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    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Security vendors, spectators in a dog Fight

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    Cyber security firms, Vendors remind me of the spectators
    in dog fights.

    They watch, make comments, some even lament the 
    violence and amount of the thefts.

    But whats the difference between the security vendors?
    Not much, even the free security programs compete 
    effectively in terms of security.

    Microsoft vs. McAfee: How free antivirus outperformed paid

    So how do you decide which to buy?
    The one with the new bells and whistles?
    The one that promises the most?
    Or just hang with the one you've been
    using for ever?

    How can a security vendor stand out?

    Change your paradigm.
    I would be very impressed with a 
    vendor that actually goes out after
    the bad Guys.

    Knowing there isn't much difference
    between them, all ineffective to about
    the same level.

    I would be favourably disposed towards
    purchasing one that was going after botnets
    and shutting them down.

    I still remember the researchers who got
    into a botnet and didn't do a damn thing.
    The guys without BALLS.

    They weren't sure about the legality of
    taking down a botnet. They would have
    fit right into a WWII Germany, no offense
    meant to current Germany.

    Jeeze I mean the security vendors have the
    tools to best deal with these guys and they
    do NOTHING.

    They study the criminals and sell us new
    locks and fences.

    I suppose it works well for them on 
    an economic basis, guarantees their jobs.
    Of coures its not their job to go after the Bad guys
    on the net.

    But I'm just saying if one of them had the Balls
    to do so, they would have my business, Fidelity 
    and loyalty.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

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    CA, Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco Systems, EMC, IBM, Juniper Networks, McAfee, Microsoft, Symantec and Trend Micro.

    White Hat Hacker Cracks ZeroAccess Rootkit  And doesn't crash it, damage it, just looks, No Guts, no balls, G



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