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    Monday, November 22, 2010

    Taliban convulsed in acerbic fanaticism

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    As the world turns.
    Its always changing, the only thing
    you can depend on is change.

    War has changed drastically.

    In WWII there was little concern about
    collateral damage, civilian deaths were
    part and parcel of the paradigm.

    Carpet bombing and fire bombing were
    methods to bring the enemy to its knees.

    The 7th Air Force was not concerned 
    about winning hearts and minds.
    They focused on wiping out key 
    industries, ball bearings, oil etc.

    There was very little talk about 
    civilian deaths, or about how that
    would continue the war and create
    more Nazis.

    The plan was to crush the German
    Military and civilian population into

    It has been argued that Afpak war
    is much different as its an insurgent

    But it didn't start out that way.
    The Taliban ran the Afghan
    government at the start.

    If the allies had let the German
    Military move to Italy would that
    have been similar?

    WWII lasted about 5 years.
    WWII started September 1, 1939
    and ended on the last quarter of 1945.

    Afpak has gone on for 10 yrs now.
    Double the length of WWII.

    And the US has Pakistan giving
    the Taliban safe havens in Paki
    and NO combined Afghan / Paki
    border force routing out al Qaeda
    and the Taliban.

    The Taliban having a stealth border
    is a decided disadvantage.

    There is a new secret paradigm
    to diminish the Taliban by kinetics.
    And 3 new weapons.

    The goal is to bring the Taliban
    to the negotiation table through
    pain. Taking out the leadership
    faster than they can replace them.
    And killing all attacking forces.

    The Taliban are hanging on
    by their fingernails.
    Their cadre are 4 or 5 level,

    they are short of resources
    and a direct attack on US forces
    is tantamount to a suicide attack
    and in the next 3 months will become
    more so.

    The Taliban have reverted to
    the WWII paradigm killing their
    own civilians, to pressure them
    into giving up and asking US forces
    to back off, hence the major attacks on 
    civilian sectors. Its even working
    in Paki.
    Pakistani military officials told CNN.

    "Neither the government nor the military is in a position to face possible domestic pressure on the expansion of drones," one of the officials said. SOURCE:

    So while US is trying to run a 
    more civilized war and keep
    civilian deaths to a minimum,
    the Taliban have moved to
    unlimited warfare even IEDing
    civilians. Killing women and 
    children.Taliban are having some
    success with this paradigm.

    Karzai peace with Taliban (at any cost), he is selling out Afghan, big problems brewing for US, Karzai misses point, When US leaves Taliban will try and Kill him.Taliban have no honor. Broke 6/7 peace treatys? They will steal the Government using violence.

    While the US is tired of the 10
    yrs war, the Afghans are tired
    of being in the crossfire for
    10 yrs.

    At some point the Taliban
    expect the civilians to sue
    for peace at any cost,
    even a Taliban Government
    if it ends the war violence.
    Only to be replaced by
    1700's brand of warlord

    One of the best ways to counter
    this paradigm is an Info War
    letting the Civilians know exactly
    what the Taliban is up to.

    Time is running out,
    the only effective paradigm
    I see is a torrent of Taliban
    blood, unrelenting and massive.

    It doesn't look like US has
    the time to win the hearts and 
    minds. Even though that
    is starting to pay dividends.

    The Taliban reaction to 
    their blood letting is likely
    to try and slaughter more civilians.
    to crush the civilian population into 
    If the realize that won't work 
    they will negotiate or die.

    Is it possible the more civilized
    war isn't?
    Instead of chasing the Taliban out
    of Afghan with a hand full of CIA agents,
    Should the US have hit the Taliban
    with everything,blocking them from
    leaving and attrited them to near 0.
    Trying to kill them all when the opportunity
    was there?

    War Anthropologist



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