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    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    AQAP and AQ Paradigm Intel

    This blog set to diaplay 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    AQAP just released their newest
    propaganda rag.

    "Operation Hemorrhage" AKA "al quada wana be fails AGAIN".

    al Qaeda cult is a Franchise with a very loose business plan.
    Pretty much anybody can open a franchise,
    just wave an al qaeda cult flag, and act like
    a terrorist.

    If your successful in any of your attacks or
    even get some national press, then
    al qaeda cult will claim you as theirs.
    And get the details of your attack or
    what ever you got press for and acknowledge

    The printer bomber is a good example,
    AQAP was making big noise and finally
    did something that was a total failure,
    but got some good press. 

    And it took Al qaeda cult central a week
    to gather all the details and give a nod,
    and some acknowledgement.
    AQAP is a small cell and the printer
    bomber action had 3 sections.

    Bin Laden once said he could send
    a man to a mountain top in a far away
    country and plant a flag and an US
    Army General would show up the 
    next day.

    Its an admission al Qaeda cult central
    is using an Illusion to try and create 
    interest, and like a peacock spreads
    its feathers/flags to make it look much
    bigger than it really is.

    It took al Qaeda cult a long time
    ( two to three weeks?) to 
    figure out how to spin this printer
    bomber epic fail as some kind of 

    To try and divert attention away from
    their numerous failures with their
    many neardo wells, and morons
    they have moved to an economic
    version of success.

    In this fantasy Paradigm they are
    successful because the operation 
    only cost $4000 plus dollars.
    Never mind it FAILED.
    And their cadre are falling like
    snowflakes in Afghan and Paki.
    They worked hard for weeks to
    try and spin this printer bomber
    disaster into some kind of nominal
    success, like they did the fail on 
    propose, and will run a long line
    of out right lies and excuses with
    their spin propaganda trying to eek
    out a victory of a total disaster and 

    Rusty is running a good series on this:

    Lies, more lies and damn lies:
    In the magazine, an author identified as the group's head of foreign operations says the package attacks were intended to cause economic harm, not casualties.

    There were at least 3 methods to detonate the bomb.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: EXCLUSIVE Printer Bomber FEDX
    If goal wasn't casualties there wouldn't have 3 methods to detonate....
    Jeeze AQAP is run by morons.

    More lies: From inside beltway.
    The freight charge for the two packages was around $3,400.  If they had specified priority shipping it would have been about $4,200.  plus phones etc, closer to $6,000 in direct costs.  UPS no longer ships anything from Yemen.

    BTW, the 340 grams of PETN declared by AQ/Inspire exactly backs up our post on the 12 ounces.  340 gram = 11.993 147 063 ounces.
    Good sourcing, good scoop.

    Looks like graphite toner is likely to be banned worldwide, density is the same as PETN.



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