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    Friday, October 02, 2009

    The decade of the SPYS.

    The decade of the SPYS.
    Paradigm Intel, formation.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    One of the most successful weapons
    against the terrorist have been the spys
    among their ranks.

    While Iran has proven to be remarkable
    resilient to penetration there have been
    some success, They seem to have
    know about the new nuclear plant for
    some time.

    Iran getting a nuke is unreasonable.
    Some have argued, Thomas P.M. Barnett,

    It may be time for a new paradigm,
    the old one has been flogged to death.
    Sanctions just don't work, I think N.Korea
    is an excellent example of the failure of the
    current paradigm. The sanctions have been
    so successful their people are starving
    How much harder can one hit a country
    with sanctions. N Korea went right ahead
    and built and tested two nukes.

    An successful attack on Iran will force them
    to negotiate. It not only will buy a few years
    but changes the power paradigm.

    The Arab Nations won't yell to loud about
    a Shia Nation's nukes being taken out.

    If USA doesn't take out Iran's Nukes the only
    option Israel is left with is a small one time attack force.

    "In August 2003, the Israeli Air Force demonstrated the strategic capability to strike far-off targets such as Iran by flying three F-15 jets to Poland, 1,600 nautical miles away. Israel can launch and refuel two to three full squadrons of combat aircraft for a single set of strikes against Iran, and provide suitable refueling. Israel could also provide fighter escorts and has considerable electronic-warfare capability to suppress Iran's aging air defenses."
    ( Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse, G )

    An EMP attack would take out the power grid, the Nuke plants,
    all computers and vehicles, and bring Iran's economy to its knees.

    Israel has the capability to catastrophically strike Iran if US
    doesn't do a conventional all encompassing strike.

    has never dealt with the 13th Imam paradigm before.

    And that risk, the risk of a suicide nuclear attack
    by a state actor should not be ignored.

    And this new EMP paradigm would certanly give
    teeth to the anti-proliferation paradigm.

    Israel's Military strike is not to be dismissed.
    We have a psychotic regime threating to
    wipe out Israel. And working on the capability to do so.
    And a religious paradigm supporting the atomic attack.
    Iran has stated its intentions, what more does Israel need.
    What more does the world need?

    The big choice is does the world deal with a state
    terrorist regime that is
    a nuclear or non-nuclear Iran in the future.






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