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    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Soul of Internet hacked, core source

    Soul of Internet hacked.
    The most recent attacks on the Big US Coprs
    ( See video below )
    may have stolen the source code, the source core code.

    This opens the possibility of hiding malware,
    back doors even exploits into the Source Core
    of most of the WWW programs.

    Its millions and millions of lines of code,
    that need to be checked, Check sum tester
    programs can be defeated and are not reliable
    to verify the safety of source core base programs.

    I would argue there remains the possibility
    key core base programs being corrupted
    with many kinds of bad stuff.
    Hidden, tricked, and invisible ways of
    including malware code with out detection.
    To Include Gov. MIL. and civilian .com.

    Not to mention no one is looking for
    these problems in "core base" after
    the program is written.

    Until now there has been no reason to
    spend huge number of personnel and man hours
    to re check code already done and in use.

    Paradigm Intel says source code has been
    stolen, maybe even re-written and
    inserted back into the "core base".

    Every Company and Gov and MIL that
    was broken into needs to recheck its
    "core base" for bad guys using it

    This is a whole new Security Paradigm

    This means the code for the source of the proprietary
    programs of these corporations was stolen, and may have
    been corrupted and replaced the original source code,
    can we now trust Google programs, mail, browser any
    thing Google, or did they get MS OS, and make some
    Or is Yahoo Mail still the original source code?
    How can anyone tell?
    "THE BAD GUYS" have had full access to it,
    and maybe all of the originals?
    Can they even tell if its been doctored?

    Technical review HERE.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad magnum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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