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    Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Iran's dead line.

    Iran's dead line.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Paradigm Intel forecast:

    Iran makes some small gestures,
    and acknowledges a willingness to talk
    as a method to stall for more time .
    Expect more desultory responses.

    Their goal is to stall for enough time
    to test a nuclear devise.

    There is a propensity for both sides
    to move towards some small accommodation
    to avoid a confrontation. And voice some
    "progress" towards a non-nuclear armed Iran.

    While USA is functioning in earnest, Iran
    is not acting in good faith, they are just
    stalling for time.

    Sanctions had no impact on N Korea's
    drive to obtain a nuke weapon.

    In fact N Korea even signed an
    agreement and then ignored it
    and tested two nukes.

    N. Korea and Iran view sanctions
    as the price to join the nuke club.

    Sanctions have had and will have
    no impact no impact on Iran's
    goal to get a nuke.

    Iran views their objective for a nuke
    with religious fervor, ( the 13 Imman )
    and as an opportunity to take their
    place as a world nuclear power.

    And use the nuclear weapons as an
    umbrella to protect their terrorist activities.

    Iran views USA as a paper tiger,
    they seized the American Embassy
    and took hostages, held them for 444
    days and USA did not retaliate or take

    Obama's overtures towards dialog
    have been viewed as weakness by the
    Iranian Regime.

    And view Obama's actions as a desire
    to be viewed as a good guy, and the regime
    doesn't believe Obma will give that up for
    an attack on Iran's nuke stockpile.

    Iran views Israel as a real threat.
    They have acted and took out Iraq's
    reactor and Syria's reactor.

    Iran has been installing chemical

    The world is fast approaching
    a time to decide if Iran will be allowed
    to get Nuclear weapons.

    There are many questions to be answered
    in order to resolve the paradigm.

    Does Obama have the BALLS to take
    Military action against Iran?

    Can USA hold Israel in check?
    Will Israel defend its self with a
    preemptive strike?
    Can Iran stall long enough to test
    a Nuke?

    Iran will not voluntary give up its
    pursuit of a Nuke weapon.

    The decision will be Obama's.
    To allow Iran to get a nuke
    or take action to stop them.
    Will his legacy be a nuclear
    armed Iran?

    If Iran gets a nuke they
    will use it.

    Can this problem be managed? YES G

    What will Iran do with a Nuke?

    Does Obama have the courage to stop Iran?


    Does that sound like they are looking for peace? G

    Update: Great piece by Annie Hamilton

    Strange as it may sound, President Ahmadinejad swears that a halo of light appeared around him while he addressed the UN in '05, confirming his "divine purpose on Earth " Ahmadinejad’s is also obsessed with the return of Shiite Muslims’ messiah and as a stringent follower of Islam, has expressed his ultimate goal of the destruction of America and Israel on more than one occasion. Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khameini declared that Iran refuses to “beg world powers for its right to develop nuclear technology” and has demonstrated that it will not retreat from the "field of danger" and will protect those rights, even should it mean death for them. Ahmadinejad reportedly spoke with Syrian president Bashar Assad recently, where (if sources are citing truthful statements) Assad is reportedly hoping for a united war as it will only strengthen their 'position.'

    Deadline or not, this hardly portrays a positive outlook for our safety in America, our Administration or for hope for peace in the middle east. The $800 million dollar question remains: How will our Administration react to this deadly threat against Israel and America?





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