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    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Thinking out loud

    Chitral at the blue mark.

    There is alot going on behind the scenes according to OSINT.


    George has a chance to tie this up before he leaves office.
    Take out OBL and Iran nukes at the same time.

    The Yanks Are Coming

    That is the premise.

    "The Chitral Valley is now opening it's first all-weather road to the outside.
    We are building up significant troop strength and heavy material on the border.
    The Paki's are withdrawing now.

    Chitral is a city in Pakistan with limited access, true.

    However, Chitral is also a region. A large area of Pakistan where OBL has lived in the past.

    The Chitral region covers the entire area directly beside the Corridor of Waqan, Nuristan, Uzbekistan, Tajkistan, & China. It can be considered the foothills of K2.

    This is exactly where intelligence reports, & you have stated he may be.

    Rumors for several years that a "jin" (protective hex) was in place in the Nuristan area where Kunar and Badakshan come together.
    Sounds goofy, but many Muslims are deeply superstitious. If it is known that jinnis (spirits) protect a place, only an elite few can enter and absolute secrecy can be managed.

    The recent "K2" location makes little sense, no back door. Too much pressure and he will bail out to Uzbekistan, traveling the corridor of Wahkan now that the snows have melted enough for movement.

    This just in: Authorities in three West European countries have arrested ten individuals whom they believe to have links to Islamic Extremist factions in Uzbekistan. It is reported that those arrested were obtaining funding for a militant group within Uzbekistan that allegedly has ties with al-Qaida.

    Yuldeshev and his Uzbeks are going to be trouble, many are Russian Army trained, very disciplined and they play rough. Rumors are that the Chinese are terrified of them regarding the Olympics, talk of a dirty bomb there. The Uzbeks would do it and they have all the access they need with the Tibetans. ( China, Russia and India are in on this too. G )

    The Corridor of Waqan, Balochistan, Nuristan, Uzbekistan, all possible and likely.

    Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, 61, Pakhtun of the Kharoti tribe is the only warlord in the theater that could keep bin Laden hidden. He is the key to finding UBL.

    "For the last month, we have been distributing matchbooks in Peshawar, Pakistan with UBL's picture and a reward and phone numbers."

    The matchbooks have been distributed since 2000.

    In 2005 we added television commercials in Pakistan." ( PAYING OFF, G )

    From Company "C"'s "Discussion: RUMINT".
    Sources include: Terintel, Anonymous, gandalftb, others and me.



    By Syed Saleem Shahzad

    Saturday, 12 July 2008.
    Pakistan's planners now see their objective as isolating radicals within the Taliban and cultivating tribal, rustic, even simplistic, "Taliban boys" - just as they did in the mid-1990s in the leadup to the Taliban taking control of the country in 1996. It is envisaged that this new "acceptable" tribal-inspired Taliban leadership will displace Taliban and al-Qaeda radicalism.

    This process has already begun in
    Pakistan's tribal areas.

    A leading Pakistani Taliban leader, Haji Nazeer from
    South Waziristan, who runs the largest Pakistani Taliban network against coalition troops in Afghanistan, recently convened a large meeting at which it was resolved to once again drive out radical Uzbeks from South Waziristan. This happened once before, early last year.

    In particular, Nazeer will take action against the Uzbeks' main backer, Pakistani Taliban hardliner Baitullah Mehsud, if he tries to intervene. Nazeer openly shows his loyalty towards the Pakistani security forces and has reached out to other powerful Pakistani Taliban leaders, including Moulvi Faqir from Bajaur Agency, Shah Khalid from Mohmand Agency and Haji Namdar in Khyber Agency. Nazeer also announced the appointment of the powerful commander of
    North Waziristan, Hafiz Gul Bahadur, as the head of the Pakistani Taliban for all Pakistan.

    The bulk of the Pakistani Taliban has always been pro-Pakistan and opposed to radical forces like Baitullah Mehsud and his foreign allies, but this is the first time they have set up a formal organization and appointed an amir (chief) as a direct challenge to the radicals.


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