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    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Brink of WAR? Hi Probability.

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    Our sources inside the beltway and Paradigm Intel suggest 
    a high probability of a strike.
    Deployed BSU's, checking other sources, OSINT and Paradigm
    engines cranking.

    154 tomahawk missiles in theater now.
    PACOM has two Combined Joint Task Forces, CJTF 71-1 and CJTF 72-1 in theater.
    And some great  platforms.
    An SSGN Boomer arrived yesterday, not sure which.
    SSN-23 (Jimmy Carter), already in theater, which deployed a Scan Eagle UAV to survey the damage last night. 

     "A likely response will be Tomahawks if this escalates, no aircraft over NK. Targeting is well established, NK airspace will get very crowded and I wouldn't want to be manning anything arty or nuclear."

    "Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-eun turned up at 4th Corps, which was responsible for this shelling, a few days ago. The commander Kim Kyuk-shik is said to be a hardliner against SK and close to both Kim's.

    "Everything looks like war.  We've had intel since August that they were planning a 5 island shelling and ....... occupation."

    Noise and chatter : Russia on board, China wavering.

    Doubt any Cyber operations will be exposed:
    Our version of a lighting strike force on N Korea

    We expect wave of aircraft after Cruise Missiles.

    N. Korea's history of attacks with impunity.
    Atrocities Against Americas.

    N Korea Military Tactics In A War With US

    South Korea vs. North Korea: What Another Korean War Would Look Like

    War Alert: Amateur videos as North Korea bombs ... 

    1. BBC News - North Korea anger at US-South Korea war games

      Jul 22, 2010 ... The US and South Korea's plans to hold joint military exercises pose a major danger to the region, Pyongyang says. - Cached - Add to iGoogle
    2. North Korea threatens 'nuclear war' over troop exercises | World ...

      Jul 24, 2010 ... Pyongyang ramps up the tension over this weekend's joint US-South Korean wargames in the Sea of Japan. - Cached

    U.S. aircraft carrier's arrival off Korean peninsula also sends a message to China

    Would also send clear msg to Iran. 


    Paradigm Intel Update:

    NKorea's nukes are problematic, Maybe?
    NK newly discovered centrifuges were
    not running, just like Iran's centrifuges
    are down. We think NK got help from
    Iran in building their new plant, and
    Stuxnet 4.o from Iran. Thank you Iran.

    NK may find it has trouble
    enriching any thing, or launching anything.
    NK communications system is mostly 1950's
    best equipment is maybe 1960's. NSA has
    them completely bugged, remotely.

    The problem US and SK face is if they let
    NK attack first then SK faces significant losses.
    Tens of thousands dead, if NK nuke doesn't work.
    If it does work or they just move it next to the
    border and detonate it, casualties will be catastrophic.

    Or even if NK just launches an all out artillery strike
    against the capitol, again SK would be looking at
    huge losses.

    The only acceptable paradigm is a preemptive strike.
    As soon as US Intel picks up the prelim orders.
    Russia is on board, they don't like a Nuclear NK
    so close to them.

    Now China is a different proposition.
    A loosing proposition, they fund 70%
    of NK oil and 50% of their food.
    China is waiting for assurances
    US will not invade NK or occupy
    them. Given those assurances,
    the removal of NK leadership
    would allow NGOs to take over
    some of China's foreign aid load.
    And currently under this regime
    the NK people are not customers
    for China's goods,  nor cheap
    labor. They don't have the trust
    or capital for factories.
    All that changes if NK nukes
    and military are knocked out.
    NK becomes a big trading
    partner for China Money from
    NK buying and making goods
    for China.
    Removal of current regime
    would allow Western investment
    in NK for factories electrical etc.

    And it gets rid of a rogue Nuke
    IF KN sneezes wrong they will
    loose their heads.

    Diego Garcia is all lit up right now.
    Some concepts from sources inside beltway.


    War Anthropologist


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