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    Monday, March 08, 2010

    Arrested for Cotton Balls?

    Students Arrested For Mizzou Cotton Ball Incident Apologize

    Students Arrested For Mizzou Cotton Ball Incident Apologize

    COLUMBIA, MO ( - Two Mizzou students are apologizing for placing cotton balls outside the Black Cultural Center at the campus last week. On Feb. 26, cotton balls were found strewn about the front of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. Many students considered the incident an act of hate. On Tuesday, University of Missouri Police officers arrested Sean Fitzgerald, 19 year old MU Freshman, and Zachary Tucker, 21 year old MU Senior, after an anonymous tip.

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    More stupid.
    Maybe racists but "cotton balls"
    qualify as a hate crime?

    Maybe they will sue for false arrest.

    The "cotton ball" incident was part of a series of acts. The two also took part in riding the tiger in the quad, climbing a statue at Faurot Field, hoisting a pirate flag at the ROTC building, and the incident at the Black Cultural Center

    Quote from forum.
    "next prank should be leaving pennies in front of the Jewish Culture Center."

    Its bad taste  but is it a crime?

    But Kicking a little kid out of a Catholic School for having 2 moms and no dad isn't a hate crime?

    Group outside Boulder church protests barring of child from Catholic school

    Loss of common sense.

    Next they will be suspending kinder-gardeners from school for playing
    with finger guns.





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