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    Tuesday, November 09, 2010

    Wall St Banks hold economy hostage.

    Whats wrong with the Economy?

    Ford and the Automotive section are doing well.

    But Jobs and Housing are not so good.

    Wall St Banks are making record profits.
    Credit Cards 30%, pay day loans 460%,
    Bank loan sharking bringing in huge
    Flash crash and programed trading
    and speed trading plus the Dark 
    pools also are yielding huge profits.

    Why the Wall St Banks are doing so
    well they paid out Billions on bonuses.
    ( even while accepting bailouts from
    the Tax payers. )

    And now the Banks are in for another
    wind fall collecting, er Foreclosing
    on millions of American homes
    after defrauding them with sub-prime
    loans they knew they couldn't repay.
    Even those that could repay they scammed
    offering lower payment trials, then demanding
    huge balloons after the fact.

    But the snag in the economy seems to
    be the BANKS are not lending.

    The Wall St Banks continue their strangle
    hold on the American Economy.
    They almost brought down the World
    Banking system with the Credit 
    subprime debacle.

    And the Treasury thru the Federal Reserve
    bailed them out twice.
    The first loan was $2 trillion dollars.
    The second bail out was secret,
    your home town banks got Millions,
    very quietly, to the Tune of the amount
    of subprime paper they were holding.

    Hoping that the banks would feel
    secure enough with a reimbursement 
    of the subprime paper value to
    start making loans.

    But it didn't happen.
    The Banks are allowed to 
    defraud the public by listing
    the subprime paper at 100%

    And this is in part the problem.
    Banks don't trust each other.
    All the banks have fake, falsified
    balance sheets, and they all know

    They are all afraid the other is 
    going to crash and bring them down.

    So no one is making loans.
    Secondly and even more insidious
    is as long as the Banks are not making
    loans they have the upper hand.

    The Wall St banks have some how 
    convinced the Government the banks
    can't afford to make loans.
    Even with the biggest profits in history.

    The Wall St Banks just spent $251 million
    lobbying congress, the automotive industry
    spent $5 million, who are they buying?

    They even have the Republicans backing
    the Bank Billionaires tax breaks for $700 billion
    dollars, while trying to defeat health care for
    all Americans, coincidentally $700 billion

    The Wall St bankers are willing to let
    a few thousand poor die for a $700 billion
    tax break for them selves.

    The problem with the Economy are
    the Wall St Banks.

    Force the banks back to Banking,
    and with that as their only source
    of income they WILL make loans
    the Grease for the American Economy.

    8% or 12% banking loans are just
    a waste of banking man power
    when  they can make 30% on credit
    cards and 460% on pay day loans
    and billions on speed trading and
    flash crashes, and Trillions
    on sub-prime fraud.
    And no one goes to prison for
    Loan Sharking, congress just approves it.
    Made loan sharking legal for Wall St 

    The regulators are NOT governing the 
    Wall St Banks, the Wall St Banks are 
    holding the American Economy

    And DHS or the FBI can't do a damn

    Series 7 & 3

    .Gerald NYSE trading Floor,


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