda, while Al Qaeda relies on the T.T.P. for safe haven in the Pashtun areas along the Afghan-Pakistani border... 

    In 2008 Baitullah Mehsud met with Ayman al-Zawahiri in South Waziristan. Prior to this meeting the Pakistani Taliban answered to the Afghan Taliban and pro-Pakistan militant commanders. At the time Pakistani authorities believed that Mehsud was in fact an al-Qaeda operative.[36] In February 2009 Baitullah Mehsud, Hafiz Gul Bahadur and Maulavi Nazir released a statement in which they reaffirmed their allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

    Lets see what the Taliban webmasters know?
    We thought the best place to look inside the
    Taliban may be its spokesperson.
    The one I have easiest access to is the
    one on Twitter. @alemarahweb,
    Mostafa ahmedi, (No such person, exists).

    We deployed BSU's and made a 
    connection, with in Alemarahweb set them up with
    encrypted, cloaked secure communications
    line and they talked. They after all are Taliban.
    They assured me they were safe and would
    never be found out, even approved our
    mentioning them in this post.

    They wouldn't tell us everything, but did
    fill in some blanks for us.All staff speak

    Only one guy posts the messages for
    alemarahweb, the guy running this isn't
    a real spokesperson but a propaganda
    minister, 9 people work with him.
    On his Twitter account he says he is
    in Kabul,Afghanistan he isn't.
    They are not 'in the know' from whats
    on their PCs, not on the inside with real 
    Taliban, and not trusted.
    Just used to pass on message or
    Kinda like Obama's WH spokesperson,
    but uses way out there propaganda.

    His boss is Dr Tariq 
    Azam Tariq (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan)
    He has a strange habit of nickle an
    dimming his employees, while
    he doesn't really need the extra money,
    and they really do, he pockets the
    little bonuses and expenses they
    were suppose to get.
    He is in Lahore, Pakistan.
    He is in charge of propaganda. 
    And they make jokes about all the
    casualties alemarahweb tweets about.
    And fake stuff the web site puts out,
    it starts with a small grain of truth and
    they just keep making up thing up.

    And how nobody really believes them.
    Our informant informs us none of them
    are in Afghanistan but are all in Pakistan,
    and ISI knows they are there. And they
    are not afraid of ISI.

    They move back and forth between
    Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi.

    They go to different Internet cafes,
    If one were to take down the PC they
    are on, they just move to another
    PC in the same Cafe, but if you take
    down a few PCs they are on in the same
    Cafe, they get banned, owners think
    they are doing something to the PCs.
    Pisses them off.

    They bring in their Mem sticks or CDs
    plug them in and log on to Twitter
    and cut and paste text into twitter.

    The guy that actually post the tweets is not 
    allowed to change even one word.
    He expects to get caught, and expects
    to be released.
    Their real job is not to speak for Taliban,
    but to provide news outlets with propaganda
    they will publish. Pump out the Propaganda.

    QARI YOUSUF AHMADI we got a lock on:
    He has two assistants.
    He was working in Germany in 2008.
    On 16-May-11 he flew a

    Boeing 737 out of Karachi, Pakistan

    and into Lahore, Pakistan.

    Arrived around 03:15:am (UTC -4:00) 

    And went straight to a computer. 

    And then was off all PCs for

    almost 24 hrs.

    He has a weakness for X rated 

    Bacha Bazi boys according to files 

    we found.


    Dr Tariq  doesn't share his predilection 

    and may be unaware of his interests.

    QARI YOUSUF AHMADI has contacts

    in 4 large cities that supply his needs.

    We know his friends. Very special one

    in Quetta, who on 17-May-11 flew to 

    Islamabad, Pakistan  to meet two others 

    ( Who live there ) of the working


    Related IP accounts :  


    We took out the Taliban core Webmasters
    in 2008, time to clean house again.

    Taliban web masters we went after in 2008:

    leemedia786 zabulqma_12345



    TTP isn't running with normal paradigm,
    very disturbing, more in next post. G

    Its clear from what we

    read the TTP does not

    fear the ISI.

    All of this Paradigm Intel

    points to collusion between

    the TTP Taliban and the ISI.

    The conclusion is the ISI and

    Taliban TTP have worked 

    hand and hand.

    And right now the TTP is very

    pissed at the ISI, and kicking hell

    out of the Paki Military.

    Paradigm Intel says its cause:

    the ISI didn't protect OBL

    like they promised, and maybe

    even were paid to do.

    The ISI certainly thought OBL

    would be safe on a Military reservation.

    And certainly didn't think the CIA could

    find him there, and never take him

    out, he was surrounded by 3 regiments.

    And now TTP is punishing ISI for loosing

    OBL, and to be sure the top level ISI officers

    did not know specifics about OBL.

    But a Colonel did, and arranged everything.

    The ISI may have already killed him.


    Soon to be missing Paki Colonel,have12 BSU's searchin4you,come on in, protection assured, ,ONLY WAY OUT


    DEAD: Colonel Mohammad Arif, body could not be found,Hmm I may have been looking for him, G ISI ??


    Chicago trial. 2008 Mumbai attacks officer in Pakistan’s intelligence service chose a Jewish center as target 
    During this operation we were tracking and
    tracing 21 Taliban IPs.

    Talibans phone numbers:

    Paki Taliban TTP Web sites:

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside the Karachi attack.

    What the Taliban really thinks about US

    Bin Laden = break down of the franchise.

    EXCLUSIVE: Pakis deal w/OBL 

    #Pakistan ISI knew 
    Al Qaeda, Taliban frightened.

    The Taliban have little honor,
    they have never kept a Peace 
    Treaty, and ISI lacks integrity.

    Can the Pakistan civilian Government
    control the Military and ISI.
    I think the Civilian Government fears

    Again I salute all the Pakistan troops
    who have lost their lives fighting the
    Remember them this Memorial day.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: IATT Cyber capabilities

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    David Headley, witness in terror trial, ties Pakistani spy agency to militant group

    9:30 AM  
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    Headley’s diary provides telephone numbers of Pak handlers

    11:02 AM  

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