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    Monday, November 22, 2010

    Karzai's vision of sugar plums & Taliban

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    Karzai loosing it?
    Or ulterior motive?
    Playing the Great Game?

    The President of Afghanistan
    wants the US to back down on
    attacks on the Taliban.

    According to Karzai, these raids 
    which in the last three months have 
    killed or captured 368 mid-level 
    Taliban leaders and killed 968 foot 
    soldiers are counterproductive 
    because they antagonize the civilian 

    The attacks antagonize the Taliban.
    Who are turning violence loose
    on the population. Who are asking
    Karzai to slow down the US forces.

    Karzai said that the US has been unable to 
    bring peace to Afghanistan or to secure 
    cooperation from Pakistan, which continues 
    to give sanctuary to the Taliban.

    Pakistan denies U.S. request to expand drone access

    His single overriding aim now is making peace 
    with the Taliban and ending the war—and 
    he is convinced it will help resolve all the 
    other problems he faces, such as corruption, 
    bad governance, and the lack of an administration.

    He wants an immediate end to the night raids 
    conducted by US Special Operations forces
    in the South where in the past 3 months the
    Taliban have incurred huge losses.

    Karzai also maintains that there is a political 
    alternative to NATO, The Taliban?

    Iran has stepped up its support to the 
    Taliban in western Afghanistan in recent months,
    maybe in response to stuxnet, and damage 
    to its nuclear program.

    Pakistan, where the entire leadership of the 
    Taliban is based, wants a leading part in any 
    talks that NATO or Karzai may have with the 
    Taliban. Yet Karzai said that in the last six 
    months neither Iran nor Pakistan has provided 
    any substantive support to facilitate peacemaking.

    It seems clear the Taliban has filled his head
    with fantasy's of a peaceful Karazi / Taliban
    government if US would just leave and quit
    killing Taliban.

    Till then the Taliban plan to keep killing
    civilians and blaming the US.
    And Karzai is buying.

    The Taliban impatience seems to stem
    from the US changing the withdraw date
    from 2011 to 2014 .

    The Taliban think they can withstand the
    US onslaught till 2011, but doubt they
    can stand till 2014, and are bring all
    the pressure they can bare against
    Karzai and the Paki Gov.

    a snit of convulsing acerbic fanaticism

    The Taliban know they are in trouble
    and are pulling out all the stops
    to try and circumvent the US 
    Kill Taliban program.

    Currently the Taliban know they have
     to end or slow the US kill
    program, or they are in deep trouble.

    And this is their alternate plan to 
    real negotiation, mean while filling
    Karzai's head with visions sugar plums 
    and tea. Waiting for US to leave

    Karzai is burned out, and looking
    for an easy way out, not knowing
    it means his death.

    War Anthropologist



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