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    Saturday, March 06, 2010

    Terrorist Cyber Attack pending

    Terrorist Cyber Attack pending

    Our Paradigm Intel and OSINT forces have picked up the 
    pieces necessary for a WMD cyber 
    attack from the Terrorists.

    Paradigm Intel

    Proof of concept:

    The Spanish Intel busted:

    The Mariposa botnet.

    Background and sources:

    They were amateurs, next time could be al Qaeda or Iran.

    They bought it from Criminal sources. We suspect RBN, Russian Business Net.

    "The suspects weren't brilliant hackers but had underworld contacts who helped them build and operate the botnet, ...The three suspects were described as Spanish citizens with no criminal records. "

    "The Mariposa botnet, which has been dismantled, was easily one of the world's biggest. It spread to more than 190 countries, according to researchers. It also appears to be far more sophisticated than the botnet that was used to hack into Google Inc. and other companies in the attack that led Google to threaten to pull out of China."

    Dancho Danchev: The  CaaS Economics of criminals selling automated hacker packages, HERE. G )

    They, probably the RBN, ( Russian Business Net ) are selling the hacking technology
    to threaten the WWW and USA interests to amateurs. Terrorists or Iran? 


    "Centcom had a ghost in its machine for 3 days

    in November, the ghost sat there watching everything
    Centcom was doing for 3 days."
    "12 terabytes of data has been downloaded
    in 2007 from the State Dept, DOD, Dept of
    Commerce, Dept of Energy, NSA , etc."someone got into them. 
    Possible someone got into and fired rockets as proof of concept?

    Armatures can buy bot nets capable of penetrating Mil.nets.
    Includes Terrorists or other Nation States, Iran.
    The Mil.nets have been penetrated before,
    This bot net was more advanced than the one that got
    into Google.
    There maybe an indication US weapons were used
    by the " other."

    There is a possibility some one could get into and use US weapons 
    against US targets.
    Maybe even Nukes. 
    Its a question of how safe the Nuclear launch codes are.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    New Cyber Side Arm, G

    What we do.G

    A ray of light:
    From Jawa comment:
    Not buying that story. Yes, there was a huge botnet. Sure, someone might have got onto a CENTCOM computer. But computers and networks that control weapons systems are not physically connected to the Internet. If they find one that is, someone gets ziptied to a chain link fence and cut to pieces with broken bits of Microsoft Windows CDs. ( So someone at some time has hooked it to the net by accident. What about an inside operative plugging it in on purpose? G )

    The scenario implied can not, to the best of my knowledge, happen. The networks are simply not physically connected. Yes, someone could get a virus on a thumb drive and infect a network, but there would be no way for that network to communicate "back home" as it just isn't connected to the Internet.
    ( unless its a thumb drive 'coming out' in someones pocket, to communicate "back home" G )

    Don't go thinking you are going to get in from the Internet and launch a nuke.

    ( it would be almost impossible to break the launch codes, Hitlers Egnima Mach had over
    7 Trillion variables!!!  G.)
    ( Right they would have to hack into the Comm system and send out the right pass code before
    troops activate. G )

    and was cracked.
    Hope your right.

    Soul of Internet HACKED.g




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